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How could I adjust the scrollposition for the slides, eg 100px from top? I edited the $(’.slide’).waypoint({ offset: ‘50%’ }); But whatever value I put there it doesn’t change. I want to alter it, because I made the header a bit higher and I decreased the white space between the slides.

Thank you



50% offset basically means that when you’re scrolling, and a next section reaches the middle of the screen, the next menu link inside the menu get’s highlighted. So, the amount of 50% is ideal for this, and it should be changed in my opinion. If you’ve increased header’s height, you just need to compensate that with a higher top padding for all sections (currently set at 150px):

.slide > .container, .page > .container { padding-top:150px; }



I really like to know how to change the contactform . Can you tell me how to change the form for another one?

Beside this, I wonder if you can explain me how to change the onepage item to multiple pages.

Thanks a lot!


Hi L,

I’ve described how to create a contact form inside the doucmentation, under ‘H) Contact form’.

If you need multiple pages instead of a single scrolling one, you just need to create desired amount of pages, and then copy-paste the content of your homepage sections into this newly crated pages.

Hi I love your template, but i have encounter two problems.

1. I cant seems to get the google map to work at all. Is there an instruction site which I can fellow ??

2. For the portfolio page, the thumbnails images layout for mine it i wont skip an image box or two and i cant seem to fix this problem.


1) You have a documentation folder inside the package you downloaded. Open the file inside it and look under ‘I) Google map’ part, everything is described there.

2) I’m afraid that I don’t understand what you mean, can you describe this in more details?

Hello Beautiful template, very nice work. One thing I’d like to do is to clear the contact form after submission, any way to do this? Thanks


you would probably need to edit sendEmail.php file for that, but I’m not familiar with clearing the form, so unfortunately I can’t help you with this :/

Hi there. Absolutely love the template. Just two questions before I purchase- I notice you have no portrait-oriented photos in your portfolio. If they are added, how will they display; will the border also display as portrait-oriented? And are the borders easily removable for all images? Thanks!


the preview area for big images needs to have a fixed dimension, so no mater what orientation you are using for images, they will be previewed in the same window. Basically, this means that if you have a mixture of landscape and portrait images, you should resize your portrait images to the same height as the lanscape img has. Of course, you’ll see empty space next to the image because it will not fill the entire width of the page. On the other hand, if you are using all portrait images, you can just change dimensions for the preview area to match the same aspect ratio.

Border can be easily removed just by deleting the corresponding style inside css file, thought in that case you should use 16px taller and wider images fill the space left out by removing the borders.


I can’t get my lists working. The simpel Wordpress bullets and numbers of the Templates icon-list are not showing http://mijnlifecoach.nl/algemene-voorwaarden/

What is going wrong?


Gr, Amar.

Hi Amar,

this is the comment section for site template version of P&P. :) I have explained the problem with lists on WP version page.


First I want to congratulate you for the template! I wonder how do I add the address on google maps? Thank you!


did you meant how to enter your coordinates, or how to display the address on top of the map (in a bubble)? For both cases you need to edit ‘custom_homepage.js’ file. The first part is described inside the documentation, under ‘G) Contact section > Google map’. For the second case, I’m not sure, but check out Google Maps API documentation – I believe you can find example for that under Overlays section.

I want to know where to add the link address of the company? I apologize for the amateur! Thank you!

Hmm, I’m not sure that I understand. But for the Google map you need two things. First, add the link that will launch the map once clicked:

<a class="map_canvas_load">Launch Google map</a>

You can enter company’s address next to the link, or inside it if you want. Second thing is to enter the coordinates inside ‘custom_homepage.js’ file. They are the one that determines what the map will show.


Hi. I love this template, but once i’ve load my site, all the gray buttons (play, back, forward, close) disappear, what’s wrong?

Hi, can you post (or email me) link to your site?

Thank you

Hey man, I love this theme, many thanks for this. I just want to know one thing…

I want to set up a transparent image overlay for the site so images from it can’t be saved by another person. When I put the script, the Portfolio part stops working… the images are no longer clickable and the preview doesn’t show.

I’d appreciate your help with this! thanks.

I’m using this script: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { var pixelSource = ‘http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/ce/Transparent.gif'; var useOnAllImages = true; // Preload the pixel var preload = new Image(); preload.src = pixelSource; $(‘img’).live(‘mouseenter touchstart’, function(e) { // Only execute if this is not an overlay or skipped var img = $(this); if (img.hasClass(‘protectionOverlay’)) return; if (!useOnAllImages && !img.hasClass(‘protectMe’)) return; // Get the real image’s position, add an overlay var pos = img.offset(); var overlay = $(‘‘).css({position: ‘absolute’, zIndex: 9999999, left: pos.left, top: pos.top}).appendTo(‘body’).bind(‘mouseleave’, function() { setTimeout(function(){ overlay.remove(); }, 0, $(this)); }); if (‘ontouchstart’ in window) $(document).one(‘touchend’, function(){ setTimeout(function(){ overlay.remove(); }, 0, overlay); }); }); }); </script>

Hi, I’ll look into it.

Hey, I’m not sure that there’s anything that can be done about this. Because, if the images are inside a link, and this script adds an overlay on top of it, it’s natural for links to stop working. :/

Okay, thanks anyway, I’ll just disable right clicking then..


i would like to have personal icone (puce.png) at the begining of each element of a list. i do not succeed at all. i don’t understand why.

i saw your post : http://themeforest.net/item/pen-and-paper-responsive-wordpress-theme/discussion/3680756?page=3#comment_3218350

but it did not help me. What is the path and the file where i must put “puce.png”?




this is the comment section for site template version, not WP one. :) But anyway, you can use this css:

.container ul { list-style-image:url('File URL'); list-style-position:outside; margin-left:20px;  }
.flexslider ul, .flexslider ol, ul.thumbs, #sidebar ul, ul.pages { list-style-image:none; margin-left:0; }

Just replace File URL with the actual URL which you’ll get after you upload your puce.png file inside Media library.

work fine, ty:)


i almost finished to style the theme but i do not succed to do one thing : in the contact form : name and email are 100% width. i would like to have them 50% width. but i do not succeed at all




check inside the documentation, under ‘I) Contact form’. There you’ll find a code that you can use when creating a contact form. Also, please make sure you write inside the WP theme comment section in the future, to prevent any possible confusion for the readers.

wow sorry, i’m so stupid!!!!!!!!! everything is and will be ok. ty for your help

Hello Dabaman,

I really like the Pen&Paper Theme/Site Template and would like to purchase one but I do not know which one I need. I have been reading the Themeforest Forums on Theme vs. Template about stupid buyers getting the wrong one and, as someone who knows next to nothing about the innards of a website, I found it opaque and alienating. Please help!

I have a domain hosted by LCN and just want to set up a nice, clean portfolio site so my customers can find me online and see some images of my work and contact me. Which one do I need?!


it really depends on your needs. With WordPress you can add content more easily through it’s admin panel. On the other hand, to add a content into a site template, you need to use some text editor and you do need to be familiar with HTML code, at least at some rudimentary level. Also, WP takes care of image resizing when you upload them, whereas with site template you’ll have to do it yourself in some image editor.

So, if this is going to be your first site and you don’t have any coding skills, then the WP theme may be the right choice for you. Though keep in mind that you’ll need to install WP first before using the theme (your hosting site says they offer an easy install). And if you are not familiar with WP, then check WP101 Basix Training video series, it’ll get you up to speed.

Good luck.

Thanks for your clear response! I have purchased the theme now and am playing about with it, struggling a bit but I am a total novice!

Thanks again!

hi, dabaman i was trying to change the contact form, and as i saw on your earlier post there seems to be a documentation folder ind the zip file. unfortunately there is no such folder in the package we purchased from this page two months ago…. as well we see that there is an update from 5 sept. how can we update?! thanks! its a great theme!


you need to log in with the account you used when you purchased the template. Then go to your ‘Download’ page, find Pen and Paper and make sure you download the entire package that contains the latest template version as well as the documentation.


This is really cute;

Thanks man!

Hi dabaman, Thanks so much for such a clean, elegant and fast loading site template. It has been working great for my wedding invitation business portfolio for over a year now. The only problem I am encountering is that I cannot seem to get more than 40 thumbnails to display in the portfolio section. I currently have 60+ images, but no matter what I do, I can’t get more than 40 to show up. Could you please tell me where this limitation is defined? Thanks!


inside ‘js’ folder there’s a file called ‘custom_homepage.js’. Inside it, do a search for numThumbs, and you’ll find this line:

numThumbs:                 40, // The number of thumbnails to show page

Change the 40 into some larger number, lets say 999 so you don’t have to worry about limitations any more.



I am having problems with the blog. Everytime I click on the title of the post beneath “recent posts”, it takes me to the about me page, instead of the actual post with that name.

As you can see here: http://www.wytchesandseers.com/blog/

Can you please advise?

Many thanks,

Ana Isabel

Hi Ana,

edit your post, and look at the ‘Permalink’ link just bellow the title. Does it displays /about/ at the end of the line? If so, click on the ‘Edit’ button, remove the previous text and just type Hekate in the field. Update the post, and let me know if that solved your problem.


I can’t seem to get the homepage sections to show up on the homepage. The customizer makes me choose a static front page or latest posts on the front page. The homepage sections do not override it. How can I get this to change?


this is the comment section for a site template version of Pen and Paper. For WP version questions, please post here, so that we avoid any confusion for future buyers. :)

Regarding your problem – make sure that you have an empty page with a ‘Homepage’ template set inside the ‘Page Attributes’ panel on the right hand side (only then it will display it’s sections), and then you can set that page to be your static front page.


Hi, I’m interested in this template. I really like it. I just wanted to know if it is easy enough to create a blog like page to post a few news items, with pagination shortcodes as well. I know that the wordpress theme would be a better option for that, but right now I need to setup something quick and simple and manually add a few news items like a blog. Is it possible?


I don’t think it would be hard to build such a page, you just need to use Skeleton grid classes to create your layout. But please note that there are no pagination shortcodes here, this template uses just a plain html (not php). You will need to style your pagination as well.


OK, thanks. Is this the skeleton used in this template? I’m sure the documentation will be perfect. What would be nice is a up button at the bottom right corner of the page. I will purchase and ask for any more support if needed. Thank you

Yes, it’s built on skeleton grid system. I don’t think that the up button is necessary here, since it already has fixed top menu.