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Stuning design!

I like every part of design! GLWS bro! :) SRECNO!

Thanks… Veliki pozdrav!

Clean Design ! Good Luck :)

Thanks so much :)

The page background appears grey not white on my iPad 3

Hi, what do you mean, the actual page background or the background behind the contents? The body background is supposed to be a darker grey…

Minimal work! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks! :)

clean and nice template,. Great work,. :D

Thank you! :D

Nice template. Good luck with the sales.

Thank you!

In Chrome the top menu is transparent, see screenshot:


Hi, can you send me the URL of where that’s happening? Our demo works perfectly in Chrome, as well as locally. I can see none of the patterns loaded for you (background, content nor menu)... did you edit the CSS or folder structure perhaps?

It was a behaviour that occurred on your demo site. It seems to be functioning now.

Strange, might have been a loading issue. Thanks for reporting and glad it’s working now.

Beautiful template! Nice job :)

Thank you! :)

Hello, few questions about it : 1/ is it possible to add bootstrap twitter elements on it easily ? (personalize as we want) 2/ is it possible to have the grey background fixed ? (only the center of the resume moves from top to bottom) 3/ is it possible to remove social icons ? 4/ will you add some features in the future for this theme ? or make any updates ?

Thanks :)

Hi, replied with email, cheers!

Hi, nice template, although seems not quite print ready as the skillset does not print. How easy to add a link for a PDF version of the resume? I have looked at many resume templates (50+) and if I can sort the printing thing out, I’ll buy this one.

Well, I’ll buy it, and look forward to the update.

Need some help! Bought the template and installed, but when viewed in phone screen, the date align to the right and obscurr the text. I have replicated the issue using your demo site and screenfly.com to test the responsiveness of the template. Screenshot here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63114719/perfectcv/perfectCV-Screenfly-capture-phone.PNG

It’s making my CV look bad in phone resolution, so please tell me how to fix. Thanks!

Usually we test it up to 320px, 240px is really small, wasn’t aware that was still in use. Anyways, can you contact us via kontakt@pixeldizajn.com, it’s a really simple fix, I want to send you the code via email. Cheers!

I think there is a small differences between WP and HTML version, will you update the HTML version?

Yes, HTML version will be updated next week hopefully. Cheers!

I think its updated now?

Yes, we have added the blog list and blog post files now! Cheers!

Hi. I might be dumb but I can’t seem to get the skills or “about me” parts showing up on my website : www.mrhenderson.org. What do I need to do??

Hi, you’re probably talking about the Wordpress version…

Please read the documentation. At least the installation steps, as I’m noticing you missed to setup the pages and reading settings. Please read section 2 and section 3.

It’s really easy, but If you get stuck, feel free to contact us again, we can set this up for you. :)


To sum up the documentation: Create blank pages: “Home” (choose page template: Front page) and “Blog” (leave: Default template). Go to Settings -> Reading and set “Home” as Front Page and “Blog” as Blog page in Front page displays (but tick “A static page” before all this).

I have purchased this standalone version and I really like it. After the update, I don’t see anything in the documentation about implementing the blog section.

Please advise.

Hi, we already made a Wordpress version, and some buyers of the HTML version requested that we include the blog files for it too. So we just pushed the update today. This is more for advanced users that want to integrate PerfectCV into something othen than Wordpress themselves.

So, as I said, this version is still static HTML. For fully functional blog you would need to purchase the Wordpress version.

Let me know if you need anything else please.


That is fine, I am more than happy with what is included in the standalone.

Any plans to make this template more “print-friendly”? That would be the final piece to make it perfect as an online resume.

Yes, that is on our to-do list along with some color options. Not sure when, but it’s coming. Cheers!


I bought this theme and implemented today and I must say I’m loving it! it is really well done and its quite nice documented so congrats for an amazing work =).

Awesome, glad to hear! Cheers! :)

Hello pixeldizajn!

In the wordpress version About me comes as an active menu item but not in HTML version, I changed the div id to as you did on WP version but still it doesn’t show up as an active menu item when I load the page, it gets active once I scroll down a little. Any idea how to fix it? Thanks

Mobile menu works fine, so we’re not planning to replace it. What’s the issue with your menu?

I don’t find it stylish :( Am I seeing correct? http://s23.postimg.org/r6uuo4od7/mobile_menu.jpg

Yes, it’s working like it’s intended. Cheers!

The contact form tries to send email over the message sender, how can I make the PHP mailer send the email via my email address as otherwise my hosting will not let me do these.

PHPMailer is used, thus that means it’s sending the message via your server, the message sender is ‘spoofed’ for ease of replying. This is advanced modification, so not much we can help you with… Maybe try with your host?

I pruchased the theme and I really like it! However I would like to add an eternal link for my blog. But if I add any link to the menu that doesn’t start with ’#’ the scroll effect of the navigation breaks (ncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression in jquery.min.js). How can I modify this?


Hi, thanks for purchasing!

Are you using Wordpress custom menu, or you edited the header.php directly?


Is it possible to embed youtube videos in the template? Thanks!


Where exactly do you want them embedded? If you’re thinking about the portfolio, then not yet, we have this planned but we don’t have an ETA when will this become available.


Bonjour, je viens d’acheter le template wordpress. Bravo c’est splendide.

J’ai un petit problème au niveau du bloc “Expérience”. Il doit exister une limite sur le nombre d’expériences autorisés. Comment faire pour sauter cette limite ? Merci d’avance.

I speak english like a spanis cow:

Hello, I just bought the wordpress template. Congratulations this is splendid. I have a small problem with the block “Experience”. There must be a limit on the number of experiments allowed. How to bypass this limit? Thank you in advance.

Hi, thank you!

I don’t see a ‘purchased’ badge next to your name, can you contact us via the form on our profile (on the right side)? That should confirm that you bought the template. Also please send your website URL when contacting us, and we will happily assist you.