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Hi, yes, that is very nice theme! I have a question. Is it possible that the background does not refresh with every click on the menu or other item? Thank you,


Yep, it’s stable because they didn’t use the “Autoamtic Resizing” background. If you compare it with my site, and resize the browser window you’ll see the difference.

If you want to make it like that, post your login info at my forum. I’ll help you with that.

OK, but all time is permission denied. Please send me instructions on private e-mail. Thank you a lot.


Try this:

1. On layout.css, line 35 . Remove overflow from body, so it should be like this: body { color: #444; font: 14px/1.5 “Helvetica Neue”, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif ; } layout.css, line 165. Remove overflow from #content-wrapper, so it should be like this:

content-wrapper {

width:100%; height:100%; position:absolute; top:0; z-index:4; } /Area to place content normally/

2. Open admin/common-functions.php, line 566 Edit the background style according to your background image. E.g. add background color; repeat-y, no-repeat. So basically it will show the background image you uploaded in the Theme Options.

3. Make sure to disable the Full Screen background in the Theme Options.

Hello, great theme here!

Although I am looking to setup my gallery similar to ‘Gallery 3’ on the demo site. Small thumbs w/o description title.

You help is appreciated. Thanks!


You have to use the Gallery Template 3 for that.

Send me your login info at my support forum if you still having difficulty with this.

I have this theme installed on 3 of my sites. Something very strange about this theme is that you cannot view the whole site on the iPad.

It stops scrolling midway through the page.

Yes, I’m aware of that. I’m still working for the fix.

In the meantime please see temporary fix here.

Compatible with the newest version of Wordpress (3.2)?

Yes, it’s compatible.

Hi, why in Home Page in 3 Column query on Page content tag MORE does not work? I don’t have control at the length of the text and where the button Learn More will be placed.

Thank you a lot for answer.


Hi Albert,

Please see this post.

Hi Population 2

Thanks for the cool theme. I need to remover the footer links which link back to themeforest. My client has requested no footed advertising do to the nature of there work (Childrens’ therapy). Can you tel me how I can do this please.


You only need to add the new Footer text in the Theme Options. It will replace the default ( Themeforest ) link.


thank you for you help Population2

Hi, I pmed you in your forum to get sample data file, but I guess you have not seen my pm. Could you please pm me? I have same user name. Thanks


Please download the data file here: http://bit.ly/rqzNOQ.


I need to change the color of the top nav bar menu to a color that is not within one of the 5 preset color schemes. However the files I need to do this seem to be “nav-bg-ctr-1.png”, “nav-bg-left-1.png” and “nav-bg-left-1.png” – which are not included with the PSD files. Am I totally missing the right way to create these images from one of the included PSD files? (Sometimes I miss the obvious.) I’m not very good at creating rounded edges, especially with shadows, so I was hoping to modify these somehow. But the main thing is that I need to get this finished and can’t keep waiting. Our site is technically live already and the colors are very mismatched.

I am also trying to figure out how I can shorten the length of the outputted text from a blog post on the front page. I tried adding the “MORE” tag within the post, but it did not seem to do anything. See below for what I’m talking about. Thanks!!! http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/1827/mathcompscrgrb.jpg


Please download the nav bg PSD here.

Regarding the text length, please read this post.

Can’t find my earlier post so sorry if this a repeat question. I want to purchase. Really like your design. But need to know if there is the option for a full slider instead of the slider and quickmenu sidebar?


Hi eswyt,

Unfortunately there is not option for a full sidebar. But I have seen some buyer successfully modified it to a full slider.

Let me know if you have any questions.



I looking for a solution to my background situation. I have left a thread on it, http://support.population-2.com/discussion/133/question-on-the-background

Thanks James


I have answered your questions in the forum.



I have a problem with the home page query.

When I leave the query fields blank the site works correctly pulling in the last 3 posts. If I insert a url into the query field it pulls in that post but also every other post on the site so I end up with a massive home page.

Any ideas?

Make sure you insert the page/post ID instead of the URL . Use p=X for Post, and page_id=X for Page. X is the page/post ID.

Please send me your login info if it doesn’t work.


Thanks for your help, it worked great.

Thanks for your help, it worked great.

Great Theme! Soooo easy to setup and informative video instructions throughout!

(Just sent you an email also)



I have replied your email. :)

I asked this some time ago, but got side tracked on other work, and the comments only go back 1 month.

I’ve got 2 page link and a post link in the 3 column queries on the homepage:


The link to the Latest News, which is the post doesn’t work ?

Not sure if its related to permalinks, but the ‘Find out more>>’ button links to /archives not sure how to get this working ?

thanks in advance.


Please see this post.

Hello, i am encountering two strange issues:

1- Firebug keeps showing errors:

$container.isotope is not a function [Break On This Error] itemSelector : ’.module’

2- for some reason i cannot upload images using firefox – it pulls up the dialogue box but there is not content – so have to switch to safari (tried on multiple machines and firefox versions)

any thoughts? thanks!


Could you share me your URL ? I’ll see what I can do.

I’m not sure what caused the issue. I’m able to upload images using Firefox.


Sorry to be a pain but this is very urgent, as the website is currently live and getting visitors.

My host has moved over the SMTP for emails. I have installed the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin and tested it this works fine.

How do I get your contact form top work with this ? is it a case of making changes to the page-contact.php ? Sorry If I’m being stupid but I can’t see where I need to edit.

Everything else is great by the way, honestly one of THE best themes I have used.



Hi Ashley,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your questions. I don’t know what changes you want to make.

I don’t know much about WP-Mail-SMTP plugin.

Could you please explain it again more detail? Perhaps I’m the one who being stupid.



I’ve had to use Contact form 7 in the end. The question was about the contact form you have used for the theme, i.e. the ‘contact’ page template. I tried using it but it didn’t work, looked fine but wouldn’t send.

I was wondering how you add in your SMTP details, or should this make any difference at all. Bascially how do you get the contact form you have included in the theme to send to me ?

Hi Edwin

The contact form thing is fine, as mentioned I have got is working using contact form 7.

One last question, the website looks great in Firefox, but in IE the curved corners of the main website layout don’t work ? So around the footer and main content areas.

Related to .round_8 and so on, maybe.

Is it just the case this works in some browsers and not others?

I appreciate any help in advance.


Hi Ash,

I didn’t add the SMTP details, I used the php mail() function. You could change the SMTP details in php.ini file. I think Contact Form 7 would be the best solution if you would like to customize the contact form.

As for the rounded corners, currently IE8 doesn’t support CSS3 border radius. That’s why the rounded corners won’t work in IE8 and previous IE.


Hey Population2,

Love the theme!! I was just looking through the PSD files but didn’t see all the background included. Is it possible to make some of the others available for download?

In particular, looking for this one: http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/409980-pekaboo-for-wordpress-children-theme-template?index=3

If not, no worries…


Kindly, Kyle

Hey Kyle,

You can find that particular background in index.psd.



Hi, Theme does not support some of the characters. “?,?,?,ü,ö” and so on. like. How do I know these characters identifiable?

Hello again,

Does not support Turkish characters in the menus and text titles. How can I get it? Thank you.


Please check this post.