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Nice job! Can the fullwidth homepage slider have a fade attribute?


sure, like in ‘home page style 3’ under about us menu?

Yes – but with a full width image displayed…

sure, it need a little change

Nice job! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks! I’ll need!

Maybe on next template :D

I bet if you put a sleeker logo it will well better, the current one is kind of distracting, and most buyers go off their first notion, and the logo doesn’t match the template design/style IMO .

Good luck with sales.

thanks for suggestion, I have made some changes …

jQuery cycle plugin on the single portfolio page does not seem to work in IE.

can you tell me what version of internet explorer you are using?


Can the slider at the top have a movie file or swf linked to it?

the image slide script doesn’t support movies or swf files…

Also, is there a way to add more slides to the slider?

Sure, please wait till the new documentation will be approved or send me and email from themeforest contact form and I will send the new documentation. because there I’ve explained how to add more slides

thanks !

New question. I want to add some new fields to the contact form. What all has to be done to make this work? Pretty much I have everything formatted and setup correctly, but when I test the form, it comes though with all the titles, but the new fields I added are blank. I’m getting the titles to show for the new fields, just not the information. Please explain how to fix.

BTW , the theme is awesome and you’ve done a great job building it.

thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

Never-mind with the Contact Form. I figured it all out. Didn’t completely change everything that needed changing.

Would it be possible to add a movie or swf INSTEAD of the slideshow on the front page?


You can put a movie or swf INSTEAD of the slideshow, without problems …


can you explain me how i handle

the li class in portfolio? which documents i need?



Check style list… You can use this styles for your lists

#list_style { float:left; width:250px; }
.default_list { margin:0 30px; }
.default_list li { list-style:decimal; }
.arrow_list li { background:url("../images/arrow.gif") no-repeat left top; padding:0px 4px 0 26px; }
.wrong_list li { background:url("../images/wrong.gif") no-repeat left; padding:0px 4px 0 26px; }
.avatar_list li { background:url("../images/avatar.gif") no-repeat left; padding:0px 4px 0 26px; }
.check_list li { background:url("../images/check.gif") no-repeat left; padding:0px 4px 0 26px; }
.add_list li { background:url("../images/add.gif") no-repeat left; padding:0px 4px 0 26px; }

Hi, Thank you for this lovely template. I just have one question. Is it possible to add a description under each of the images in the portfolio gallery (portfolio.html)? Thanking you in anticipation.

Something very special!