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Is there a darker version that comes with the template, or is that something I’m going to have to do myself?

Thank You!


There is no darker version with this template, however we do have a dark full screen template for sale here.


I would like on some pages the background is fixed. I have pages with lots of text and I want just an image “placeholder.” Is this possible?

thank you

What you could do is have a single background image for that particular page, see the documentation section “Different backgrounds per page” on how to set this up.

Thanks a lot!

very nice! can you add a jquery music player in this template like:

i pay you for this job tell me if it’s possible.



It’s possible, to get a quote please contact us through our profile page.

I have purchased this template and I should say it’s very well done. But I have had some frustrating issues. First of all I bought this theme solely to implement the full screen background slideshow support to a website I have designed, I know there are many free examples, scripts etc. out there but I wanted to have a solid, working example. I have implemented the js, html and the css. The slideshow works but the fade-in transitions do not, images change abruptly and I cannot seem to grasp why. I have overridden the background options in the scripts.js file, still no luck. If you could help me it would be much appreciated.

Could you post a link to the site?

is there a way to make a client password protected link? I would love to do client web proofing gallery, I’m not sure how to do that so it will look like the rest of the site theme. thanks!

You could do that with .htaccess files, there are lots of tutorials on the web on how to password protect pages or folders.

Dear ThemeCatcher-Team,

I am thinking of using this beautiful theme for my guitar shop and sell some guitars online. Is there any easy method to use this theme as a onlineshop and how good is it in terms of SEO ?

Best regards, Theo.


You’d need to integrate the template into an e-commerce system to sell goods online. It’s a blank canvas in SEO terms.

Regards, TC

Hi there,

You mentioned that the colorbox, prettyphoto and fancybox support video however whenever i put a video in the href tag i get “Request unsuccessful: error”

Currently I am using

<a href="" class="portfolio-thumb-link" rel="portfolio">test link</a>

Any ideas?

I have tried everything i can find online… the best i get is the youtube video opening full screen not in color box? Any ideas

In the prettyphoto gallery, replace the link to the large image with the link to the youtube video page (not the embed link) and it will work automatically.

Never mind…

I added

<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(".colorboxvideo").colorbox({iframe:true, innerWidth:725, innerHeight:475}); }); </script> above the head and it made it all better lol

Man ThemeCatcher

your documentation was amazing… I have never worked with some of this script type before but was able to get it working great… I am thrilled with the results.

I only have one more question for you. I got the videos playing great in the site but I see another problem now that i am not sure how to get around. The videos lag terribly every time the background transitions. If i pause the transitions the videos play perfectly and they pick back up right after the transition but during it the video is very choppy.

My question is, is there a way to fix this so the video is not affected or is it possible to stop the background transitions when the colorbox is up. or just stop them whenever the link is clicked on?

thanks again


I’ve modified the code in js/colorbox.js to pause on open and resume on close (unless the user has already paused it).
jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
    $('.colorbox-portfolio a.portfolio-thumb-link').colorbox({
        current: "Image {current} of {total}",
        onOpen: function () {
            if ($('.storm-pause').length) {
                $.cookie('stormResume', 'yes');
        onClosed: function () {
            if ($.cookie('stormResume') === 'yes' && $('.storm-play').length) {
                $.cookie('stormResume', null);

I’m going to email you directly… Thanks Again you have been amazing

Hi TC,

before I buy this theme, I want to know if it’s possible to change the gallery speed in full screen view. Now it takes up about 6/7 seconds before it goes to the next photo. Is there an option to speed that up?

And another question: my project holds about 250 photos, so that makes 500 pictures total (including thumbs), can Pearl handle that kind amount of pictures?

And last but not least: Is it possible to give the fullscreen gallery a download function, where users can download that particular photo?

Greets (and thanks in advance), RS


Yes you can change the speed of the gallery.

It has not been tested with that many, but I think it would work fine. If you wanted the thumbs to be paginated though, you’d need the create the other pages manually since this is an HTML template.

It’s possible with JavaScript customisation, let us know if you want a quote for this or I can give you advice if you want to try this yourself.

Regards, ThemeCatcher

Hi there ThemeCatcher,

Again I want to say this is the greatest template ever, I do have another question or two for you if you don’t mind.

I’m ssing your Accordion as you can see at near the bottom

Question 1: Is it possible to make a box that does not open when clicked that i could use as a Header?

Question 2: Is it possible to nest the accordion so i can have a category that opens up additional options to view?

My Goal is to make an Accordion like this

Header (Doesn’t Do anything when clicked on)
Category 1 – (Opens the following items)
+Item 1 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 2 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 3 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 4 – (Opens up details when clicked)
Category 2 – (Opens the following items)
+Item 1 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 2 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 3 – (Opens up details when clicked)
Category 3 – (Opens the following items)
+Item 1 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 2 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 3 – (Opens up details when clicked)
+Item 4 – (Opens up details when clicked)

Is that something that can be done?


1. Yes, you can use another tag such as <h2></h2> and copy the CSS styles from the accordion box or just use CSS to style it they way you would like…

2. It’s probably possible, you could try to copy the HTML for the existing accordian including the wrapper div and paste it into one of the accordian content areas but change the id attribute to something unique. Then in js/scripts.js copy the code for the existing accordion on lines 46-48 but change #accordion to #your_unique_id. Please check the official site and documentation for more info

Pearl (with internal mods) running as a performance automobile classifieds:

Hi there,

annoyingly obvious question I’m sure (as I seem to recall the answer written somewhere but now I need it I can’t for the life of me find it!)....

With the slideshow background I need a particular image to be the first one that comes out, but it just doesn’t seem to do it! I’ve tried all manner of trickery… but it’s outsmarting me everytime!!

Sometimes it comes up first, and just when I think it’s doing it consistently it opens a completely different image instead.

It seems to be (but isn’t necessarily always) the first time someone goes to the site that it’s loading the 2nd image first – so maybe it’s a loading time issue?

Any suggestions would save my bacon!!

Thanks (and sorry again)!


See the background script options in the help and set

save: false
The last shown background is saved across the pages unless this is set to false.

I would also love for the base line links for ‘follow me’ on Twitter and ‘like’ on Facebook to open in different pages (not the same one).

Any advice… much appreciated!


You can set the left CSS style of each box to be slightly higher for each box. E.g.

#twitter-pop-out { left: 50px; }
and so on.

I should probably have mentioned I’m a complete idiot when it comes to computers – I’m not sure where or how to put the save: false bit, and I’m not sure about your instructions re: the twitter box.

To me that seems like it would just move the box itself – whereas I’m trying to get it to open in another tab or browser window.

Sorry I didn’t explain my challenge very well :(

Could you possibly explain like you’re talking to a total idiot… cause that’s what I am when it comes to computers. Sorry!

If you see the section in the documentation “Background script options”, it explains how you can add options.

I misunderstood your footer question. At the <a /> tag of the footer link you want to change, remove the class and id attributes, then change the href to have the address of the other page. To open in a new tab, add a new attribute in the same place:

onclick="; return false;"

FYI – for people who want to organize their pages into subdirectories, you have to include the backgrounds script in the head of each page as discussed in the documentation section “Different backgrounds per page”. That way you can set the proper path to the background images. If there is a different way to get around this, please let me know.

oh, no. i thought this was a wordpress theme. i see you mentioned you were working on one. is it available somewhere yet?

It’s not on sale yet, but it should be at around Feb next year.

Hi, on question, can the menu be turn off

Yes, to hide the menu you can just add this code to the css/styles.css file:
#header-outer { display: none; }

Hi I’d like to know if it is possible to have social media integration and can you have the to banner centered horizontally across the page ?

Hi, there is social elements in the footer for Facebook and a Twitter feed. There is also a section for social icons in the footer and in the sidebar on a two column page.

I’m sorry I don’t understand your second question about the “banner”, which banner? Please could you explain more. Thanks.

Something in your .js is rewriting my meta description. I will send you a separate email with a link to my website. Please advise. Thanks!