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Bonjour, je viens d’acheter le template wordpress. Bravo c’est splendide.

J’ai un petit problème au niveau du bloc “Expérience”. Il doit exister une limite sur le nombre d’expériences autorisés. Comment faire pour sauter cette limite ? Merci d’avance.

I speak english like a spanish cow:

Hello, I just bought the wordpress template. Congratulations this is splendid. I have a small problem with the block “Experience”. There must be a limit on the number of experiments allowed. How to bypass this limit? Thank you in advance.

You see a ‘purchased’ badge now?

Yes, thank you, I will be replying in the other comment. Cheers!

Hey, I purchased the theme. I’m lost as to which file I should zip and download?

Im soo frustrated if anyone could help it would be great

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Did you download the main zip file in your Downloads area? Inside that zip there’s a folder called ‘PerfectCV’ and inside it you have: documentation (everything about the template is explained here), PerfectCV (the main template folder, the contents of which you need to upload to your server) and psd (the photoshop file of the template).

Let me know if that helped…

That is a great help.

Your support is excellent and I have now implemented the theme and it looks great. Thanks for your help and well done on a great job. A+++

I just purchased, and installed the theme, however on my site www.CarlosGil.biz it does not appear the information that I filled out such as “About Me” “Experience” etc. Please help.

Hey, we replied to your email. :)

It’s all a matter of following the steps in the documentation, it’s all nicely explained and it’s easy to do. If you get stuck just let us know and we’ll assist you.


Where can I read the documentation? I followed the steps in Wordpress and the fields I entered do not show up.

Sent you an email with where you can read the documentation. Greetings!

Hi great Theme! Installing was no problem, but what do I have to do to get emails from the contact form? Greetings

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

Last paragraph of section 4 in the documentation explains where you need to insert the email you want to receive messages to. In addition to this you need to have PHPMail enabled on your servers but that is a standard feature and enabled by default.

Thank you very much for your fast response!

You’re welcome!

Hello. I purchased this theme but WordPress is saying it is missing some files. I cannot install this theme now please help.

Are you sure about not getting the refund? Have you asked the support?

To get the HTML site running you need to have basic knowledge of HTML. You would need a code editor or even WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver. After you edit the template files you just upload it to your server and it will work without any CMS or anything.


I got my site up and running! Didn’t even need WP and it still looks great. Thanks!

Awesome to hear!

I uploaded the folder ‘PerfectCV’ for my folder themes in wordpress. and dont work. Apear this msg on wordpress:

Name Description PerfectCV Stylesheet is missing.


You purchased the HTML Site template, not a Wordpress theme. Our Wordpress theme version of PerfectCV is located here: http://themeforest.net/item/perfectcv-responsive-cv-resume-theme/5230603


I understand now. Can you give my money back to i buy the wordpress version?

Hi, you’ll have to contact ThemeForest support and check that with them, we don’t have control of that I’m afraid…


Is it possible to embed the html into an iframe? I want to use the basic set up of the resume but on my Wordpress site. When I copy the index.html code onto a page, it is not embedded.


Also you’re missing

elements around your text, that’s why it’s small. And lastly, follow the documentation ti fix the horizontal lines next to your name so they don’t go over it.

Okay the resume shows up great, however how would I have it be the full page – I don’t want it to have a scrollbar. Do I have to adjust something in the iframe code or in the web template?

I see you already remove the scroll bars. Now the issue is not with out template, so we can’t assist too much with this, but what you need is to do is put a div around the iframe that has a fixed height of around 2000px or more, depending of how high is your CV in total.

Does the “Contact Me” Form in this theme check against Akismet to reduce any possible spam? If not currently.. will it? If not now and not in the future, Can I replace the form with a form from “Fast Secure Contact Form” plugin?

Thanks, -Bill

Hi, just a heads up, you’re posting a comment in our HTML template version, the WP version is the other one (more expensive) in our portfolio.

For spam protection we integrate Honeypot Captcha for the last month, the results are great, not a single spam email since then.


Oops!.. Thanks :-)

very nice .;

Thank you!


First off I love this template, great job! Looks and functions fantastically. I have two issues, issue one is if your experience titles are to many characters the date range goes over them in mobile devices. I am not sure how to fix this. The other issue I have is with my email address being to long (justinlerman@gmail.com) and it drops it down a line on my mobile device. My site is justinlerman.com

Thanks for the support in advance!

-Justin =)

I see that someone else had this issue in the comments and you sent them code. I would love that as well!

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

In the Theme Customizer, under Contact info section tick the ‘Smaller email font’ box. That should solve the email being too long.

As for the ‘date period’ boxes, you can do that in the Theme Customizer as well, under Experience in the “Version of the ‘period box’” dropdown menu.

Let us know if that works out for you.


I should say that’s a fairly new feature, we did send the codes before, but now you can do it via the Customizer.

Is this theme Wordpress 4.0+ ready?

Hi, this isn’t a WP theme, this just the HTML template. But our WP theme is 4.0 ready.


Hi. I purchased by mistake the HTML Site template of PerfectCV, insted of a Wordpress theme! Could You please tell me the link of support in order to ask If I can pay the difference to get the WP Theme? Thanks.

Hi, you can contact Envato Support here: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=37840

Hope it works out for you.

I just bought your template the only issue i have is the site_header when i put my name “Randall Perkins” the line go through it??

How can i fix please.

Hey, thanks for purchasing.

As explained in the documentation you just need to decrease the width of the pseudo elements. The classes in the styles.css file are .site_header h1:before, .site_header h1:after

Let us know if you manage to do it.

I did i just assumed it would of been automatic for some reason i guess! Good template

Hi, I recently purchased your HTML template and everything works well except for the contact form send function. The problem is this, everytime I send a message via the contact form, all the correspondents go straight to the spam folder. Can you help me fix this problem?

Thank you in advance.

If it’s gmail, it’s an easy fix. Just press the NOT SPAM button and it they should go to inbox from then on. The problem is with your web hosts IP to be clear.

NOT SPAM was the first thing I did and that didnt work.

Solution: I went into “show original” of the message and extracted the hostname.hostprovider.com, then added their info to an exception/filter rule I created for gmail. Finally, everything works.

Glad you solved the issue!

Hi there, i have downloaded the incorrect format for PerfectCV. i need the wordpress template. pls can you credit me for the purchase so i can decide on the more expensive templates. JustinJJay

Hi there, i have downloaded the incorrect format for PerfectCV. i need the wordpress template. pls can you credit me for the purchase so i can decide on the more expensive templates. JustinJJay

Hi Justin – we have no problem with that, but you’ll have to contact ThemeForest support as they are the only ones that can do that for you.

Let us know how it goes!

Desktop version has sticky menu. Mobile version does not. Is that an item to be added or considered? As it would be ideal to have both matching. Please let me know.


We considered it, but it takes too much space on the screen… we’ll see if anyone else requests it and try to find a solution.


Huz786 Purchased

Hi, Please kindly issue a refund. I am having some difficultly in using this theme and adding my content to it.

Hi, this isn’t a theme but a HTML template. Are you sure you purchased the correct thing? In any way, you need to submit a refund request.


I’ve unzipped, but I can’t find where I can edit the template. Please advise ASAP

Hi, there’s documentation for setting up everything from scratch: http://pixeldizajn.com/documentation/

For any questions – let us know.