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the search bar does it work or you have a product with a working search bar

cool can i get your email so that i give you the details.

Give me your email address we will contact with you. Have a good day..

Thank you nice template. I am using this theme for html site but onclick event not being fired on iPhone/Ipad and android for home page products. Please suggest solution and thank you in advance for your help

I believe you missed something on your theme. That’s for it’s some error. We don’t find any issues on our theme. Yes, I have seen the issue on your site. If you purchase our hourly support we can easily to fixed that

No I have been waiting for your reply over a month. Since then I replaced your css code with static images so they are clickable on ipad/iphone. I don’t mind paying if problem is at my end. Please try your demo site on real lastest ipad/ iphone not on ipad/iphone simulator. You will find feature products aren’t clickable their either. Please find a fix let me know or proof me wrong I will pay you your hourly rate to fix mine no problem. I will appreciate if you reply soon

Hi, I have seen you site again : deandigitalworlddotcom. You used a full image of your project even Product Name, Price, More info etc. We used that separately and have html structural and css classes for that. But you didn’t use none of them. So, how the clickable will be work? How many times i will let you know that I have checked it real iPad/iPhone too didn’t get anything like you said. Even none of other used telling me that. I believe you recheck everything. Best of luck

Thank you for the template, a question if I may, is it possible to have graphical top buttons with mouse over like I have on here please http://www.eloradollhouse.com/

All the best and thank you from alan

Yes, you can add custom css for that. Thanks for the purchased

Does that mean the menu is fully css, then you carry on using bootstrap for the rest of the template…

All the best from Alan

Yes, the menu style is controlling by CSS

Could you please tell me how to make the footer fit into the boxed area.

All the best from Alan

Thank you very much… All the best from Alan

Np You welcome

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Looks nice =);

Thanks You (y)

Font awesome isnt working anymore. Any suggestions?

Hi Apkajanu,

Really sorry for late response. Actually We didn’t found your issues. Seems it’s working in our end and other customer end. Can you please let us specific the issue like which browser with version etc. So that we can must fix it. Looking forward hear your response.


Header div styling is not showing on refresh. <div class="header" />

Reproduce… load a page, scroll until header is not viewable then refresh the page. Once refreshed scroll back up to top.

Any updates on this?

Hi, Sorry for late reply, We have tried to understood what you’re asking. But couldn’t get it well. Normally if you refresh a any webpage on some scrolling position after reloads it will scroll down to that position after page load. But if you want we can customize that for you.


nice theme , please give me other link or website used that theme , I can’t see all operation with demo mod

Thanks for your comments, Well this an eCommerce html template, so if you buy, you can use it on any eCommerce system. See a ref. for u http://vapexcape.org/

Today your template has problems with icon and some of the js, css source ??????? It totally shuts down my site plz fix it asap.

Hello, my name is Anki Bui. I bought the template some months ago and its all good. However, today im getting a problem with CORS or something which totally shuts down my website.

Please contact me asap, My email: anki@xtreemtc.com.au

Okay, please give me your website link.