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Very nice theme. Good luck :)

^^! Thanks

this is awesome dude !! do yo have any chance to make it a wp theme ?

yes mate, i will try to covert for wp theme, which commerce module is the most favious of wp you may suggest me, pls? Thanks

Hi, i like your work but I have one question concerning SEO and your blog. How to make your blog SEO url friendly and how to place keywords for SEO. The most tools could make that but hot to work with that tool with blog?

Thank you

Yes Sir!, Because i do not have Opencart Now, i will check with it in detail . Thanks

Yes Sir!, Because i do not have Opencart SEO Pack Now, i will check with it in detail . Thanks

Thank you for the quick reply. I hope your blog could work together with most SEO Opencart tools.

Hi, I wanting to switch to OpenCart with a blog for my clients site vs. the WP blog and woocommerce plug-in we have now.

Your themes really seem to fit the look for his products the best, especially this one. I do however like the top bar and footer of your Pav Plaza theme better. Is it possible to incorporate that into this theme for our specific needs? I can do CSS and html coding, just not much more.

yes mate, this is simple customization, when you purchase this, i will ask my developer workign with you :)

Do you have an HTML version of this template ?? thanks in advance

Sorry mate, this does not have HTML version . Thanks


kindly, in the next update could you make the CSS style sheet for RTL because i don’t know how to make the CSS to make from RTL language

even if i try some items it doesn’t show like original file

i will buy it

if it possible to make it support RTL direction

best regards Mohammed

Sorry mate, the theme does not support RTL language now

Make it also for wordpress,this is an awesome theme !

Sorry mate, i do not have any version for wordpress :(

Hi, I have installed your theme using “quickstart” method that you have given. While customizing the theme in home page I happen to face a problem regarding positioning modules.

Is there any way that we could include “Featured Products” in “Pav Product Carousel module”, so that I could replace “Special” with that.

Please help me to find a solution. Thank you.

yes mate, you can check all modules on postions via Tab Layout- Positions of Theme Control panel then you update positions of those modules on expected positions. I will check the issue with Pav product carousel. please work with me via email . Thanks

hi, i like to inform one another issue that i am facing. When Pav Product Carousel module in the Extension is edited, the entire layout- (home layout) is messed up. Can You please provide me any solution for this?

Please help me to find a solution. Thank you.

Yes sir, can you please give me FTP information for i will check and update code for your project. Thanks

Hi, I have sent a mail regarding issues in this theme we have purchased. As you mentioned in the reply, We have sent the ftp details to mentioned email id. Hope you got it. Please give a reply asap…..

we already sent ftp details regarding that. Its really urgent. Reply ASAP

Great work but we have some of 404 NOT FOUND here =) There is no files:
  1. “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://***/catalog/view/javascript/jquery/pavtheme.js"
  2. NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://***/catalog/view/theme/pav_bikestore/image/remove-small.png
Please send the js to email or refresh the archive

yes sir, please give me 1 days to update for themeforest thanks

i have updated this, please re download and update all files in theme folder to resolve this

Thank you

when i view with ie8, the drop down menu selection will disappear when my mouse move out of menu link click area.

chrome sometimes also have same issue when at home page after i click “love” icon of products (add to wish list)

Hi Mate, Please try to do as following: - open the file “stylesheet.css” in the folder “catalog/view/theme/pav_metro/stylesheet/”, then add the code at the end of file content:

.navbar .nav > li > .dropdown-menu:before { top: -12px; }

Check your download package! A lot of files are missed for each Opencart version. Even “quickstart” package not include “model” files for different modules – after installation finished have to copy it from different folders. In my opinion – if you say, that template support different Opencart version – make full template theme for each version. Not a good quality for commercial product! Hope for quick update soon.

my skype is galaxy_hero13 Add me, please to check some questions

yes sir the theme is updated please redownload and check for me . I added your skype, if you have any issue, please chat with me . Thanks

ok. i will try and write u back. Thanx for fast responding! )


We have sent you a ticket.

We are having some problems with the installation in our website.


Hi Mate, Please check your ticket, we just replied it

Hello! We have replied it too :)

Also, can you add me to skype? reat123456

So we can talk there.

Best Regards.

My logo is 158px h x 226 px wide. Will I be able to place it in your theme without altering the header height?

Hi Mate, Yes you can upload your logo, it will is altering a little header height. You can set height for header.

Hello, I would like to know if this theme can use a left or right home page side bar?

yes mate, the theme is built-in pavo framework which allow you put modules on left and right sidebar. IF you do not put any modules on those sidebars, left or right will be disabled in automatic. Thanks

I try to edit stylesheet.css file. But if i only change a color, the whole style didnt work anymore in my web. i have to upload the original file again and again. Can you help me?

that is what i’m trying to do at first. But, the whole style suddenly didn’t work anymore if i edit the style.

Still cannot resolve my problem, i’d sent you my ftp access. But no respond for that.

Hi Mate, Sorry for late response :( what your email? I will check it quickly to give you solution.

I want to buy this theme, but does it support

sorry sir, this theme does not support this version. I recommend you should update your site to the latest version which many core features released

there is a problem with the remove icon at the checkout !

Hi Mate, Do you mean “remove” icons on cart page? Please provide me the website url, I need to check the problem on your site to give you solution.

Hi, nice theme! I have two problens: I can’t change currency and language. It occurs in your demo version too :(

Can you check for me (I have installed the quickstart version)?

Sorry for my bad english and thx !!

The “Sign Up Newsletter” (on footer) save emails on database or I need pay a external service to save emails ? Because if it save on newsletter of opencart, it seems that dons’t works too.

Hi Mate, I just update theme to themeforest, you can download it, re-install quickstart to resolve the issue. On current pavo themes don’t have newsletter module, we was developped the module, and we will integrate it on next themes. Do you want pay the module for the metro theme?

Can we change font colors in the menu items and drop drown? Because it’s grey and in some pc’s its not visible. So can we change?

Ex: Electronic > then you get Computers, Web Cameras etc.. so i need to change the Web Camera,... font Colors.

Hi Mate, Yes you can change font color as following: - Open the file “catalog/view/theme/pav_metro/stylesheet/stylesheet.css”, then add the code at the end of file content:

” #mainmenu .navbar .navbar-inner ul.nav li .dropdown-menu a { color: #000000; } “

you can change color value ”#000000” to your color.

Thanks bro i will try when i purchase. Thanks again!