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I’m loving this design! Quick question, when you click on a portfolio image is there an option to have multiple viewing options of one photo? Or does it always go to the next photo within the grid?


I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately, it’s only one image per portfolio project.



Please could we embed iframe HTML5 or swf file to portfolio project instead of image/ gallery/ video as this screenshot? http://screencast.com/t/MuoKHIFImUn

I’d like to use this theme for embed 360×180 panorama as this site http://www.360cities.net/

Thank you.


I’m sorry, but the portfolio section is for displaying images only, there is no option for embedding iframes or swf files.


Hi, is it possible to not display some of the author pictures of some items? And then display the text in full width instead of half of the page..

thnx! and if i use multiple categories of authors, and want to affect a tab of a specific category, is that also possible?

Is the each category in a separate homepage section? If so, you can add section id in front of the each line. For example:

#section1 .panes > div:nth-child(2) figure,
#section2 .panes > div:nth-child(3) figure { display: none; }

#section1 .panes > div:nth-child(2) div.eight.columns,
#section2 .panes > div:nth-child(3) div.eight.columns { width: 100%;  }

Consider this as a temporary solution, I’ll add an option to disable featured image in my next update.

thnx very much!!

Hi, When I try to aligncenter an image on a regular page, it does not center (alignright does seem to function, but aligncenter does not).


code: [one] marijke[/one]

What do i do wrong?


I’m going to fix this in my next update (coming later this week). In the meantime, please paste this inside the custom css box:

img.aligncenter {
    margin: 0 auto;
    display: block;


Hi Dabaman, maybe somebody allready asked this question, but I couldn’t find it here. Question: Is it possible to remove all the { } in the theme (so that none of the subheaders or submenus display { and } . It would be nice if it is possible (i know it is part of the design, but the person who i made the website for, doesn’t want the braces {} in the theme… thnx

You can remove curly brackets with this css:

.curly_brackets span:before, .curly_brackets span:after,
.curly_brackets li:first-child:before, .curly_brackets li:last-child:after { content: none; }

Hi Dabaman, Thnx for all the support up to so far! Hopefully my last question!: If I want to remove the horizontal seperation lines which appear when you use the authors menu (under the authors menu there is a line drawn) , would that also be possible?

You can do it like this:

#about .separator {
    display: none;

Replace #about if you changed the id of the section.

thnx a lot!!!

Thnx for all the support, I think this will be my final question: Would it be possible to make the underline selection line of an author menu (the submenu’s under the headers have a line underneath, when they are selected): Would it be possible either to move them a couple of pixels down (now they are a bit to much near the text), or would it be possible to not display them at all (then it would be only that menu becomes Bold and does not have any underline). THNX!

You can achieve it with this:

.curly_brackets a:hover, .curly_brackets a.current, .curly_brackets .active a {
    text-decoration:none !important;
    border-bottom:1px solid; }

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the new version of the theme, and I think it should be available for download in a day or so (you will receive an email notification). After you install it, open your authors posts where you wish to remove the featured image. Look for the ‘Layout’ option near the bottom, and set it to ‘Without an image’, and update the post. Just make sure you remove any css that you added before regarding this.

Thnx again for all the reply’s and support! I am very very happy with all the help you gave! I finished the website. www.marijkeschemer.nl/homepage thnx

Thank you, and please take a minute to rate the theme with 5 stars ;)

Hi Dabaman, two more questions (sorry for all the questions): Is it possible to change the alpha of the menu bar (so that it is less transparant). And second question: Is it possible to make a specific author item not to display the styled border around the picture (because some pictures that i want use on the website will not be square, and for those photos i will create the border then myself (this is not an ideal solution, i know, but otherwise I think it will be too complex to ask) Thnx again!! www.marijkeschermer.nl/homepage

Hi, I’ll answer this two more question, but please in the future hire a developer if you need help with customization. These kind of questions are not part of the support.

Header color:

body>header { background: rgba(255,255,255,.9); }

.9 is the alpha (90% opacity)

Remove border from the images in ‘boek’ section:

#boek .panes > div .styled { 
background:none; }


Hi there, one last question ( i hope), i like the portfolio page for my first page ( mainpag), is this possible? that would be so perfect.

ah got it

Hi – on the slider, is there any place (even within the code) we can adjust the speed / time the images show before changing to the next? I don’t see anything obvious in the settings or in the flexslider php…thought maybe there is something I’m missing? Thanks in advance!


Yes, there is a setting for that inside ‘flexslider_script.js’ file (found in lib/js folder). You just need to edit ‘slideshowSpeed’ value, which is currently set to 7000 (7s).


Awesome, thank you! It took her a year to get us content and for us to get it live, but our client loves your theme. Thank you!

hello Dabaman, a great template! I’ve chosen this one for my website: artedikia.it. I’ve got a problem, though, that I think could be solved. The website goes well with every browser except for Safari (I tried with Safari 10.0.1) > as you can see the slider in the homepage looks a bit wrong (too blank space behind the image, and the last image couldn’t be seen as well)... could you please help me? Thank you


Is that on a mobile Safari, or on the desktop? I don’t have an iphone/mac so I can’t test it right now, but please try to do the following: disable all your WordPress plugins briefly, clear your browser cache and see if looks fine then. If you are using desktop safari, try do disable all your browser extensions as well, there might be something that’s preventing the site to display correctly.

Also, if you can, plese make a screenshot of the issue and email it to me.


Thank you for the kind reply, It shows this problem both on desktop and on mobile (iPhone 4)..’ve tried the 2 methods but nothing happens. I will send you in pvt the screenshots. Thank you very much for this support! Chiara

Hello, pre-purchase question…is this theme compatible with visual composer plugin? Thank you


Yes it is, thought that plugin is not included with the theme. You’ll need to purchase it separately if haven’t already.


Installing Theme from uploaded file: penpaper.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Hi there,

Please extract that zip file and you’ll find another, smaller zip file there. That’s the installable file that you need to upload in your wp-admin.


Alright its working now BUT new problem here, the social icon and the rss icon at the footer is missing, only a rectangle showing there. I tried to replace the theme from the zip file to restore but still the same problem.

Please post or email me your site link and I’ll look into it.


stane Purchased


please can you say me if your theme is compatible with last version of Woocommerce ?




stane Purchased


Ok thanks !

Can you confirm me that you have update the theme on themeforest ?

Thanks, Stane


That theme version is still not available for download on TF. I’ve decided to make a make a few more improvements (not related to WooCommerce) before sending it to TF. However, I already have a working version that fully supports the latest WooCommerce. If you need to start working on your site right now, you can buy the theme and email me from my profile page, and I’ll send you that version right away.


The theme is updated and available for download.