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Hi, how do I set submenu with two or three subchildren? Not just one. Many thanks. website:

it is default module supported by opencart which does not support 3,4,5 level :(

ok, i search a solution, thx!

oki mate:)

hello mate nice theme i have very urgent request to make. have a look at the the link below for screenshot on the problem am facing.


the first arrow pointing to the menu is for the HTML content am trying to add the menu, each time i select HTML type in the mega menu, in the from end the menu is floating up.

the second arrow to pop up image error is for the quick view, that not working the screenshot display what happen when clicked.

pls help urgent.

Hi Mate,

- If you choose HTML type for mega menu item, it will show as that. The theme don’t support to show level 1 menu HTML, that is not problem of menu module. You need to style for it.

- I see the popup is not the quick view module. That is image popup, maybe it get wrong path, please provide me your website url, I need to check it to give you solution.

hey brov do you ever reply back to ppl mate, look is not too late to request back money alright, i have couple of question to ask, and if you don’t reply to one how do i ask the next one.

have seen many ppl hear complaining about your support service. what da F**

look 4get the HTML menu problem yeah have done it my self, but the quick view probs is still there, also i need help with submenu width have tryed your demo admin setting but is not working please reply.

Hi Mate,

Sorry for my late response :| you need to add value for “Width of submenu wrapper” in Live Megamenu Editor in admin panel of pav mega menu module. Please read the Guide at here:!/install_back_end

Hello thanks for help and getting back to my requestion.

Everything thing is fine now, l only need 2 request to make you know drop down wrapper in the front end I want it to be in the center of the root menu as in when u hover to menu that has drop down I want the drop down block to be in the middle, at moment only just starting the bottom of the drop down wrapper.

here is example of what i want:

Hope u understand, can u assist me with this. what do i need to change in the css style because believe me search all the menu styling the file. please help. thanks


Ok, I will check your site to give you solution, can you please send me website admin account too.

have sent you my admin acct like 4times now, pls always check previous messages. user: demo pass:demo



I set “Width Of Submenu Wrapper” = 1170 (px) for submenu “Jewelry” please see it on frontend. I don’t see the css code which I provided you. Please add my below css code in after of file content catalog/view/theme/pav_floral/stylesheet/stylesheet.css>

<css style>

.pull-left.wrap-menu{ width: 100%; }

li.parent.dropdown { position:static; }

.dropdown-menu.level1{ position:absolute; left: 9px; }


Note: Remove tags ”<css style>” and ”</style>”

Also i notice that the Live Megamenu Editor width submenu wrapper setting doesn’t work for multistore, because each time i set a width for one store the second store that have set a width to already turn off and reset back to the original setting.

your help will be appreciative, this are the things that i found be delaying my project.



Yes, on now the live megamenu editor don’t support multil store. We will check the issue to fix it and then update for the theme.

have seen your email reply and have sent you the admin account details. thanks

? wanna buy template. But i have some questions about template’s. questions one ; i want latest line 4 or 10 Is this possible? you can see printscreen questions two ; for latest product section I can create page 1 page 2 page 3 ? you can see printscreen

very important for me

Hi Mate,

1, Did you want list latest products in 4 or 10 lines and don’t want carousel function? Yes you can do it on the theme, just custom layout tpl file of the latest module.

2, If you want page 1,2, 3… for latest product you need to custom the module Pav Product Carousel, on currently it is a carousel module, you can not paging for it.


Thanks for reply. ? wanna buy but i’m waiting for order from my customer.

I bought this theme and installed it on a backup dns name to make sure it function properly and it did so I erased install and installed where needed but now it says i need mcrpt extensions and magic quote is on but I have turned it off in all php files. Please help now my site is down.


Maybe you have missing on config dns to your host or problem with your host, our theme don’t make there errors. Please provide me your website information (admin account, FTP account, and cpanel account) I will check the error logs on your site to find solution for you. Please send me to my email: and tell me your email address.

guess no one here to respond

Sorry to keep bothering you guys but now my menu items are locked like reports and the slide out menus. Have I pushed something wrong. Can you tell me how to unlock them please.

To make it clearer I can’t get the slide out menus like catalog>affiliates, sales>customer sales>gift voucher, system>design, system>user and so on. It will not let me click on any of these and they will not slide out to let me click on the options. I need to create more banners at the moment and the system>design will not click or slide out so I can’t access. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Hello Mate,

Please provide me the screenshots of problem and provide me the website information (admin account, url) I will quick check to give you solution. My email:

Please tell me your email after you sent email to me.


before purchase,

Can i add a purchase now button next to add to chart.

Can users buy the product’(s) without register or login.?


Hello Mate,

Do you purchase on Themeforest or pavothemes site? You need to register or login before purchase on both.

:) I mean If I purchase theme, Can I add a purchase now button next to add to chart button. Which users can buy single product directly.

yes mate,

Hello, how i can edit module titles? Like “Featured” change to “Produtos em Destaque” ??

I was wondering what the secret is to add youtube videos to the blog. I have tried all the codes in the youtube videos but with no luck. When I put in code and hit save it says that page you requested cannot be found. Please advise.

sorry mate, please give us FTP account and admin acount for the our staff will work on this. Thanks

Hello mate, r u doin, please could assist on how i can set image to the sub category list, i have already add image to the sub category in the admin area but is not showing any image.

screenshot here:


as default, sub categories links donot support displaying images, so please try with extensions in here

also can you tell me where i can set this option in your demo on my website: is a quick view option.

please make sure you are using one version of latest. and then access theme control module to enable quickview

Hi, Can I check for your latest version, can the admin cpanel support responsive?

yes, please check this with account demo/demo


In pav custom modules. Images doenst come either in backend and frontend. All custom modules came by default was not showing images. I removed and Installed the module again and Still same.

In editor I can see and pick one image for custom module but editor shows it like there is no such image. and same in frontend.

hix sorry mate, can you please me email again, i could not see any email with your name. please send us FTP , admin account if having any issue problems, we will check and resolve

Hi I sent the info to your mail. Please help.

i asked my staff checking this.

When adding a new language and/or removing the default languages to leave only the new language, the theme doesn’t function properly, how to fix this? (Items are missing, etc)

you try to configure all modules as the guide or use sample data tool in theme control panel. to set default configuration for all modules and store configuration. When done please try to access those modules to make sure that configuratin is rightly with your real data.

If you have any issue, please send us account of FTP, admin for our staff will fix for you . Thanks

For some reason on my homepage I have the special module up in the sale icon it says text_sale instead of sale. I have looked but cannot figure out where to fix this. When you click on the product it says sale in the icon like it should. Please guide me to where to fix the error.


ok yeah that changes things on product page but not on home page

ty for fixing the problem great customer service will be back next time I need a theme.


How can i change the ‘Quick View’ text. I can find it in codes and change but my site has 2 language I need it to be multilingual.

Hi, you can go file catalog/language/your_language/english.php for quick translate


I check all available options but couldn’t find how to close product comparison. How can I ?

Hi, Sorry currently we don’t support option for disable button “compare , withlist, ”. you can send this issue via our gmail. our-team will provide solution for this issue

Will you be making this for WordPress?

Cool, thanks.