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very good job!

Thanks Mate :)

hi pavothemes,

can we enable paypal or something like this?

Hi Mate, You can use paypal or Moneybooker to transfer to us. Our paypal account and moneybooker account:

Looks awesome ! Can you show admin panel demo please ?

Hi Mate, Please try go to link: and login with account: demo/demo

thank you cool template ;)

Thanks mate


I install your template, it’s cool on desktop. However, on mobile, Category Menu Button is hide, color white, and nothing happen when you click on.

I test on Android, Firefox Browser. Please help me! Thanks.

My site:

So, with your demo, it’s fine.


I have tested on Android and Default Browser + Chrome . It showed well .

oh i found that, please give us info for my email. Thanks

hi, I’ve just email for you. My email is: Thanks!


I just bought this theme, and it is great – but for some reason the mobile version of the menu does not work on my site (left hand side drop down menu) – the button shows fine but the menu does not show up.

Any ideas? Used the quick install method, OC 1.5.6 and tested in several browsers. Contact me for an URL, I’m don’t want it public just yet.

I’ve narrowed it down to the theme variations – choosing anything other than “default” results in some major javascript errors, and broken css references which is what is causing the mobile menu failure.

Try a fresh install of your theme and choose a variation (e.g. green) and see what I mean.

Do you install the theme on fresh opencart? you can install quickstart package. Or please try to following the Guide:

Do you have problem with javascript? please provide me the website url, I will check it for you.

Yes, this was a fresh install of 1.5.6 using your quick start package. If you select any theme variation other than “default”, then the mobile menu does not work, and there is some cross domain javascript problems that prevent the “add to cart” button on your product_slider modules from working under Windows (work fine under Mac OS X weirdly).

For now the issues have been resolved – I use the default variant and simply swapped the background images around.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxx/www/admin/model/sample/module.php on line 21Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxx/www/admin/model/sample/module.php on line 123 hi this error popped up

Hi MAte, Please provide me your email, I will send you a email with resolved file, of please try to open the file “admin/model/sample/module.php”, find code:

$files = glob( DIR_CACHE.’backup_’.trim($theme).’/.php’);

REplace to:

if(!empty($files)) $files = glob( DIR_CACHE.’backup_’.trim($theme).’/.php’);

with these errors I figured thank you

there is an error which I wrote to you look at ro I sent to your email

Hi Pavothemes Why you not respond to My Email 3 days i try contact you and you ignore my questions Can you reply to this massage :x

Hi Mate, Please re-send email to me, I don’t get any email from you :(

Hi, we bought this theme but it seems we have a problem with customization of a basic themplate for the site. Like changing the background, or changing the color of the add to cart button. Can u provide documentation for this part. cant really get it to work with the live customization. cheers

ok, so im clicking on the live theme editor from your link, and i get a video not found.

Hi Mate, Please try to open the link

Hello, CAn you please tell me where is the translation, string to translate the “featured” tab heading Check out the link unde the main slider. I cant find the translation. I have installed the Romanian language, but so far I cant find the string which makes that translation. Link: Translantion needed for latest and featured

I have even modified the English folder but nothing happens.

Thank you

Hi Mate, Please try to open the file “catalog/language/module/pavproducttabs.php” to translate there text

The navigation is broken on product pages when your mouse reaches the product image.

I also need you to create us a product.tpl page that allows the product options to be side by side and not smashed into on small column. We will pay you for this edit. Let me know.

Hi Mate, The zooming images on product page that is default function of the zooming plugin. - Do you mean show product options below product images? not show on small column as now?

Waiting for the new files.

I have done that but nothing changed. i have modified the script from all languages but the featured translation is still there.

What do you recomend?

Hi Mate, Please try to open the file “pavproductcarousel.php” in the folder “catalog/controller/module”, then find text “Featured” replace to “text_featured”

Thanks guys,Rated 5 stars for your theme and for support. Great job!!! Cheers

Thanks Mate :)

Hi pavothemes

Can you please let me know if your Template comes with a Blog OR do you have to purchase one ?

Thanks Brent

Hi pavothemes

Can you please let me know if your Template comes with a Blog OR do you have to purchase one ?

Thanks Brent

Hi Mate, The pav blog module was included on our themes, you can use all modules on themes, you don’t need purchase it. The Pav blog module is free module, you can download it on our site

Hi there! Nice theme! I have a one question. Used in the mock Cyrillic fonts?

Hi Mate, You can include there fonts for the theme, the floral theme don’t use mock cyrillic fonts as default.

How to change fonts?

you try with google font or local font via following this guide

hi, is this theme compatibel with multi-vendor from Can i add register form for vendor? Thank you Kat

Hi Mate, Yes, you can install extension multil-vendor on the theme, if the module don’t override core opencart file.

So, we gave you our ftp information and one of your editors came in and made our product page terrible, plus never fixed the issue where the menu disappears when your cursor goes over a product photo on the product page. Because of the terrible job, we had to put our company’s website on maintenance. And now are missing out on sales for an entire day.

My email is I want this issue fixed immediately. And I want the file fix for the menu glitch that happens to not be a problem on your dress website.

Please check your email, we just answered you

Problem was fixed immediately after response. Thank you. For anyone looking at this comment, My original comment was made because i was upset from our misunderstanding, not because they did a bad job editing my site. This is a wonderful template. just has a few errors. My shoploop was a bit more solid in coding but I would still buy this one over Shoploop any day of the week. Beautiful design, easy to use, and great service team. 4.5/5.0