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WTF . I thought this was a wordpress theme. Guh!!! I don’t want it anymore.

:( We will be working on a Wordpress version later this month.


Great Design, thank you

Awesome! Great! Beatifull work!!

Congratulations !!!!


This is great and Im considering buying it. But I have no experience whatsoever with html, making websites etc. So my question is, how difficult will it be to set up a web site with this template for somebody who has never done it before? Thanks


I guess you will need some patients and willing to learn as you go. I think you would manage ok if you follow our help document. As long as you have no plans for drastic changes it should be straight forward.

The good news is we are only an email away if you get really stuck…


Great theme…the differences in the home pages make it almost like 2 templates in one! Good work!

Hi. I can’t make visible the controls of backward, pause and foward in Home Style one. Where I do it? Thanks and your template is great!!


They will automatically appear as you add more than one background.

I will be purchasing your magnificent theme. But will it be easy to get rid of the controls (top-right). I want several images to scroll but not controller…



Yes, you can hide them by adding this to the CSS :

.fs-controls {
 display: none !important;

WOW , that was a fast reply. Thank you so much! I just purchased the theme. It’s wonderful!! Thanks again! Steve

Great theme. I am almost decided on buying it however I have a few questions: 1.) Does the ‘shadowbox’ work with videos as well? 2.) How does the blog work? Is it manually or do you need to use a third party cms?



1. The colorbox, prettyphoto and fancybox support video.

2. You can use the blog manually or integrate it into a CMS , it’s supplied as a template and it’s up to you what to do with it.

Cool! Thanks. I bought the template. Really looking forward to using it.


Great theme, one of the best photography template that I ever saw.

Any expectations to a WP version?


Thanks very much :)

We will definitely release a WP version at some point in the future.

I want to buy but I’m not sure my pics are big enough for the full screen option. What size are the images you’ve used?

They are around 1600×1050 px

Thanks! I just purchased it anyway. It’s good to know that if I have any questions, I can get a response from you.

Hi, very beautyful theme! We have in mind a wordpress version of this? Thanks

We will definitely release a WP version of this theme in the future. Follow us via the social links in the item details and we’ll keep you updated :)

Hello! I purchased your beautiful theme but i have any problem with contact form.

I read your documentation for help me but this form does not submit. I disable JavaScript in my browser (firefox) and submit the form. Here is error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /homepages/26/d301322290/htdocs/contact-form/classes/iPhorm.php on line 10

Can you help me please? I’m french and I’m sorry for my bad english.

Thanks !

This means that the server is running PHP4 but the form requires PHP5 +

Thanks a lot for your help! Great job!

your template fits my project and i will buy it today. but i am an developer i hope i dont face with so many problems.if i do , do u help online or do i have to post my problems?

two problems i will face on contact form and turkish chracters :) at the begining. if i want u to fix css for visual studio , will help me ?

The best way to get help is to contact us through our profile page by clicking on my name, then filling out the contact form. After you have contacted us through there, we can help you via email.

The contact form and web pages support UTF -8 encoding which may include Turkish support (not sure). Also not sure what’s involved with fixing CSS for visual studio, but if you let us know what the problem is we will help you fix it.

Still not a WP theme I guess? I am having problems installing the theme on my WP account…I know, I am a bit of a….

Pearl is not a WP theme, it’s an HTML / CSS template.

that was not very obvious… I have a template I cannot work with :-(

Ok, i just purchased a “Atlas” template. How can I remove the content in the index page?

If you are asking about how to do that in Pearl, you can delete the div with class “left-col-wrap-outer”.

not in pearl, ik bought an atlas template due to the fact Pearle was not a WP template. At the front page is the text “stunning photography Wordpress etc…..”and the Atlas logo. I’d like to remove that


You’d need to contact the author of the Atlas theme for help with that.


Is it possible to let close the accordion when a page is opened.

The first tab is always open and I would like it to be closed.

Thank you for your help!


On lines 90-93 of js/scripts.js, change the code to:
// Accordion
    autoHeight: false,
    collapsible: true,
    active: false

I purchased this last week. Beautiful template. Documentation is detailed and easy to follow. First class job.