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I feel like @RyanTirrel. I would really consider buying this theme, if clicking on the image could redirect you to the product page.

Isn’t there an easy way to enable this somewhere in the stylesheet?

Hi MAte, Please try to open the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_dress_store/stylesheet/stylesheet.css” then add the code at the end of file content:

.product-inner .group-action { display: block; height: 0 !important; left: 50%; position: absolute; top: 50% !important; }

Sounds great! Can you add an image how this looks?

when you input the code you will see there buttons on center and dark mask was disabled

sent an email a couple of weeks ago, no reply.

my bottom footer is aligning to the left, rather than the center. Also the about us text header is not displaying correctly.

When i add the facebook box to make it look like demo, it goes on to next line rather than bestide the existing footer.


Hi Mate, Sorry for late response :( please provide me the website url I need to check your site to give you solution, and what your email?

email me I have sent you a private massage here Thanks

Hi Mate, Please try to do as following: - Open the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_dress_store/stylesheet/stylesheet.css”, then add the code at the end of file content:

[class*=”span”] { margin-left: 10px!important; }

I get the below error when trying to view orders from the admin dashboard, or order view, when the file “vqmod_opencart.xml” is installed, which helps run other modules.

(Notice: Undefined variable: vqmod in /home/speakdia/public_html/beta/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 56 Fatal error: Call to a member function modCheck() on a non-object in /home/speakdia/public_html/beta/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_engine_controller.php on line 56)

email sent.

Hi Mate, I’m checking your issue, I will send you a email when I done


Has anyone had an issue adding a Facebook account with a period in the Facebook username? My account will not display in the module, but when adding accounts with dashes or single name accounts they seem to work fine.


Hi Mate, Please provide me the website url I will check the module to see the problem and give you solution.

Same one you just worked on for me. Our FB url is:

Hi Mate, You need to create facebook like page, then you copy the like page url to use for the facebook module on your site. Please read the link to get the Guide create like page:

How do I resolve this error? The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hi Mate, Did you installed quickstart package? please send me a email with your website information (admin account, FTP ) I will check the problem of your site to give you solution

when i change the currency there is many error comming in main site , how to change the currency ti inr.

see the pic

brother fix this file try on your server when ull change your default currency from USD to INR then ull see it , five me the fix.

hi why dont u give proper support tell me wjhat is this bullshit ill report

Hi Mate, Maybe that problem when you config currency on your site, please read the Guide:

and more answers about currency at here: I try to change currency, the site don’t show error as you said.

Hi, I’m interested with your template. however, it seems not easy to understand for me if I have to click on the product title to check product description page. Could it be possible to enter product description page when someone just click on the product box?

Hi Mate, You can custom css to remove dark mask when over on product image, then you can click on product image to go to product page.

Hi, I really like your template, and want to use it in custom written CMS code by me. Thats why I’m wondering, do you have just the HTML version of this theme? is it included in the theme package? I really want to buy if it is. Regards,

Hi Mate, We don’t have HTML version of the pav theme, in the theme package you can get PSD resource to slide it to HTML/CSS files

Hi pavothemes, great theme!, I need to show 4 products per row instead of 3 in the product grid (category view), what should I do?

you access theme control panel module and click to tab Page setting and select option for Columns parameter to change number of products displying on each row

Hi Mate, Please login the admin panel, then go to Extensions > Modules , edit module “Pavo Theme Control Panel”, Click on tab “Page settings” > “Category”, choose option “Columns” = 4

Great!, thank you. I have another question: I don’t want the site to be responsive (not yet) so I disabled this feature in “Pavo theme control panel” “General” tab. However, the site is always resized when I see it in a mobile device and don’t looks good in low resolutions screens. What should I do to have always the full desktop version. I already tried with a fixed value in “Theme Layout Width”, same behavior.

Hi Mate, On currently of our theme don’t support the function, you need to disable responsive as following:

Hello My friend, If we need to change some module place, go right footer pro, or from left to right, would you do it? What is the value for this type of job.

I look forward

Hi Mate, If you just want change position of modules you can go to admin panel, go to modules manager, then choose position. We can do it free for you if there module support theme’s positions.

Hi – Does the theme overwrite any opencart core files?

Hi – Does the theme overwrite any opencart core files?

Hi Mate, The Theme don’t override any opencart core files

Hello I would like something more to fix an issue with a background color.

if you see my homepage and product page behind its products appears a white background since my image is smaller than the dimensions set in the settings panel.

How can I make the background color transparent?

Link is

Hi MAte, That problem with product image resizing. You need go to admin > Settings , change setting of Images ( that config for product images on listing page)

Hi, nice theme, quick question, and I have a few:

1.- in the home page, below the slideshow, how to take off the 4 boxes, feature, support, free shipping and mauris nisi?

2.- Here: Pavo Theme Control Panel / Modules Layouts, how to take off certain module, for example, from footer, I want to take off the Pav Facebook module, I know I can arrange them by drag and drop but not sure how to take them off.


I understand, but how to create the contact page and then use the same contact page model you are using?

Thanks but that is not what I’m asking for, see, this page you have in your theme showcase:

What are the necessary steps to have that exact page, with the form, etc, exactly what should I do? In your tutorials there are no step by step info just generic info, so, what steps shhould I need to achieve that exact page?


Is there a CHANGELOG for the last update?

Hi Mate, We don’t have changelog, we just updated to fix issue about style of theme

Reason: I have updates with Zoom Images and Update Adjust Quantity In Product , have some notes in descriptions of this

Please how to edit in second, third.. language slider? Thank you for answer

Yes :)

To translate static text of module please translate the language file “language/english/module/pavlayerslider”, to translate the dynamic text please go to admin of module, then edit slider banner, you can translate all text at here

Hello I want to buy but the theme will be for use in Brazil using the Portuguese. Its?

Hi Mate, The theme support multil language, you need install language package Portuguese to translate core text and translate some dynamic text on admin, then you need translate language of modules

In Ipad size and Smart phone Size, your red menu button with the three lines does not display a menu when clicked.

When you enable image zoom on a product page the add to cart add to wishlist add to compare buttons are visible through the zoom popup.

Otherwise, love the template. Thank you.

Also, I would like to purchase your time to add a “view product” button on each product image when the shading effect occurs upon hover. My email:

Hi Mate, I checked your site, the megamenu was modified on your site, it don’t matched with our demo, image zoom is now working fine, it over add to cart and whishlist… (checked on firefox, chrome)

hey u deleted my query u dont know anything give me solution are u a froad or what ?

Hi Mate, What other problems on your site? I checked the Currency problem as you said, that is problem when you config it on admin, please read the Guide I sent you, maybe it will help you, or please send me the website information, I will check it on your site to give you quick solution.