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You say this theme is compatible with opencart 2.1, does that mean it compatible with opencart and .

In your detail you say it’s Compatible with Opencart 2.0. In your Change Logs the date is, 29 Jan 2015 Create new version for opencart 2.0. So when did you upgrade to the newer version as there no details on your profile on themeforest that you have upgraded to the new version or ?

I have a friend that suggested this theme but need more info before purchasing it .

if you buy this theme, we will send for you package contain version

Ok i was so nice to delete my bad bad review on you guys as your customer service is the worst, because you ended up sending me the update for the new version. That update had bugs that i screen shot for you and sent you to see if you could fix and 4 days have gone by and still no answer, you guys got to be joking with this type of service, i do understand your gimmick of prolonging the reply’s so the 6 month free support could end but that’s bad business on your behalf. It’s always professional to keep in contact with a buyer until the problem is solved .

1, read guide at link :
2, solution resolve this bug :
3, follow my guide + goto file: catalog/view/theme/pav_cosmetics/stylesheet/stylesheet.css + then add style :

Sorry for the late response, but I wanted to thank you for providing the fix.

On a note: If you guys could provide a log with the errors and fix it would save you a lot of time and would speed things up for us buyer wanting to fix issues rather wait for the next release.

thank you again

Thank for good idea

Hi, For couple of days i just realized that i am not getting New Order Alert Emails, although the options is checked in options of theme. Please assist.

We are experiencing a lot of problem in the template. Especially users can add “Out Of Stock” products to their cart. Either he can not check out, but we want to show “Out Of Stock” label on products and user should not be able to add it to the cart. Please confirm you if provided such function so that we can buy extended support as well.

There are a lot of extensions about this. Such as:
You can find more others on Opencart extension.


ejoe2u Purchased

I have encountered problems with auto logout. When i click on Pavo Theme Control, opencart sent me to login page

Opencart 2.0 fresh installation quickstart (latest version)

Please check it again, maybe your internet is not good to load at this time. If still getting this issue, you can contact to us via email address Thanks.


ejoe2u Purchased

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We supported you via email address. Please check.

Hi, I bought your template but your guidnes and the open cart the separate things.. can you install for me your template?

Hi mate,
We are following you via email address.
Best regard,

Sorry, but i have not received proper support. I have purchase pav cosmatic theme. This theme have bug. i have complain many times but pav theme team have not short out problem till date.

Thank you for contacting us
Please send with admin + ftp information to our email .
Our technical team will check and help you.