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Hi onioneye. I love your designs and considering buying one for my new website. However, I can’t decide between Peak and Omm (both of them combined would be perfect :) I love the masonry of Peak, but the slightly simpler animation of omm (scroll over menu with only colour change not moving to the right). As I have read from previous comments, I know, you could help me with turning animation off, but is it also possible to not turn it off entirely but to simplify it? Thank you very much!

Hi there,

glad you love my work. Thanks for taking my themes into consideration!

Yes, I can help you turn off the animations, as well as simplifying them. However, I am not sure what exactly you mean by that. Can you please clarify further how exactly you imagined the specific animations on either of the two sites?

Thanks. :)



Pre-sales query… is the theme compatible with Revolution Slider – can I put a title and revolution slider on the home page, above the mosaic grid? So home page would be menu on left, then title and revslider in main window, scroll down to the mosaic grid?

Hi there,

I don’t see why the theme wouldn’t be compatible with most sliders on the web; in other words, it should work just fine with the Revolution Slider.

However, putting the slider on the homepage would probably require putting a shortcode directly in the code of the homepage template (template-home.php), or modifying 2-3 lines of code to be able to add custom content at the top of the homepage, if shortcodes are not available in this plugin. Whichever way you choose, it shouldn’t involve more than 5 minutes of code customization.

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)



Hi there,

Pre-buying question. How easy is this theme to use? Is the homepage ready for a portfolio? And how easy is it to use various styles of displaying my portfolio items, like in your demo?

In your demo, every item on the homepage has its title underneath it. Is it possible to remove those? And is there an option to remove the spacing between the items?

To explain my question, I bought a theme yesterday and I couldn’t figure out how to make It work. I even had to restore my database, because the demo-data deleted all my post and files. I just want to know what I can expect from your theme. I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Thanks already.


Davy de Jong

Hi Davy,

thank you for taking an interest in the theme!

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with another theme. I understand totally that you wouldn’t want the same thing happening to you again, so it is just natural that you are more careful this time around.

Let me try to answer your questions:

1) If you follow the instructions given in the theme documentation, it should be very easy to use. If ratings mean anything on ThemeForest, then the fact that 76% out of near 70 total ratings for the theme were five-star, means that plenty of people found it enjoyable to use and were satisfied with the theme overall.

2) Yes, the homepage is ready for the portfolio. Again, by following the documentation, you can have the portfolio on the homepage and some of your items there in a matter of minutes.

3) Some of the layouts are achieved by shortcodes, so if you are comfortable with them, you should have no problems.

4) Yes, the spacing and the titles can be removed with a little custom CSS easily.

5) I never had a case where my demo data deleted someone else’s data, so I don’t see why this would happen.

Good luck with whatever theme you end up choosing for your business!



What’s the response time of this theme?

Hi there,

you can test the site here: https://tools.pingdom.com/

It’s under a second for me ;)



Thank you!

You are very much welcome! :)


ceire Purchased

I was wondering do you still offer support? I paid for it and opened a ticket 5 days ago but no replies.

Hi Neil,

my sincerest apologies. I was on away on a business trip, so the tickets were responded to slower than usual.

The solution I gave you in the ticket should work for you, so please check it out.



I have changed the web address from http to https and all the images (which now have https address) have disappeared, though the link they represent to the page still works. I’ve even tried adding new portfolio items but they don’t show up either. I put in a support request but haven’t heard back in days. I am about to launch this site and need this fixed asap.

This is fixed, so I will be closing this one now.

How do i create galleries like your “Gallery with margins” and “3 Colums”? i keep ending up with the animated mouseover galleries. And i cant find a sollution in the “how to use this theme” document

Responded via the official support forum at https://onioneye.ticksy.com/ :)

Hi, I am considering a purchase but hope for a little pre-advice.

I am about to jump from a template that has a few shortcomings. I need to know if yours will do the following:

1. load a lot of portfolio items on the homepage quickly. 2. Does it use Ajax – as Ajax interferes with Shopify cart integration 3. Will this template let me use Shopify cart integration (product buttons) – via html code on each item page.

Also one of the reviews rated you 3 or 5 stars due to limited image width. Can you please explain what they refer to and whether this is true.


Hi there,

thank you for your interest in the Peak theme!

To answer your questions:

1) The peak theme is very lightweight in size, so it should load your portfolio items very quickly.

The loading times for a site depend on multiple factors though. You need to make sure you’re on a decent, reliable web host, and that your WordPress is running optimally.

Here’s a good article that goes over different ways on how to speed up your WordPress site: https://www.sparringmind.com/speed-up-wordpress/

2) No, the theme does not use AJAX for the portfolio, or regular blog posts and pages, meaning that you should not have any problems with your shopify integration.

3) Your shopify HTML embed code should work just fine.

4) About portfolio thumbnail widths, the theme uses 220 pixels for width and leaves the height flexible to preserve the aspect ratio of the inserted images.

For most of the people, this is more than good enough, but a few will always want additional options, which is understandable given that so many themes nowadays try to put as many options as they can in the theme.

My personal philosophy is all about simplicity and ease of use, so I try not to overwhelm the users by cramming that many options in my themes, and leaving them rather simple, while focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Hope you find this reply satisfactory. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them. :)