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eokwusi Purchased

I installed the latest version, there is a problem, but when add to cart and i want to remove the remove action don’t remove the item from the cart. you can try your self and see

Please send your FTP to our email . We will fix this bug for you asap. Thanks.

This theme have lot of bugs and also the support they provide looks like they think of themselves as ” know everything” and the buyer is a dumb ” knows nothing”

Problem 1 : Just purchased the theme and setup on localhost, got a “theme control” gave error, i thought a file might be corrupt or missing, did a reinstall and got the same issue again.

Contacted them on support, and got a reply in 48 hours ( 48 hours wasted ) they told to replace a file that was intentionally not provided with the theme download.

I missed a deadline to project because of there stupid support.

Problem 2 : Started working on a new project, theme setup, all modules setup. Now when i did the install of 7 PAV modules, 7 modules provided with the theme are showing the same name as “PAV carousel ” in the modules list. When you open them all are different modules as they should be.

Contacted them on support, got a reply in 36 hours. ( again the time waste.) Now they need FTP to check if i was so dumb, i uploaded the files correctly or not. ( i was working on local so copy paste takes 5 seconds )

I asked for a refund, No response or even a talk about that.

Genuine Feedback: Don’t buy theme from them , BUGS a lot of them. Intentional missing and corrupt files so you could buy their paid support to solve the issues.

Support : they answer in 36 hours + to tell you, you are dump and might have not uploaded the required files correctly. ( is this support?)

i will be posting all of this on social media as well , and will do nice promotion of my complaints if i don’t get a refund soon enough.

Best of luck for cheating me and many more.

Please send me version of your theme for Opencart 2.1.x. I’m waiting for it about three days!!!

We are following you via email. Please keep contacting us with email.
Thank you.


kndam72 Purchased

i am having complaints that the add to cart button is not working in mac devices. is there a bug or a fix needed? too many clients are complaining

Please let us know exactly the things which are not worked via email address . We will check and give you some solutions.


Ivent Purchased

Hello responsive menu is not showing, by clicking only the search and close button appears, I see the code I realized that offcanvasmenu is vaziu how do I fix this? I’m having complaints with the users mobile …


Ivent Purchased

another error is that the disable quick view option does not disable the option and is still active.

Maybe your site still missing some codes. So please contact to our technical support team via email address with your Purchase code id, your website information. We will check the problems.

Hi, I have a problem with the FontAwesome social icons down in the footer, the Instagram icon is blocked by the white background on hover. Another problem is that, while I was editing via the theme control, I accidentally deleted both of Facebook and Instagram, is there anyway to add them back?

You still haven’t answered my question. Along with the buggy carousal issues that is supposed to be fixed a month ago. Can I have an actual fix for those? And if you are specifically not answering my question, what is the point of purchasing support from you guys?

Hi, we are sorry for the late reply as we are on vacation so reply would be slower than usual. We fully back to work by tomorrow and we will check your issue. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Is the theme Compatible with Opencart 2.2 or no?

Yes, it is available to use on Opencart version. If you have the questions, please contact us via email address . Thanks


RMSK Purchased

Hello, just installed theme on OC but where can I find modules? I don’t see it in ZIP file, they are only for OC2. Thank you

Please contact us via email . We will send the modules of 1.5.x for the theme.


zeonos Purchased

Is it possible to get a file so i can import the sliders?. having a bit of problems with them, with missing database, but after creating an empty slider those went away.

I tried runnin the datasample, but that didnt fix the issue, i also tried to export them from the demo, but there are no permissions for that :(

Please submit a ticket about your issue, and website information. Our technical will help you check again.
Maybe it relates to your setting. Thanks.

I am wring you everyday more then 1 week by rise ticket and mailing but your poor support team not reply

I already buy fashion&store from theamforest

I install opencart verson,I can’t find moduals in your package file

please sent me all moduals of opencart

Hello, I have already replied your email, Please check and get the modules. Thanks,

I purchased this theme two days ago but upon downloading the only files in the folder with guides & licenses…no PSDs, OpenCart files, or modules etc. I sent a support ticket but still waiting on a reply. Please advise ASAP.

please contact us to email address . We will check your problem. Maybe you missed some files while installed the theme.

I’m still waiting on an update more than 2 days after sending my FTP details for you to look at the files!!!

Hi mate
What is your email address?


olap001 Purchased

Is this theme compatible with version I just upgraded my store and when I try to activate the theme, I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined property: Template\Basic::$registry in /home/root/beta/catalog/view/theme/pav_fashion/template/common/footer.tpl on line 10 Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/root/beta/catalog/view/theme/pav_fashion/template/common/footer.tpl on line 10

Hi mate,
Please contact us to email address . We will give you the latest version of the theme. Now it is available to use on and . Thanks

I have a problem. When I write a blog and attached several images only save one. What I can do? Thank you.

My opencart version is

Please take a screenshot explaining the issue. It is better for us understanding your question. Thank you.

Hello, I’m using and i installed the pav modules. I cant find anywhere the Pav Banners Builder. i want to put some banners under the slider just like the demo. Any help? Thanks

Pav Banners Builder is not used on version. You used Image widget in Homepage Builder module to set the banners.
Please see our demo setting on here: . User: demo / password: demo
Thank you.

Hi, really awesome designs. Is it possible to have sticky header menu on mobile?

maybe it has not been setup in back-end yet.

Ok, please give me a link to a demo from any of your themes that have sticky header menu (and possibly other buttons for cart, wishlist, etc) on mobile.

Could you also tell if this your pavothemes modify core Opencart files? Thx!

Hi, nice theme. i need a helping hand regarding a multilanguage issue. I need to have different url for different language, how should i do that. I have opencart 2.2 . Regards

Hi, Please see this video :

Thanks, but i have 7 language and working fine :) I need to have a different url for each language, i need to send users automatically (so they don’t have to click on the flag) from : Germany to German version of the website France to French version of the website (English language is default) ... Some url with idioms and can access by different url, with this variable “lang” &lang=es &lang=en … &lang=de &lang=ru.


yes, There is an extension about it will be Automatical Detect Currency and Language by Location. If the customer visits the site in England, it will show English and Pound. Similar with others. Contact us again If you want to do that.


eokwusi Purchased

Hello pls am trying to install the Quick start but am getting error while installing. have sent you guys a mail with my FTP Details kindly help me out.

I see that You have installed successfully the theme on your server.

Hi,I have problem on mobile version.Menu-Categories doesnt close always open and when I connect site ,menu is open also. How can I fix that?

Please send all information (purchase code Id, FTP account) to our email address . We will help you about this problem.