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I have purchased this template a while ago and I finally finished my page on Dreamweaver yesterday. The documentation and directions were really great, even though I am not capable of adjusting codes, with the directions I was able to modify.

After transferring my page with FTP I had couple of problems that I couldn’t solve with the directions given. Could you please guide me on these items?

1. Contact sheet and registration is not working even though I changed it to my e-mail address according to the info. - In contact sheet, I can fill the sheet but I can’t submit and the box keeps saying “light”. -In registration, I can fill and submit and even successful message slides but I don’t receive any mail. (do I need to purchase iphorm? Or do I need to do something with my e-mail account?)

2. The bar at the bottom (copyright, twitter etc.) is fine on regular computer and when I hold my mobile phone vertical but when I hold my phone horizontal the bar stays over the images and doesn’t go down to the very bottom.

3. Maybe not important but I transferred almost every document in the template through ftp but I would prefer deleting the ones my page doesn’t use. However I couldn’t find an easy way to distinguish them. Is there a simple search way for it?

Thank you..

1: Someone will get back to you on this.

2: It’s due to the way smart phones render the page for better scrolling / zooming. If you like you can change the #footer to absolute positioning instead of fixed. It will mean the footer is always at the bottom (slightly different effect) but 99% sure it will render OK in phones. This was a common problem with phones however up-to-date phone browsers work fine as far as I know.

3: There is not any way to do it that automatically I know of. Perhaps write up a site map of your website for your reference.


1. In the form documentation, there is a Troubleshooting section. Did you try the suggestions in there?

Boughy the theme and am customising it now. Very easy to work with, well written and documented.

One question. Is it possible to insert images in a large blog entry and have the text flow around them?

Yes, you can see an example of an image with text around it at the top of this page.

You can simply add the class img-left or img-right. Like this example:

<img alt="eg" src="images/placeholder-132.png" class="img-left checked-border" />


Thanks for the very quick reply. Perhaps you can help me with another problem.

I’m trying to break out the header, footer and blog sidebar into separate files to include in the rest of the site using SSI

I’ve saved the html into 3 files – header.ssi. footer.ssi and blog_bar.ssi and I’m trying to include them using <!- #include virtual=”header.ssi” -> etc. etc.

It just doesn’t work.

SSI is working on my site and I’ve tested it with some simple files, but it doesn’t work for this theme. (I’m saving the calling files with the extension .shtml)


There is no reason I can think of that this could be caused by the theme, they are only HTML files after all. Have you changed the index file to index.shtml? Have you tested it with an empty page in the same directory as the theme pages, with the file containing only your SSI code? If that doesn’t work there must be something wrong with your server configuration.

Regards, TC

Yes, there was something wrong with my setup – but it’s fixed now. Theme works really well and is much easier to maintain with the header, footer and Blog sidebar in separate include files.

I’m considering to purchase this theme for a client, but I’m going to have to make some customizations. Specifically, he’d like to add richtext for photos in the gallery section.

May I ask how the photo galleries are implemented in the backend? Is each of them in its own post? How would I add the ability to have richtext under each relevant image?


This is not a WordPress theme. You would need to add in the text by editing the HTML .

Regards, TC

HI, I have purchased your template and I am very satisfied with it. The only that me disturb are the controls for the slideshow-background. I don’t need them. Its enough, if the user can switch the bg’s with the arrow-keys. I want to use the place of the contols for a searchbar. But I dispair on the attempt to try remove the controls :crying:. I have try to remove things out of the files “scripts.js” &”plugins.js” but i get many error-messages. Could you maybe help me, to realise that? Thank you very much.

In js/plugins.js find this line and delete it or comment it out:


Hi I would like to know if you have some code to display the description of the image in fullscreen viewing gallery, thanks.

When the image is clicked/ open it is not possible to show a description at the moment. Bellow is the how to add a small description to an image thumbnail on the gallery.

Add a p tag with your description inside the liwhich wraps the image give it this class portfolio-hover-discription. Like this:

<p class="portfolio-hover-discription">This is a description</p>
Now add this CSS into your styles:
p.portfolio-hover-discription {
position: absolute; 
bottom: 0; 
width: 200px; 
background: url(../images/opacity-70-rep.png) repeat; 
margin: 1px; 
padding: 10px; 
font-weight: bold;

Adjust the width depending on the column width.

I really like the theme and i think am gonna buy it.. but i want to make sure before if i can replace the slider full background with google map?


Hi TC :D i purchased your template and i’m lovin it :D i got little problem with the navigation. when you go on our demopage to Portfolio -> Fullscreen you can’t click Fullscreen because there is no link inside

<li><span>Full screen</span><ul /></li>

but i need it clickable with subcats.

here is my code:

<li class="galerie on"><a href="/galerie"><span>Galerie</span></a> <ul> <li> <span>Animals</span> <!-- Normal - NO CLICK --> <ul> <li><a href="/galerie/animals/animals-sub">Animals Sub</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> </li>

I changed the line ”<!- Normal – NO CLICK ->” with this code

<a href="/galerie/animals"><span>Animals</span></a> <!-- with LINK -->


<span><a href="/galerie/animals">Animals</a></span> <!-- with LINK -->

in both versions i get an silly result.. is there a way to do this? i tried it for 4 hours with changing and editing the css :(

hope you understand my question

regards bernte

Remove the span from inside or outside the link, just have it like this:

<a href="/galerie/animals">Animals</a> <!-- with LINK -->
Regards, TC

hi tc! thanks for your fast response!

the code works… but not correctly.. is saw that yesterday when i add

<a href="/galerie/animals">Animals</a>

the sml-right-arrow.png isnt there anymore

#horz-nav-ul ul li span, #horz-nav-ul ul li a ul span {
    background-image: url(../img/ sml-right-arrow.png);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: 156px 8px;    

instead i activate the reg-plus.png when i hover the navi

ul#horz-nav-ul li a span.sf-sub-indicator {
    background-image: url(../img/reg-plus.png);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    display: inline-block;
    height: 8px;
    width: 8px;
    background-position: right bottom;
    padding: 0;
    position: absolute;
    top: 55px;
    right: 13px;

could you check this on your pc?

regards bernte

OK, Here is what to do:

1: In the HTML ; remove the span and add just a link but give it a class called “clickable-sub”. Like this:

<a class="clickable-sub" href="#"> Full screen </a>

2: Make the following change in the CSS ; Locate the classes bellow and add #horz-nav-ul ul li a.clickable-sub:hover to it. (it has image called: sub-a-hover-warrow.png) Like this:

#horz-nav-ul ul li a:hover, #horz-nav-ul ul li a ul a:hover,
#horz-nav-ul ul li span:hover, #horz-nav-ul ul li a ul span:hover, 
#horz-nav-ul ul li a.clickable-sub:hover { .... }
3: Just like above locate these classes and add the new selector #horz-nav-ul ul li a.clickable-sub. (it has image called: sml-right-arrow.png)
#horz-nav-ul ul li span, #horz-nav-ul ul li a ul span, #horz-nav-ul ul li a.clickable-sub { ... }
4: Add this new class into the CSS file:
#horz-nav-ul ul li a.clickable-sub .sf-sub-indicator {display: none;}

That should do the trick. TC

i love you TC :D works fine! thank you very much :D sorry for late response.. was on vacation :D

i found a small bug.. if you have more than 17 links in the navi the background-image respectively the background-color doesnt repeat..

regards bernte

I hope you enjoyed your vacation :)

The problem is that the image images/sub-nav-bg.png is not long enough for this many nav items. I have uploaded a larger version of this image to here, just replace the one you have with this.

Regards, TC

you rock! ;)

I have not purchased my own license for this theme, however I have been working with someone who has purchased it, and I mod some functions that I thought might be beneficial to the theme to call all options on the options-general.html

it is coded in php, which I used as an include. if you want to see what I have created, you can drop me a line by email, and I can send you a copy and you can, if you wish, include it for other who are interested in a quick and easy way to add buttons or tabs.. even breadcrumbs.. If not that is cool too :) I will be purchasing this theme, as it is amazing layout and design for professional photographers.

Hi ThemeCatcher!

Really loving this design. Almost ready to purchase, but need to know if the background controller in the header can be used instead for a music player without being too complicated or messing with the rest of the page?

Great to see your prompt and thorough responses to other purchasers in this forum…that’s really encouraging!

Kudos! :O)

You would need to hide the current controls and create your own HTML for music controls, you can copy the CSS from the existing BG controls though. You would then need to install a music player script, and set up the buttons to actually work.

Regards, TC


considering to purchase the item but one question.. Is it possible to add search page to this template?

There is no code included for a search results page.

Regards, TC

auto anything slider dont work ?

backText: “«”, enablePlay: !0, autoPlay: !0, autoPlayLocked: !1, startStopped: !1, pauseOnHover: !0, resumeOnVideoEnd: !0, stopAtEnd: !1, playRtl: !1,

Can you post from the account that purchased the item?

sorry autoplay: true, resizeContents: false, delay: 3000, startStopped: false,

i like this…. thanks…

Hi, just wondering for images I seen it was recommended 1600×1050, but i have a ton of images different sizes, some are 1200×1600, ive tried resizing, but I am having a hard time to get them working with the background slideshow, any suggestions to improve the outcome?

With portrait images resize to 1050 height. Then place this new image into a 1600×1050 image in the center with space at either side.

Regards, TC

alot of work, but it is working alot better, I have one more question, when using the full screen slideshow, I was trying to implement a music player to play when it is in fullscreen, however soon as the full screen button is pressed the music autostops, any suggestions?

Not sure, the music player stops when it’s hidden? You could try putting it outside of the class=”outside” div and always shown?

Regards, TC

Bought your theme… good stuff.

Can you tell me what the easiest way to integrate Google Analytics would be?

Get your analytics code from Google and copy it in to the source of the page. Follow the instructions from Google which are:

Copy the following code, then paste it onto every page that you want to track immediately before the closing </head> tag.
Regards, TC


First of all i would like to say that your template is very great! Congratulation for the successful work!

May you help with a little problem:

When i change the “background/placeholder.jpg” in “scripts.js” with my own jpg’s it will run perfect in Firefox. But in the Internet Explorer it just views a grey background with a moving (waiting) symbol in the header right beside the Navigation.

Thx for your help!

Regards, Alex

I checked it, but there is all ok. (Like in your documentaion) When i’m testing your pearl demo site here in themeforest all will be fine in the Internet Explorer, but if I change it , there’s the problem with the moving symbol and the grey background. Here is the Code from the script:

;(function($, window) { /* Settings */

// List of background images to use, the default image will be the first one in the list
var backgrounds = [

May you check wich problem it could be else? In Firefox there is no problem. Thx again!

Regads Alex

Could you send a link to a page where this happens?

Regards, TC

I have found the problem. Now it works great! Thanks again for the great template and your fast reply!

Regards, Alex