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Hi, I have installed the quickstart version. When viewing the site on a mobile device there is no menu button available. On your demo store when clicking ‘Mobile L’ or ‘Mobile H’ it shows a small red square with 3 lines on it which when clicked it expands to display all of the categorys on the site. My site hasn’t got that little red square and am unable to navigate the site properly without it being there. Just wondering if its a setting ive missed please? Otherwise a truly great theme with excellent features. Thanks

Hi, thanks for replying. I have sent you admin details and ftp details as requested. Thanks

Hi Mate, Please check your email, we sent you reply email

Hi, yes I have seen the email which you sent a few days ago and replied with FTP details for you to take a look at the problem. I got FTP working in the end, a school boy error. Thanks

Hi, In Pavblog/blog site value “Published in” does not respect the language change. look

Plus in breadcrumb navigation is missing item “Pavblog” or just “Blog” after “Home”.

Maybe? Look at screenshot, in left side on category is underlined item. Both are different. Your theme has bug and I am sure.

Hi Mate, Ok we will fix the problem for theme and release it on today.

thanks for that

I cant seem to get my images in the image slider to align correctly. Even when i save the demo images and upload them to my slider (all dimensions are configured exactly the same as demo site) the image is out of alignment

Hi Mate, Please use images have same dimensions of our demo images for slider. Maybe that is issue of resizing. If you can not make it work fine please provide me the website information (admin account) to my email:

how to improve zoom cloud. default theme zoom is not good. very poor quality

Hi Mate, You need to setting product images size on admin , please go to admin > System > Settings > edit default Store then click on tab “Image”. If you dont want the zoom cloud you can use internal zooming.

there is no documentation about updates. every time we need to upload whole files structure to update theme ?

do I need to upload modules files too ?

Hi Mate, We don’t have documentation about updates, but you can check our comment when we update the theme to TF

Hello,,I purchased this theme..and try to set megamenu module.. I tried to set columns to 4 and set cloums sizes also. but it does not work properly.. I can not see about this information in docu.

so How can I do this..?

It is solved…I referred to the docu link you told..Thanks..

Great Template…I have few questions that I couldnt find answers to: 1. Ive been trying to make the PavSlider larger but it will not accept dimensions 1170×600. 2. Where can I find your Module Additional Class descriptions? 3. Would like to add Pav carousel (for brand logos) and Pav Testimonial to website. Where can I get the Modules?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Mate, 1. To make image of pav slider larger please try upload background image for each slider. 2. Please tell me clearly. 3, Pav carousel, pav testimonial we use on other themes, if you want we will send you there modules, please provide me your email.

I sent you an email

custom tab not working

Pavo Theme Control Panel > Page Setting > Product > Add Custom Tab

I try, but no tab appear. kindly check it. we urgently required


Hi Mate, For now the theme don’t show custom tab, we will updated it on next version. If you want feature custom tab, please provide me your email account, I will send you updated files.

pvt msg sent

Hi Mate, I just answer your email, please check it.

Hey Pavo, first off Great Job Mate i have tremendous reaction from my clients for this theme. I have a few questions since im kind of familiar with opencart themes. 1. Is there a way to use drop down lists instead of category icons over products in this theme! like this guy

2. is there an option in opencart that cart create a hover effect rather than the add to wishlist/compare/add to cart effect?

3. lastly that previous client “bestoneweb” asked about the columns issue when i set to four but only three show up. I assigned 1=2,2=2,3=2,4=2, what am i doing wrong?

if you want correspondence though email let me know!

hello i wrote you and you answer someone who writes after me????

Hi, we are using bootstrap framework for assigned columns, you should sum width-cols=12 (1=3,2=3,3=3,4=3)

OK thank you i will try that and email you from now on and what about the other questions will it be much longer till i get an answer?

Have not been able to find documentation on updating the theme ( Pav Dress Store Responsive Opencart Theme).

Please can you tell me how to update the theme.

I am having issues with setting up the Pav Layer sliders. Text will disappear and lower save button does not work.

I also have opentshirt extension installed and would like to preserve it.


Hi Mate, We just update to fix the css issues, If you want update the theme please backup all files and folder in the path “catalog/theme/pav_dress_store/” then update new files, folders in there. Please provide me the admin account, I will check the problem about pav layer sliders module to give you solution, send to my email:

Great theme Pavo! Why does not appear the Data Sample item in my Pavo Theme Control Panel menu? I have installed it with quickstart package.

Thanks in advance

Hi, because quickstart package have a data sample .Data sample item should not appear in control panel menu, it can cause some errors when you can wrong click it

Thank you so much Pavo!!

hi!, no problems

how to remove blog completely from the theme

do they effect rest of the website, give me your skype or gmail come to chat i have many questions

i want to add new tabs bellow in footer but cant find how to add and where to write there contents…... like shipping , provacy polycy

Hi there, you can go module “Pav Custom Module” then you can create tab module for this issue

hi Do you supported RTL?

Hi Mate, Please try to do as following:

- Open the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_dress_store/template/common/header.tpl” then find code:

<html dir=”<?php echo $direction; ?>” lang=”<?php echo $lang; ?>”>

Replace to:

<html dir=”rtl” class=”rtl” lang=”<?php echo $lang; ?>”>

I try but menu and logo in the left not apply

I try but menu and logo in the left

Is this theme multi-store ready?

Hi Mate, Yes you can use theme for multil-store, but our pav theme control panel – manage configuration of theme don’t support multil-stores

Hi, can I use this theme for Amazon Affiliate. With Check-Out directly to Amazon Shopping Cart or Amazon Check-out? If can where I must put my Affiliate Link in Product ? Thanks

Hi Mate, The theme just base on Default Opencart, It don’t support Amazon Affiliate. You need find a module to do that, please try see the module:

Hey, very nice template! I buyed this from you, only i have one little question. I deleted the menu and re-created the menu, only now the ‘House Home icon’ is not visable in the main menu, i want to have the ‘House icon’ back, what should i do to get this icon back? Thanks!

Thank you for your fast and good support, can you please tell me where i can edit in the theme ; Add to cart on the catagory view to ; View more and re-direct to the product page? Thank you.

sorry i don’t understand you mean. you can explain this issue for me?

or can you take some picture for this issue

Hi, when I press the Save butoon on Mega Menu I’m redirected to a 403 Forbidden page. Is it a folder access rights issue?

The problem was modsecurity. I solved the problem by disabling it from htacces.

so, it’s ok ?

yes, thank you

Hi Pavo, In Pav Slider, background image select not show at 100% of 1680×498 pixels. It´s showing the image shrunk. Why??

Hi Pavo…Have you received my private message?

Hi Mate, Yes I get your private message. Im checking the issue on your site

Hi my friend, I have send a private message again…

@kamasurfer ;

You have to press the orange button ‘Update Layer Slider’ with this option you can select your image and now it will cover 100% the banner area :)! ;)

Hi, what is your problem?

may i ask i am looking for the share modules on the product front end. Your demo has it but i don’t on mine is there something i am missing or does it not come with a social icons share button this theme?

nevermind it was attached to reviews enable lol sorry about that. I had no idea that they came together in system>settings>options

Dear you, maybe you are missing some install. i think you should use quickstart package version. Because it is a simple way to install and less error caused