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Hey, The way by which you can view products (display of products) is reversed.

Hi Mate, Do you mean show list products to top, and description of category will show on bottom?

I mean as a customer clicking on how to view products (frontend) the “four squared button” to view products or the “Two squares with lines” = product views. They are reversed. Check at

I see you are using pav Furniture theme on your site, I don’t know what you mean, please provide me screenshots to my email


Why is the theme so beautiful, but the admin so painfull to use? from language control to even blog disable is a pain in the as. Almost giving up

Hi Mate, Do you don’t use multil language for pav blog on amdin? please provide me the website admin account to my email I will check the issue to give you Guide or solution.

hello, I have columns set on the megamenu but they are not showing on the website. Also, without side by side columns your submenu box is too far away from the parent for me to navigate to it. It disappears before reaching it. can you fix?

Hi Mate, Please provide me the website information (admin account, URL) to my email I will check the issue to give you solution. you need input number columns on option “Columns” of parent menu item to group child columns

I did that. Doesnt matter the number, they don’t group side by side. Something is wrong with coding. maybe bad installation on my part. i am chcking in to it.

Ok Mate, Please send me site information or screenshots of problem to my email if you still get it work, I will check it to give you solution.

Hi Some units do not work even in the demo, though their use has been described in the documentation and in your screenshots. When will it be fixed?

Sorry, AddBlock Plus blocked these items… May be change sizes of items? Think about it

our staff have checked all with quickstart, sample data, manual config, everthing is well. please give us link, admin account for pavothemes then our staff what is wrong, Thanks

awesome , i like xmas skin :D

Thanks mate

it’s support RTL???

Hi Mate, Yes the theme support RTL

Hi. Please, could you help me with this issue?

I’d like to remove the background of the twitter module in the footer, as in your demo site.


No answer?

Hi Mate, Please try to login admin site then, then go to Extensions > Modules > Edit module pavtwitter, then choose option “Chrome:” = “transparent”

Thanks a lot.

Hello, How can I remove the Panel Tool & Live Theme Editor slide in windows from the front end of my web site?

I purchased the Pav Floral Theme, really nice!

Thank you

you access theme control panel modules and select no for parameter ‘User Tools’


It was “Enable Panel Tool” under “General” in Pavo Theme Control Panel, thank you!

Yes Thats right :) disable option “Enable Panel Tool”

Still waiting for the feedback from: regarding to the blank page issue of . Please let us know, when you can resolve the issue – we’re in a hurry with this.

Looking forward to hear from your team ASAP.

Thank you!

Hi, i have send a message to your gmail, please check

Thank you very much for your Great Support!

Still waiting for anykind of feedback – did you manage to get the access details and how are you doing with the fixing?

Please give us something, like you are already handling it etc, because our online sales are hurted due to the fact that, there is “blank” page in front of us after template installation:

Thank you very much for replies.

Hi Mate, We are checking the problems on your site to find solution

Dear you, maybe you are missing some install. i think you should use quickstart package version. Because it is a simple way to install and less error caused

Thank you very much for your Great Support!

How to remove text_blogs and Home button from menu?

Hi, i have reply a email to your gmail, please check

Thank you very much for your Great Support!

Hello! nice theme, first i select header to “keep..” then to “no scrolling” and now was stuck to “keep..”, how to fix this? i want no scrolling. Link:

Hi Mate,

Please try to do as following to resolve the issue:

- Open the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_floral/stylesheet/stylesheet.css”, then add the code at the end of file content:

.navbar-fixed-top, .navbar-fixed-bottom { position: absolute!important; }

Thanks mate

Hi there. nice theme :) please can you explain me the error in megamenu, when I try to delete one of menu can’t delete it. the error is : Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelMenuMegamenu::delete_child_nodes() in /home/carbonv/public_html/ on line 387


Hi Mate, Please try to download latest version of theme on themeforest, we fixed the problem. Or you can quick fix the problem as my following:

- Open the file “admin/model/menu/megamenu.php” then find line 387, and then remove the code:


Hi! How I can disable responsive?

Hi Mate,

Our theme don’t suport turn off responsive. If you want unresponsive you need make it manually. Please read the Guide to make non-responsive:

In the product page > reviews tab, the CONTINUE button is over the line of the box.

Could you fix this, please?

you open file: theme/pav_floral/template/product/product.tpl , find code at line 352 like as


I will update for TF very soon. Thanks

There are more people with this problem:

“belkin77 PURCHASED How to remove text_blogs and Home button from menu?”

Could you extend the solution to everybody, please?

Hi There, To remove “text_blogs” please try to open the file “vqmod/xml/vqmm_pav_blogs_menu_shortcut.xml”, then find code:

if(isset($this->data[‘categories’])){ $this->data‘categories’ = array( ‘name’ => $this->language->get(“text_blogs”), ‘children’ => array(), ‘column’ => 1, ‘href’ => $this->url->link(‘pavblog/blogs’, ’’) ); }

Remove it.

Hello i installed on :

but there is some big porblems. The image size is not correct and i can’t edit it what must i do? Thanks!

Hi Mate, Please try to install Quickstart package of the theme to resolve the issue.

Hello i installed quickstart already?

yes, can you please redownload the package to re-install quickstart or theme folder for yours. if you could not resolve can you please give us FTP, Admin info for . Our staff will check and fix this. Thanks

yes mate, TF have published my latest version. Now i do not have good solution to resolve with issue show 5 items in the colorbox. I will try to fix it next version. Thanks

ok.. how to disable the popup on products?

Hello, To disable the popup on product page, please try to open the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_floral/template/product/product.php” then find html tag have class “colorbox”, remove the class.

$this->data['heading_title'] = $this->language->get('featured');

change into; (for translation)

$this->data['heading_title'] = $this->language->get('text_featured');



Cheers/ yd

Hi There,

when you do a site search does it search the blog items as well as the products? Cheers

i will consider this and may be i will make a new search blog module