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Good Job, I like it, GLWS ;)

Thanks Mate :)

Good Job, I like it, GLWS ;)

Hello, don’t understand how to add products to Pav MegaMenu’s Products special column. Can u explain, please?

Hi Mate, You need create widget product, then click on “live menu item edit” on admin of megamenu, then add to column you want. Please read the Guide: http://www.pavothemes.com/guides/framework2/megamenu/#!/introduce

Yes, I did it and it works for me for «latest products», but when I choose «special» my list is empty. So question is why I can’t see a list of special products in menu? I add special price in product proerties, this I’m doing right? Thanx

Hi you mean, do you want icon special on megamenu?

And another question about bootstrap.css, I want use it via CDN, but looks like theme’s file was modified from original bootstrap?

Hi Mate, Yes we modified something bootstrap.css for our theme.


I would like to know if it support ( RTL Lanaguages like Arabic , Hebrew …etc. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi Mate, Yes it support RTL language, please check demo site, change language to “Persian” language http://demopavothemes.com/pav_cosmetics/index.php?route=common/home

Hello again, I find bug https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dnukn9zgztf39r/menu.png child submenu open together when hover only one

fix: catalog/model/menu/megamenu.php 402: ”” change to “dropdown-submenu” 412: remove “dropdown-submenu”

yes, thank for fix

Hello, Just installing this theme and I am stuck on installing the module. : 1. Please unzip package Modules and upload the folder admin,catalog … from the Module package to the root directory of your Opencart software using an FTP client.

2. Go to Admin > Extensions > Modules . Find and install it or uninstall

There was folder admin and catalogue just folders containing blog etc.

bit confused, please help thanks

sorry, i don’t understand you mean. can you explain this issue for me ?

sorry, i don’t understand you mean, you can explain this issue for me?

It’s ok I have sorted the problem thanks

Hello new and urgent problem. the continue button on the checkout does not work (the one after comments and that should take you to payment options)

Please help Ellen

Hi, you can provide web link for me, i will check it and give a solution for you

Why not connect more convenient for other countries not credits payment method? (WebMoney Qiwi)

Hi Mate, I know you mean, but you can quick install the payment by purchase a Opencart existed module, recommand: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=3902

buy template Varna Store – Responsive Parallax, a $ 70 payment WebMoney. daemon03@mail.ru

Hello! You can install manually, no manual?

Thank you! Another problem – if the product is in the child category, the parent category is hidden: (

Sorry, this is not you!

Dear you, you can take some pictures for this issue to pavothemes@gmail.com. we will check and give solution for you

Hi there, is it possible to remove the responsiveness from this theme.

Hi Mate,

Our theme don’t suport turn off responsive. If you want unresponsive you need make it manually. Please read the Guide to make non-responsive: http://bigwilliam.com/turn-off-responsive-behavior-for-bootstrap-3/

Hi, I have bought through Theme Forest the Pav Cosmetics Theme and there are many bugs in it. For example I had to change the files of Pav Blogs taking them from another source and now they are OK. However, there are some other problems: when I want to select the payment method, the payment button does not work at all ( the payment methods are not shown), if I want to change the background in the Pav slide show module, this is not possible ( I wanted to change the initial black with some other colour), etc So, in conclusion, please send me a link to download the fresh Pav Cosmetics theme ( all files), as I think that those downloaded from Theme Forest are corrupted. Or, if there is some other situation, please advise me how to get the good files.

please try to download again. So please give us all snapshot on what you would like to change.

If they are quick customization, we will support as free.

Please send email for pavothemes@gmail.com


Hi Pav themes!

I love your designs, and now I have decided to purchase your theme.

I only want to confirm one thing. The screenshots you attached on the theme have a slider that have Black background, and your live demo have other slider.

Is it possible to use that Black slider that is in your screenshots section of the theme.

This is very URGENT please.


Hi Mate,

Yes you can config for the main slider have black background. Our slider module on theme support it.

Great theme. My custom banner the one right under the slide show (3) does center. How can i fix that

can you please give the link to your site. i would like to have clother look on the issue. Thanks

Hello, we can’t use related products module. We can’t find this part. Can you help us?

it is core features supported by opencart. you access product form and add products for parameter “Related Products:”

thank you so much

I am having extreme problems putting my site together once i installed your these it show as a different theme as if it were a electronic store instead of cosmetics i need help asap.. my website has been down for almost a week since i transferred site.. Please help me!!!

Sorry may be i updated wrong package on themeforest. please keep redownload this package on TF around 2 hours.

If you have issue, please send us information for pavothemes@gmail.com


Could you look, I have a problem with template layouts settings.

My version http://www.mediafire.com/view/olz9zhv4ypt7j/Web#14j5tlgt6n0c3z8 Your version http://www.mediafire.com/view/olz9zhv4ypt7j/Web#x6jyxnev1v53394 My settings https://www.mediafire.com/?kjpks5jy3nz1g8u

Best regards.

Sorry, please you can send your (website link, FTP) via our gmail pavothemes@gmail.com
Our team need time to check Then give some solution for you


is it possible to buy only html, css, js, and PSD’s ?

Sorry, our theme don’t support html, css, js
we only support PSD, opencart template files.

I purchased this in accident thinking it was for woocommerce, can i get the credit?

Please contact to themeforest or try opening a ticket on http://support.envato.com/ for this mistake.
Then They will help to you get the credit

I have issue with Customizing theme,

i tried t change the content background,but it doesn’t save

what do i do?

Hi Maybe something missing on backend
Please send your issue via our gmail
or submit ticket on our website
Then Our technical will help and give some solution for you.
Thanks !