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demeza Purchased

What am I doing wrong here – my pictures get grainy when I use them in the Slider Rev – the same pictures are fine in the portfolio on the webside? Much appreciated :) Team Delicious Rocks


It probably depends on the size of the images. Using an image of 1000×600px to be displayed fullscreen on a device with the resolution of 1920×1080px is not quite ideal. So please check out this aspect first.

Thank you!

IS there a way to make the site boxed and not full width?

At this moment, this is not an option. I`m going to make it possible, starting with the next theme update.



Just spotted a strange behavior on the Contact Section when you click on the “Locate Us On Map” button to display the Google Map :

When you click the button “Locate Us On Map”, the Google Map is loaded but it seems to go off its container (going upper) and slightly covers the “Locate Us” button.

It’s doing it on your live preview, it’s doing it also on one of my website but kinda worse as the Google Map covers almost all the contact section when loaded.

I tried to solve this modifying the custom-map.js but wasn’t able to find a working solution.

If you have an idea to solve that it would be great !



I have a quick fix for you. Add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS box:

.button-map {
    z-index: 1;

That should do it!



Thank you so much for your kind and quick reply ! Much appreciated.

That almost did the trick, it placed the map beneath the button all fine but the map was still showing above my contact section hiding it.

I just added that line in the Custom CSS box and it’s now perfect :

div#contact { z-index: 1; position: relative; }

Thank you so much once again to help me with that.

Kind greetings.

Yep, that did it too!

All the best!

Hi, is there an easy and fast way to change the size of the photos I use on team members or do I have to make it myself in Photoshop for example before uploading them?

You should be preparing the images in a third party tool like Photoshop before uploading them into your website. You could use an online tool as well, like for example

Ok, I tried that, and made the photos of the team members really small. However, when I uploaded them as an assigned photo for each member, they are still in the previous size.

They just become pixelated, since they are so small. Nothing else I can do?

The images on team members are automatically cropped at 640×640px. So preparing your images to this size should do the trick.


I wan’t import demo, but if I click button Import demo It’s nothing happens

WordPress Admin Panel -> Diagnose Theme Options Panel -> Demo Importer It’s doesn’t work. Please help


Are you sure you`re speaking about the Patti theme? I`m not aware of any Diagnose Theme Options Panel screen.


hi I followed your installation and it is really great template. I have a question:

Using an home menu voice, it loads the section without scroll automatically. I don’t know why.

i’m ok i found one right post on the blog thanks


dzamboni Purchased

Hi everything is perfect, but my client with mac has problem with the speed of scrolling. I checked on your blog and i set a different speed of scroll and also disabled scroll effect in the setting page, but the problem didn’t change. Do you have some advise for me? Thank You


dzamboni Purchased

the website is


There`s another option you need to make sure is disabled – go to Ultimate->Smooth Scrolling and disable the feature.

Let me know if it makes any change!


Hi, ive had this theme for over a year now and am very pleased with it however, there are two things that i would like changed with the portfolio options as it dosnt look good and dosnt suit the clean look of this theme.

1. The portfolio grid options do not seem to work on mobiles ie iphone 6 in portrait view. All the portfolio items show stacked in one column even though i have set the grid columns to 4 for screens between 480px and 768px in width. Can you please help me with this one.

2. This one is not so important since i have made my portfolio items open in a new page and created a slider for each. But, it would be nice to have a nicer lightbox theme for the portfolio items to open in. ALso to have it open in a bigger screen on phones. Currently the lightbox screen on my ipnone is so small that i can barely see the image and all the navigation and social icons are lapping making it impossible to navigate between images in the lightbox window.

if you want to see the issue please go to the link below and under the “residential” portfolio category i have two items/thumbnails, one opens in lightbox and the other in a separate page. The lightbox one does not look good on a phone at all.

I know my support for this theme has expired, but i would greatly appreciate your help since i havent used support yet. Thanks.

if absolutely required, and if you can fix my issues i can purchase an extended support period. Please let me know


Thanks for using my theme for your project. That`s awesome! Now:

1. By default, projects are set on 1 column on mobile. I`m going to review the options and make it easy to switch it to more than 1 column on mobile devices. This will be part of the next theme update.

2. I`m going to implement a new lightbox solution for those popups. Thanks for the suggestion.

Usually, it`s good karma to make things by the book, so I(and the Universe :) ) suggest you extend your support for the theme. I would appreciate it!


Hi I have a problem with the words in the slider bar: “we are patti studio” .... since 2008…. If i change the words like suggested on your post below:

DeliciousThemes Author about 2 years ago Flag


You can change that text from the RevolutionSlider section. Click on Edit Slides , select a slide to edit and then click on the text layer to change it:

The little points between since 2008 are located always on the right: ex_ since 2007 ….......................

I did’nt find a way to replace the words “since 2007”in the center of the little points ............ since 2007 ….......

Can you help me? thanks

Thanks. You could fix that with a bit of CSS. Add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS box:

html .fancy-caption {
    text-align: center !important;

That should do it!


Hi thanks for your kind answer. Now it works, but our main word “LUMENWATT” is not aligned. It would be nice to justify the text in every row.

You could fix it with a bit of CSS. Add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS box:

html h1 {
    text-align: center !important;


Are there any form plugins(recommended) that the theme use or its compatible with most ot them?

Thank you


The theme is using Contact Form 7 for the contact form. You could use any other form plugin, like Gravity Forms for example. Here`s a list of other plugins

Thank you!

Hi there, I would like to know how to change the colour of Blog posts Titles on the Blog page.

I have selected the Blog Page template. I have selected the Masonry 2 Layout.

I am using a black background.

I have set my colour theme to Orange.

The blog headlines are not readable because they are a light grey by default, and only become orange on mouse over.

Please assist as soon as possible.

Please share with me a link to the page with those titles so I can check it out!


Unfortunately the site is not live yet. here is a breakdown so you can recreate the issue I am having:

Step 1:

1. Create a Page, make it a blog template 2. Select a Masonry Grid 3. Add some news items with images

Step 2:

1. Go to theme options 2. Select Orange theme under styling 3. Select a Dark background under backgrounds (We are using an almost black background)

Step 3:

Visit the blog page – as you can see the titles are unreadable because they are a dark grey on a black background. You can only read them on mouse-over.

In this case, use this code:

html h1.masonry-title a, html .post-content h1 a, html h3.masonry-title
a {
    color: #fafafa;


Hello Mr. Patti how can i fix this. If you go to my website page and go to the footer you’ll see the Submit Comment button wihout space between the footer. How can i fix this? Thanks for you great work.


You could fix that with a bit of CSS. Add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS box:

.percent-blog {
    margin-bottom: 60px;


It works, Thanks for your answer.

I`m glad to hear it! :)

Hi. My client bought this theme, used the license on his website and then he completely lost the envato acccount (about 1year ago); envato support couldn’t help me so they sent me here. So i’m asking this: is there a way to continue update the theme without buy a new license with a new envato account?

Thanks in advance


Please open a support ticket at so we can speak more about this.


How do i retrieve the license key from the theme of my website? My client added it long time ago.

You need access to the envato account and get the licence key from the Downloads section.

Hi for a client, i need to put a button under the our_team section. The customizer does not have such an option does it?

The button must be the same like in ribbon_section and in the header…

i tried to paste the <!- BUTTON -> part to our_team_section.php but it has no effect.

Thans in advance


Thanks for the information. Please don`t edit any of the main theme files, unless you`re doing it via the child theme and if you don`t have any alternative.

Please use the Visual Composer page builder to build your pages. There are plenty of elements for buttons in Visual Composer. One of them is the Dt Button element, or even the Button element. You could use them to add buttons to the page, under the Our Team section.



thanks a lot. I was able to set a button. Will post link here, when we are online. :)

Cool, thanks for letting me know!

Placeholder attribute not working on IOS devices

Placeholder attribute of form fields is not working on IOS devices. How can I fix it?


Here’s our demo site Go to Contact using your IOS device phones, and you’ll notice that the placeholder of the contact form 7 is not visible at all.

Here are what I tried already.

1. Deactivated all plugins except the required plugins and contact form 7 and didn’t worked. 2. Switch theme and it works. So I’m pretty sure that there is something on the theme that messing up the placehodler.

Anybody here?

Hey, apologize for my late reply! We`re more active on the official support channel, at

I have a small hack for you. Add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS box:

div.wpcf7 input {
    z-index: 100;

Let me know if it works!

Thank you!

Hello Mr. Patti how can i change my error 404 page? I want to change his design.

Regards, NoolDesign


You have to edit the 404.php theme file to change the design.


I’m needing to update the add-on for Templatera and I was told I needed to get it through you all. I’m needing the most recent version and can’t download it without purchasing it. I need version 1.1.12. Please advise. Thanks


Plugin updates will be managed by me, via a theme update. Please bear with me until I come up with the next theme update. It will contain all the updates for the plugins as well.


Ok….do you have any idea about when the next update would occur. Would it be several days….or weeks? thanks

I hope several days! You should be getting an email notice when it will be available!


Hi. Visual composer on my theme has stopped working and is requiring for it to be updated to the latest version, which needs to be done manually. Since I havent bought VC independently I can’t do that. Can we expect an update that addresses this?


Hello. Any update?


Apologize for my late reply! We`re more active on the official support forum at

You`re using a very old theme version. Patti has now reached v2.8.1 so please go ahead and update the theme to the latest version.

You shouldn`t have issues afterwards!

Here`s a guide to the updating process


Thank you! Much appreciated.

Hello, i would like to buy the theme Patti. Before i buy this theme, i would like to know if the theme is compatible with WordPress WooCommerce for building a small webshop. Thank you for your response!


Thanks for your interest in the Patti theme. I really appreciate it!

Yes, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce and you`ll be able to build your webshop in no time!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you!

Hello, please check menu in header:

1. Click “O nas”, all works fine 2. Click back to top button: 3. Click again “O nas”, it is dosen’t work

I try add “intial” “section-id” in css class menu.

Rest of menu posistions works ok. Do you have any idea to fix it? Floating header are OFF and hashtags are ON.

Thanks for quick reply Best regards


You should set the first menu item url to

That should fix the problem.


Hi, It still doesn’t work. First item does not navigate to section after scroll up. Do you have any another idea? Thanks for quick reply.

It seems that you disabled from the theme options header the sticky header feature. The header doesn`t stay at the top of the screen whens scrolling down. Reenable the feature and see if it makes any change.