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I got this message when loading a “brand” page for a manufacturer:

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /home/belenusptu/www/catalog/view/theme/pav_digitalstore/template/product/manufacturer_info.tpl on line 12


Warning: Division by zero in /home/belenusptu/www/catalog/view/theme/pav_digitalstore/template/product/manufacturer_info.tpl on line 75Warning: Division by zero in /home/belenusptu/www/catalog/view/theme/pav_digitalstore/template/product/manufacturer_info.tpl on line 76

Can you help on this?

Please check carefully your settings about manufacturer.
Also contact us to email if you need to support more. You are posting a question about Digital theme here, this is wrong.

is there need any development coding after buy

hello i see a ​BUG mobile devices product additional image error even in your demo ​

i m using your theme but my license time is finished problem is in the everywhere using your theme . (or any demos in pav fashion)

when you enter a product from computer there is no problem .

after then get the mobile device style screen from developer sector.

refresh the page and click my additional image.

imagezoom class is not working . it is redirecting product addional image in page .

like sampleproduc-150×150.jpg

you can try this in your themeforest demo

this is very important problem


i tried to create a ticket by selecting my theme but its giving me error for Invalid purchase code i wanted to remove my website footer of home page 5- which includes links and contact details

Hello, Please send your support request to our email address . We will support you asap. Thank you.


gecoist Purchased

​Hi, i trying write support ticket bu i have any problem and i can’t open ticked.

“The purchase code provided was not properly validated. It could be an invalid purchase code, or the connection to Envato was lost. Double check your purchase code and try again.”

My problems:

İ installed pav fahion theme and pav fashion modules.

But i can’t use newsletter module.

I have some php errors:

Notice: Error: Could not load model /home/mysite/public_html/admin/model/customer/customer_group.php! in /home/mysite/public_html/system/modification/system/engine/loader.php on line 111​

And i installed a newslettr module on homepage. I click on the button but there is no activity!​

I wat to palace in footer and i have any popup newsltter module and want to use pav newsleetr module in my popup.

i showed problems inthis screenshot:

Thanks. Regards…

Please go to Customers -> Customer Groups to add. The problem will be fixed.


gecoist Purchased

Yes, all permissions are active but the same problem persists. Screenshot:

No, please create a Customer Group in Customers -> Customer Groups. Not Users.

Hallo. I have purchased and installed this theme. But I just noticed that the mega menu on our site is not visible on mobile devices. A menu button is displayed on mobile devices but when the user clicks on this they just get a list of categories. This means the user is not able to access a number of important pages. I see the same problem in your demo’s of this theme. On a mobile device I cannot access the blog in your demo for example. How can I set up your theme to show the menu items in the mega menu on a mobile device? Thanks.

Hi, Please send an email to our address . We will help you to check your site. Purchase ID should be included in email. Thank you.

​I am trying to edit the Pav Products tab on my home page and it gives me the following error “You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator.”

I am the system administrator and the only user so this error doesn’t make sense. Kindly advice Also note that the above error has showed up as I tried to edit several other sections. This is really slowing down my project. Kindly be prompt with a solution.

PS: I tried to use your support system but it doesn’t seem to validate my purchase code. I did purchase the theme as you can see next to my username.

hi, Thanks for purchasing our theme for your project. Please go to Users -> User Groups -> Administrator to make sure that you have selected all (Modify and Access). If you need to get more support, please send an email to our address

HORRIBLE theme. Don’t buy this!!! Stupid error

“Notice: Undefined variable: helper in /shop/catalog/view/theme/pav_fashion/template/common/footer.tpl on line 15”

never goes away no matter what.

I see that you did not upload full files of the theme, so you get this error. If you need to get more support, please send an email to our address . Thank you.


gecoist Purchased

Hi. I can not open ticket on support panel.When i want to write any question i get this error mesage: “The purchase code provided was not properly validated. It could be an invalid purchase code, or the connection to Envato was lost. Double check your purchase code and try again.”

But i have a purchase code:

My problem is: My pav fashion theme’s quick wiev not working. When i click to quickwiev button, browser going to product’s url. I want to open quick wiev popup.

domain: Screenshot:

Thanks, Regards…

hi, If you need to get more technical support, please send an email to our address . Thank you so much.

I want to purchase but your menu does not work on mobile at all. Any sub menus do not open.

hi mate, I check our demo site on mobile, it is working well, Please check again . If you have more questions, please contact us to . Thanks

hi, your theme is looking nice, I have a website: can i integrate your theme in one tab for e-commerce, can you please check and let me know, thank you

Hi, it is not possible to integrate your current site, it should be made on a domain, then you can add the link to the current site.

Hello. will someone please help me fix the error on my website?

Notice: Undefined index: options in /home1/soact/public_html/soad/catalog/view/theme/theme630/template/module/latest.tpl on line 12

Hi, You are using Theme630, so you should contact to the author of the theme to get support service. Thanks.

Hey , I have mentioned my issues in Its been three days almost and there is no response yet. I would appreciate if there is a prompt response.

okay, we will check it soon.

Its been 4 days now, No support. I am loosing my patience now. Please send your email id .

We have already replied your ticket.

Hi, My queries are unanswered since last 3 days on Pavo support system I have more query apart from those.

I have also enabled weight based shipping, but its not displaying at the time of checkout.

Please check carefully the setting about shipping method. This is one of Opencart feature. I am sure it is not theme’s problem. Also we see you ticket, we are checking and finding the solution.