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Absolutely brilliant work !! Awesome multipurpose theme for all tastes. Kinda like the well known and wonderful Storm theme, but nicely upgraded. Looking forward to buy this soon. Nice job ThemeCatcher. Good luck with the sales !!

Thanks! We tried to make it different whilst keeps all the good stuff that made Storm what it is.

TC :)

nice template and I want to buy it. but one question:

ho much galleries can I put into the portfolio-module? only 1 or more? I.e. “models”, “fashion”, “beauty”, “portrait”, “travel”, “wedding” …?


(sorry for my bad english ;) )



You can have as many galleries as you want. :)

Nice one! Congrats.

Beautiful work – I might advise providing a few colour alternative as the pink scheme might not suit a lot of potential cients and altering the CSS would be lenghty.

That aside – very nice – best of luck with Sales

Thanks, we have made it so that you can change the entire color scheme in only 3 places in the CSS , really easy!

OK – very good! Thanks for the quick reply!

very very nice job…. i like

Wow what an impressive looking template, really loving the layout and design of this, very fresh looking!

Will buy this for sure when I have a use for it!

Good job, thumbs up!

nice theme. suggestion: add some background music and it will be perfect.

Thanks :)

Interesting suggestion… it reminds me of the days of bad flash websites. But maybe it could work.


thank you for the anything slider.. why everyone does not include it escapes me.

This is beautiful work and I am seriously considering it.


I’m glad to here you like it :)

We also think anything slider is great and will be using it again for sure!

Good luck with your decision…


Wow nice theme!

Is it possible to add YouTube and Vimeo full screen videos?


It’s possible if you know how to add the code yourself. The code doesn’t come with the template but this is something we will definitely add to a future version.

Very nice! I would buy it if there was a WordPress Version.

We are working on our WP themes, so Pearl will become a WP theme eventually. We are just not sure exactly how long. Follow us for updates on it…


Amazing creation….. I’d love to buy this but a couple of questions arise:

1. As I am more familiar with WP, wanted to know how steep a learning curve is this?

2. Server requirements?

Thanks and best of luck in sales.


Hi and thanks :)

You will need be able to edit HTML files, change some settings in JavaScript files and possibly some PHP if you want to change the contact form. It should be no problem if you feel comfortable doing these things.

The contact form requires PHP5 .


amazing! good job.

awesome template. good luck!

Pretty cool layout options!

What kind of techniques you used in “Maximise button to show the background only” ?

In the live preview, the button is in the top right.

... but what kind of script did you use to make such effect?

It’s JavaScript…jQuery’s fadeOut().

gr8 work…


i have just purchased the template.

seem to have a problem with the installation of the theme.

i get a error message “Broken themes”

“The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

“Stylesheet is missing”

could you please help me out


Pearl is not a WordPress theme, it is an HTML / CSS template.

Regards, TC