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I was looking for the Sample Data file. Everything was nicely uploaded, but it is much easier to work off the template content. Bummer about the pics, but great job!

Thanks for the feedback :)

Do you know where I can Find the sampledata file? I just registered for your forum and waiting to be confirmed, so sorry i’m not mentioning my request there.

Any assistance would be great!



Hi John,

What’s your login name in the forum? I don’t see your name.




I would like question about the possibility of website design and programming for children in Arabic language. Please note that we do we will arrange translation from English to Arabic to help clarify what we need.

Thanks, ibrahim.

Hi Ibrahim,

Could you give me your email address? I’ll contact you via email.


yes my email : saudi@hotmail.cl

Thank you.

Javascript Error:

Please correct!!!! THanks!

Error: $container.isotope is not a function Source File: /wp-content/themes/peekaboo/js/p2.js?ver=3.2.1 Line: 112

Please send me the URL of your site. It’s impossible for me to troubleshoot without looking at the site.


Population -

I’m still waiting for you to confirm my registration for your site. I need to find out how and where to install the content file so that I can at least have the samplefile.

Any expedited help would be greatly appreciated.

Good Morning,

I am not sure which email address you sent it too, because when I went to your site to login it said no account is known for email “jabrownjr@hotmail.com”.

Can you please send the file to jabrownjr@hotmail.com?

Also, please supply the directory information to place the sample file, so it populates :)

Much thanks!!

I logged into the site. Therefore, I will look for your responses there from now on. Much thanks



I sent you a message in the forum.

Hello thanks for this great template. But I have got a problem with homepage columns. I changed the page querys like “p=57”. The entry coming but it is too long. How can I delimitation the entry’s length like demo. Thanks for you help best regards.

You can limit the entry by adding manual excerpt. You’ll need to install this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/page-excerpt-plugin/ to enable excerpt in Pages.


I’m looking to stretch the slider to the full 960px wide, I have removed the quick menu list to the right of the slider and modified Nivo slider custom style in layout.css but it seems the system is re-sizing my slider images automatically – is there a way to stop this happening or amending the code to resize the slider images to the desired size?


You can adjust the size in functions.php line 192. Find the //Home page slide image. Please note that you won’t see the changes immediately. You have to upload a new image to see the effect.


Great theme, thanks! There is one thing I’d like to modify, and that is the Cufon part. What is the best way to disable this? I looked for a simple way to do this, but I could find this that quick in the themeoptions.



I believe the best way is to remove the Cufon code entirely. Please read this post.

Population2 – hey i have a similar issue on Home slider images: Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in admin/common-functions.php on line 189

Is this a database fix i need to do? thanks!

I still don’t know what the real problem is. I was trying to trouble shoot this but unable to replicate the issue both on local host and live site. Could you tell me how to recreate this issue? Were you installing on a new WordPress install or switching from other theme?


yeah new wordpress: WordPress 3.2.1 basically if you set the photo path in the Slide section – nothing loads on home page – if you “view page” of the slide itself it shows the error.

I added this to slide-home.php: $image = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘image’, true) ;


<?php $image = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘image’, true) ; $caption = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘pkb_image_caption’, true) ; $url = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘pkb_image_url’, true) ; if ($url != ”” ) { ?> <?php echo $caption; ?> <?php } else { ?> <? } ?> <?php endwhile; endif; // loop end?>

It’s weird. Mine is 3.2.1.

FYI , I found this post. I think the issue is in common-functions.php on line 189.

Anyway, I’m happy that your solution worked.


Hi There,

I have been working with your theme offline and everything works fine. Once uploaded, all the Javascript breaks, the Background won’t load, cufon doesn’t work etc etc.

Am I missing anything?

(http://cyclingbc.net/learntorace – at this point I disabled the background JS but the cufon is still broken.)

I think there’s some code that repeated twice. When I saw your site on Firebug, it couldn’t find these files: p2.js, jquery.colorbox, jquery.twitter. Those files may not get uploaded properly. Make sure those files exists.


Great Wordpress theme! However I have 2 questions after installing it:

1. Is it possible to create customized sidebar for dedicated pages

2. Every time I add a page the sidebar is on the left by default, how can I move it to the right as in the demo version

thank you in advance for your help :)


1. It’s possible but it’s not an easy task. How proficient are you with PHP ? I may be able to walk you through.

If you dont’ want to edit the theme, try this plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-sidebars/

2. I think this is because there is no content on the page, so the sidebar is on the left.

Hope it helps. Thanks.

Thank you for the quick reply, all good now ;)

New issue I have is to display Google Maps in the contact page, when I go to add a page/template contact page I still dont have custom fields available.

-> How can I make it appear?

Open your Screen Options on the top right of the page. Make sure Custom Fields is checked.


Hello! Great theme!

How can I get the ability to add more than 6 images in a slideshow?



Since this is not an easy task, please post your request here.

I’ll help you with that.

Its weird I have this theme installed on two sites of mine, yet on one I continue to get the image preloader (circling graphic thing) on every post/page/url I load up.

Any ideas?

It might be because it has the older version of the theme on one site.

Try to download the latest version, if that doesn’t work please post your issue here and send me your login info. I’ll see what I can do.


Hi there, I love your theme and would like to purchase this for our site, just one question, does the Peekaboo WP theme support iPad, iphone etc..? I had a test run on the iPad and it does not scroll down to view entire site. Is there a workaround to this as this is rather an important issue for us. Thanks again.

Currently it doesn’t support iphone/ipad. However there’s a workaround this: http://support.population-2.com/discussion/73/sticky-background-on-iphone

I’m planning to address this issue in the next couple days.


Hello. Love the theme and have customized quite a bit. One thing (which should be easy) is to change the color of the drop-down menu.

Currently it is grey with white lettering which is hard to read…. where in the CSS can I change the bg and rollover color of the main navigation drop-down menu?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!



You can change the CSS in css/layout.css line 145 and line 159.


this is the error i am receiving:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description Peekaboo_v1.0 Stylesheet is missing.

I have tried installing twice. Please help- Many thanks— mm

Hi Robin,

Please make sure that you upload the theme folder only. Do not upload the zip folder you downloaded from ThemeForest. You’ll need to extract it first and install the theme folder.

Let me know if this still doesn’t work.


Hi There,

Great looking theme! Can you please tell me where I can find information on the index to change the icons of the secondary menu like it shows on the Timber Lane Lodge website you are showcasing? Also I registered for the forum yesterday and am awaiting approval.

Thank you,


Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for purchasing this theme! You can change the icons logo in css/layout.css line 218-219. I have sent you the invitation.



Hi, That is very nice theme. I have purchased it. I have also tried to register your forum, and I am waiting for activation. I really appreciate if you can send me the sample data. I really need that. Thank you

I sent you a message.