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I purchased this theme and am having a difficult time getting the player set up. I have an mp3 file which I have a link for, but it is not playing. It shows the album cover (which is a bit cutoff) and it shows the player controls, but pressing play will not play it.

Is there anything else I need to do? Where does the audio file need to be? What type of audio files will it accept?

Hello from Greece very nice template mate…..a few questions please…. 1. i need video supports (mp4) 2. can i use my own background? 3. does it supports subcategories in portfolio module (i need to have three subcategories video, images, techniques and for each one of them several subcat. too) 4. the most important for me…..i have my current web site (fullflash CMS ) is it possible to transfer my 2 databases (english and greek) to a new one? please have a look into my website www.judo.com.gr

thanx in advance

Hello, thank you.

1) the Template is supporting: youtube, vimeo, swf and shortcodes: youtube, vimeo.

2) you can easily change your background in the file ‘styles/default.css’.

3) no, the manager isn’t supporting subcategories. You can uses the menu for the division into categories.

4) It isn’t not possible because WP has other structure of the database

Really outstanding looking template – finally there are some more great options for musicians!

Thank you Justcharlie!

This is by far the closest Template regarding DJs and Music on TF. You guys may just have save my butt with this template, I can finally start my project. One question: Is it possible to set the Music section as the homepage (while still keeping the Rotator on top of the homepage)? And, can the number of post can be more than the 6 showcase in the demo?

Great work.

Would love to have an answer soon. I wanna buy ASAP .



It’s impossible in the template, you can do it but you must know CSS /Xhtml. You can put how many you want projects on one page.

Thank you!

I figured out my issue with the audio player.

If I may make a suggestion, I would like to see a play count to keep track how many times an audio file has been played.

We thank for the suggestion we will try to add such a functionality in the future.

Hi, love this theme! On the home screen, the ‘incoming events’ widget, I am trying to post events in the future with the event date displayed but they won’t show properly as they simply schedule for publishing because of being ‘upcoming events’. Any way of either removing the date posted from the side of the ‘incoming events’ widget, or allowing custom entries so I can post future events? Thanks!

In next updating we will add custom field ‘custom_date’. It will be possible to write down custom date which will appear in ‘incoming events’ on homepage.

Stay tuned!


ADH Purchased


Really loving the theme.

I have one issue.

I have added images to the slider as instructed (@900×360px) and they appear in the homepage – cool…

Problem is ‘about us’ and all other content below has disappeared?

I am using image paths via images uploaded to the wp media section.

Please help?


It is hard for us to say what could happen, therefore we ask you to send us the address of your site.

Thank you.


ADH Purchased

Great support.

Thank you guys…

Thanks for the theme.

2 questions;

How do you create additional portfolio pages? Only as a menu item? Can we do portfolio page navigation like the bottom of the blog?

Also, how do I remove the breadcrumb navigation.



1) Yes, only as a menu item.

2) Not because the portfolio isn’t acting as the system of Wordpress posts.

3 You have two ways:


- open ‘style.css’
- find ’#breadcrumb-wrap’
- add ‘display:none’

2) Remove this code from template files (category.php, page.php…)

<div class="pngfix" id="breadcrumb-wrap">
      <ul id="breadcrumb">
      <?php breadcrumb(); ?>

This theme is awesome. I think it is the best theme around here. The details are fantastic. An impressive work, thank you very much.

Thank you Eisenheim :)

I am so happy about this theme right now. Dang dude. You did it again!!!

:) Thank you artliq!

Also.. how can i set the blog as the homepage and still have the big banner at the top? Thanks so much man!!!!

It is very simple to do in this template, so step by step:
1) open a file ‘lib/templates/home.php’
2) mark and copy the code between line 3 and 29
3) delette all code
4) open a file ‘page.php’
5) paste the earlier marked code in in line 10. DON `T SAVE THIS PAGE ! If you want you can remove ‘intro’
&lt;?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/includes/intro.php'); ?&gt;
6) select whole code and copy to ‘home.php’
7) close ‘page.php’ and don`t save
8 ) In home.php line 6 and 49
$cat = get_cat_ID(get_post_meta($wp_query->post->ID, '_sp_cat', true));
replace on:
$cat = -1;
Note: ‘-1’ you can replace your ID category
9) Save!

Amazing instructions!!! Thank you so much!!!


EVERYONE BUY THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m having two problems.

1. The main menu is not showing it’s usual structure, it’s showing a basic list.

2. On the widgets for “Recent Post” the text doesn’t show at all.

My URL is http://www.savagecityentertainment.com/home/


- Go to Admin panel -> appearance -> Menus
- Create new menu
- Add pages, categories…
- Save menu
- Add theme locations ‘Main Menu’

More about WP 3 Menu:

2. Use ‘Excerpt’ field in your post.

Great theme!! How can I add in the large text between the logo and the image slide on the home page?

Also my menu is not formatted properly. It is showing just a plain list of the link one above the other?

Thank you!


- Go to Admin panel -> posts/pages -> edit post/page
- Go to Intro box (right side) and select ‘Text’ in ‘Select intro source’
- Type your text in ‘Intro text’ textarea
- Save/Update

- Go to Admin panel -> appearance -> Menus
- Create new menu
- Add pages, categories…
- Save menu
- Add theme locations ‘Main Menu’

Also is there anyway that I could put the music code in a sidebar?

We will include new shortcode for next updating [sidebar-player], for use in Text widget.

Stay tuned!

Hello, I installed the theme and the UL class ( ul class=”menu” id=”menu”) was missing for the menu. How can i fix this?


- Go to Admin panel -> appearance -> Menus
- Create new menu
- Add pages, categories…
- Save menu
- Add theme locations ‘Main Menu’

Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /home/u68614/sashaicoru/www/wp-content/themes/pendulum/lib/functions/functions.php on line 27

:(( what the problem?

It is a problem of your Wordpress version , this template is working only with version 3 +. You must install/update Wordpress 3.0.


Thank you :) !

Hi… I’m having a hard time saving “Pages” with this theme. I keep getting the following error:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mounted-storage/home11b/sub003/sc14444-JLDJ/darklight808.com/wp-content/themes/pendulum/lib/admin/custom-fields.php on line 664

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /mounted-storage/home11b/sub003/sc14444-JLDJ/darklight808.com/wp-content/themes/pendulum/lib/admin/custom-fields.php:664) in /mounted-storage/home11b/sub003/sc14444-JLDJ/darklight808.com/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890

Can you please help?



get in touch with us, we will send you the patch.

Thanks for your quick answer. I just sent the e-mail to you.

Just one more question for now: Somewhere in the comments, someone asked if he could set the Portfolio as the homepage and still keep the slider, your response was it’s “possible”. However, you didn’t elaborate on how this can be done. Is it possible to just write a quick steps list on how to bring the Portfolio to the homepage and still keep the Slider?


It is possible, everything is possible but you must a bit know CSS /XHTML/PHP. the Code in the template is described. We apologise, but we are having no time for writing the instruction now.

Thanks for the great support on my earlier question. Sorted.

I have 2 questions regarding blog posts;

1. How do you do full-posts on the main blog page (including image support)? Not sure if this is a theme questions or a WP question.

2. Where do I change code for the default image size for the “Post Thumbnail” (if I use the current post summaries layout and forget question 1). I think I’m clear on how to modify the BG frame for that image.

Thanks tons – great theme! I’m getting there.


Unfortunately but it isn’t possible in this template. You can put the image in excerpt field and to remove the post thumbnail. If you liked to do it you must know WP API /PHP

Thanks for the response. I’m clear. One more question about the blog; I could see only wanting to do a short post and wouldn’t want to see the “readmore” button. Seems on by default. How do I remove that on individual “posts”?

Thanks so much.


Unfortunately it is not possible, we wanted to create the template which will be very user-friendly. We hope that it won’t be of problem in using our template.