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hi pavo errror!

Hi Mate, Do you complete install quickstart? please provide me the website url I will check the problem to give you solution.

This theme can support multilanguages and is translation ready? Is there any modification on core files?

Hi Mate, Yes the theme support multil languages, you just modification files on language folder.

The traslation is made with .pot files?

you ca follow this thread to get how make multiple languages for opencart

I think it is very simple, you get your language package to install on the store, then clone language of expected modules for your language. Then open those files to translate all text


Hi, Thanks for a nice template.

But how could i remove the panel tool on the right side of the template??


Pls accesss theme control panel module, then select no for panel tool

RTL supported ? :-/

Hi Mate, The theme don’t support RTL

Hey nobody else noticed that you cant view the product description page because the hover effect negates the link? Using Chrome.

That’s a serious oversight guys – otherwise this would have been damn near perfect! Let me know if you fix it – I have much need for e-commerce themes.


Hi Mate, The product link on title, on theme don’t support click on image to go to product page. User can click on title to open the product detail page

Hi, Category module (default Opencart) is in 1541 demaged and in 1551 is not full working speed dropdown (icon on right side).

Hi Mate, Please try to open the file “subdom/pav/catalog/view/theme/pav_dress_store/stylesheet/stylesheet.css”, then add the css code at the end of file: .sidebar ul li a, ul.list li { background-image: none; }

Thanks, and if I want the other icons? (these are now hidden)

Other bug, language tab is not show in opened item

Hello Pavo!! Congratulations for the good work. I recenlty bought the theme ans was trying to install differnt languages into the site. it works fine but the navigation menu and the footer disappears when i click onto the language tab except english or french!!! Any help

please access megamenu and enter text, description in tab of your language. Thanks

and come to theme control module then enter information in internal module too. Thanks

Hi Mate, Please open a ticket and provide me the website information (admin account), I will check the module on your site to give you solution:

Hi Pavo-Could you please let me know how I can put the promotion module between showcase or between products and most viewed products? Also I would like to have a responsivecustom tshirt design module to be integrated into my website. Could you please help me with that?

Also one more question….I can not see the product pop up in the home page. How to do that!!!

How can I add more tab types and adding more prodcut into it. Like for best seller even if i add four products it only shows 1 product. Featured product does not show any products at all. If I move the module for the promotion the boxes do not work properly. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi Mate, Please provide me the website information (url, admin account) – send email to me: I will check the problem about product popup and product tabs to give you solution. About custom module T-shirts, please send me your requirement to my email.

Hi Pavo!

I want to add new color to the theme, and i would like you to send me the raw files for shopping cart, buttons etc.

Regards, Andreas

Hi Mate, Do you buy pavo’s membership subscripber? because in package of theme just have PSD file of homepage, if you buy our membership you can get psd source:

Hi pavo, this templates megamenu turkish character support :( example ç,?,?,ü, my web site:

Hi Mate, Please create a ticket on our helpdesk, provide admin account of your site, I need to check the problem to give you solution.
Hi, I have problem with this at 1551 version Undefined variable: LANGUAGE_ID in /catalog/view/theme/pav_dress_store/template/common/header.tpl on line 298

Hi Mate, Please try to dowload the theme again, I just updated theme to Themeforest to resolve the issue.

Or please try to do as following to quick resolve issue: - Open the file “header.tpl” in the folder “catalog/view/theme/pav_dress_store/template/common/” then find code:


Replace to:

$this->config->get( ‘config_language_id’ )

in version 1551 is bug on line 291. Correct class is “row-fluid”. Please, check it properly. I found some differences in javascript links declaration.


I tried to add a new menu to the already existing menus that came with the template sample and i got this error: Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of ‘100’ reached, aborting! in D:\wamp\www\grty\system\engine\registry.php on line 10

Pls what could be the issue??

Hi Mate, We will update theme on themeforest to fix the problem. The issue is old version of megamenu.

Another error message is:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1048576000 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 130968 bytes) in D:\wamp\www\grty\admin\model\menu\megamenu.php on line 109

Hi Mate, That is issue of megamenu on old version, please download pav dress store again, I just update it on Themeforest. Or you can quickfix the issue as following: - Open the file megamenu.php in the folder “admin/model/menu/” then find code:

$output .= $this->genOption( $menu[‘megamenu_id’],$level+1, $selected );

Replace to:

if($menu[‘megamenu_id’] > 1){ $output .= $this->genOption( $menu[‘megamenu_id’],$level+1, $selected ); }

Then find code:

$output .= $this->genTree( $menu[‘megamenu_id’], $level+1 );


if($menu[‘megamenu_id’] > 1){ $output .= $this->genTree( $menu[‘megamenu_id’], $level+1 ); }

Works now. Thanks!!


my demo site is

I don’t know if I am the only one seeing this since i have a small screen but the problem is at the 4 boxes in the promotion section.

3 of them appear in the same row and the fouth in the line bellow.

Am I the only one seeing this?

Regards, George

Hi Mate, - To make the background of the slider white, please open the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_dress_store/stylesheet/stylesheet.css” then add the code at the end of file content:

” #pav-slideshow { background: #FFFFFF; }

- Please send me a email with screenshot of problem

Here is the problem

the products should appear next to the image and also the content top banner is displaying bellow those products

Hi Mate, I just send you a email to give you solution to resolve the issue.

nice template but hard to get reply from the seller

Hi Mate, On 2 days weekend we don’t work :| sorry for late reply

Hi, I found another bug. Here is screenshot from success page. H1 title is out of content.

Hi Mate, Or you can copy the html code and move it into div content tag.

Thanks, here is another thing. Success bar is on home page after module Latest do not before slider or after slider. On other sites success bar do not have padding-top.

Hi Mate, I will resolve the issue on our theme, then release it on neartime, I will remind you about update