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I bought on themeforest the PerfectCV theme for my website: http://www.raphael-dewan.fr/

I have a problem with the contact form: it’s not working. I’ve got an error message saying “MESSAGE NO SENT”. Can you please tell me why and what I should do to fix it ? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Do you have PHPMail() function enabled on your server? Just make sure sendmaiil is installed.

raphael24, do you have access to the server you applied the theme to? If so, you need to make sure sendmail is installed. Take a look at my post here as I detail what I had to do on the server to configure and test that mail was working.


Thanks, good post.

Can you please let me know how to remove the printing CSS? I’ve been unable to find a single .css file that manages print media styles. Printing my site is a mess.

I’m a developer, so I’ll manage whatever is needed for this.

PS. take a look at my setup, you might like what I’ve done to it: http://www.bennybottema.com (checkout portfolio and skills as well as the modified single blog post styles). Also, after sending an email, I’m clearing the form. Printing doesn’t work properly yet.

Nevermind, I grep / sed replaced all @media directives (”@media print” -> ”@media print_ignore” and ”@media only screen” -> ”@media only all”). It looks already a lot better, now just to reintroduce some print styles and I’m there.

Hey, glad you solved it. CV is looking great!

Please check out my hack to ensure the menu nav works. https://gist.github.com/cjpetrus/cd35a7b91cabc8eebd1b1f9ff28c2ef4

Thank you :)

Can you please post instructions for adding recaptcha to your contact form?


The contact form is spam protected via an Invisible captcha - ‘honeypot technique’. So recaptcha would be redundant.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi, I plan to purchase your theme and use it with WPGlobus plugin, which adds multilingual capability to WP sites. They claim they should work with most themes, but with some restrictions. From the plugin description:


Compatibility with Themes

WPGlobus works correctly with all themes that apply proper filtering before outputting content. Some themes incorporate 3rd party plugins (e.g., sliders, forms, composers) – not all of them are 100% multilingual-ready. When you see elements that cannot be translated, please let the theme / plugin authors know. We are ready to help them.


I guess the questions are: 1) Does your theme apply proper filtering before outputting content in all cases? 2) Does your theme uses 3rd party plugins (e.g., sliders, forms, composers)?

If they are not compatible, I wonder if you would do the proper changes to make both work together. Please confirm.

Many thanks! Juan Carlos

Hi, this should be compatible – so the answers are 1) Yes 2) No.


Hi Pixeldizajn, nope, at the end it doesn’t work properly. I will open a support ticket to discuss this. Thanks!

Hi there, This is about the interface with WPGlobus plug-in. I contacted the provider and this is what he says:


I checked your theme and I see that code does not match the WordPress standards in some places. Moreover it needs some modifications to make compatible with WPGlobus and add code to make language switcher. In any case it is time consumption.


Looks like he will need to charge me for doing this work. I’m asking him details on the parts non-conforming WP standard.

I need this webpage multilingual. I read in your webpage that this theme is compatible with WPML. Is that so? I will need a confirmation before buying it.

Also, I have some other issues, not related with multilingual. I will open another thread for it. Thanks!

Sorry, we can’t assist you with third party plugins, you would need to test or ask their creators. I can tell you the theme worked with WPML before, so it should be fine. I’ll double check with the developer if you want.

Yes please, ask the developer to confirm if the theme is still working with WPML, before I purchase it. I’m using WordPress 4.5.2.


It should work fine, but can’t guarantee it 100%. You can request a refund from WPML if it doesn’t work, I think they have a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Glad you fixed your issues with the theme btw.

Hi, I like the theme a lot, but I have some issues – questions. Check below: 1) Is it possible to make the photo bigger? 2) How can I have a bigger font for the sections “About me” and “My expertise”? 3) When I click an item in “My Portfolio” it opens in the same page and the CV is lost. How can make it I open it in a new page? 4) How can I add company logos for companies listed on the “Experience” section? 5) How can I add a Skype / Google Hangout button and make those programs to be launched? 6) My portfolio projects description are somewhat long. Is there any way to make it compressible / expandable? Something like a “Read more” link. 7) Print button not working 8) How can I add a button to allow downloading a PDF? 9) How can I hide the blog part?

My link is jc.devinatea.com if you wish to review. I know some PHP, CSS and HTML experience. If you give me directions maybe I can do it myself. Many thanks for your help!


Hi, 1) Currently there’s no option via the customizer, but you can do this via CSS and HTML. 2) It seems you don’t have the p tags around your text, add that and the text will be bigger. 3) This is a custom edit, after class=”externalurl”, just add target=”_blank”. 4) Currently not something the theme allows, you’d need to custom edit this. 5) Same as the previous answer. 6) Same as the previous answer. 7) The button seems to be working fine on our end, what browser are you using? 8) Again, not available and would need to be a custom job. 9) This is in the documentation, under section display options.

If you’re not too experienced with PHP I suggest you hire a freelancer to do these custom additions for you.


Hi pixeldizajn, 1) OK, will do so. 2) You were right, done 3) Your suggestion helped. Actually I fixed this modifying the pcv.js, where the externalurl is treated. On line 72 Changed <<window.location.href = $(this).attr(‘href’);>> by <<var xxurl = $(this).attr(‘href’); window.open(xxurl, ‘_blank’);>>. 4) 5) 6) Understood. 7) It’s working now. 8) Understood. Many thanks for your help.

8) = eight


jenlepp Purchased

I attempted to install this theme on my WP at WPEngine, and it will not install. Error states:

“Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5230603-perfectcv-responsive-cv-resume-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Any suggestions?

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

The most common issue – please open the zip file and inside it you will find the documentation and the actual theme zip file that you need to upload. So in short you’re uploading the wrong file…

Let us know if you need any other help.

Hi pixeldizajn, I have one problem with the theme. In the “experience-section” (on my website “Vita”) it shows only the last five positions in the right order, but I have ten in this section. The order-function works, so I can see the hidden positions if I bring them to a position between 1-5. But I never see the items from 6-10. What’s wrong there? My website is http://benediktschreiber.de Thanx

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

In Settings – Reading – how many posts do you have set to be visible per page? If it’s 5 – you can change it to 10 and it should work. Let us know…


flchou Purchased

Hi, when I tried to use the “print” function on the website and print as PDF, some of the sub-categories don’t line up right. For example:

Experience  Work A
            Work B
Education   School A
School B
Section X   XXXXX

In this example, School B doesn’t line up with the rest, and Section X is a custom section that I added. Any idea how I might be able to correct this?

p.s. it seems the misalignment happens right after page 1, in the beginning of page 2, not sure if that can be part of the issue.

Hey, could you please link us to your website so we can check this? Not getting the same error on our demo.


flchou Purchased

Hum.. it seems the error is computer specific (printed fine on my other computer). I’ll try some more and see if I can duplicate the issue on the other computer.


flchou Purchased

Hi, how do you indenting second line of a bulleted list? I’ve tried editing the style.css (child theme) but no luck so far. Thanks.

Oh, okay. Instead of .page, pleas use .par_el and that should do the trick.


flchou Purchased

Thank you. So I’ve used ”.par_el ul li { padding-left: 20px; text-indent: -1em } but when that’s implemented, it seems to introduce uneven line spacing throughout. Maybe I’m missing something?

Hi, you can add line-height: 2em; or any number, and you can also add top and bottom padding to get the line spacing to where you want it.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I purchased your theme recently and I love it. I am new to website design and coding so I do not have much technical info for now. What I want to do is to add icons from Academcons font (http://jpswalsh.github.io/academicons/) to the social or contacts of the about me section and make it hyperlink so that the user redirects to my academic profiles. The same thing that is available for facebook for example. My website: (chemicalengineer.info). I have the purchase code if you need it. Regards, Reza

Hey, thanks for purchasing.

Sadly, there’s no option to adding custom icons into that area as of now. Not sure how good do you know HTML/CSS, but this isn’t too hard to hardcode into the template… maybe you can try finding assistance from a freelancer. It’s a 30 minute job.