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You guys have excellent customer support. BTW I’m a senior technical recruiter and will be recommending this theme to my consultants and network. Great job. ~Keith

Hey, thanks for the kind words and for the recommendations, we truly appreciate it!

Hi pixeldizajn ,

Is it possible to change the picture in "About me" to be a normal photo instead of a convex? Just a plain rectangle photo. Where do I change it in the source code? Thanks

Hi, you just need to remove border-radius property on ”.circle” and ”.circle img” in styles.css.

Hey, I love this theme – so clean and simple!! I have a few questions:

I uploaded my photo, but it is not appearing?? I’ve made it 84×84 and tried both a .jpg and .png, but still nothing happens. 2. My portfolio thumbnails are showing, but when I click on them, I’m timing out (do they need to be a certain size?)) Thanks.

I think I discovered what causes the issue with the contact form. I think the email you’re using to receive the mail to does not exist. I think you need to create it from your cPanel first and it should work. Try using some other email just to test, for example gmail or anything else. Cheers!

Pixeldizajn, thanks, all set!

You’re welcome :)

First off – Great theme!

Question: Is it possible to embed a YouTube clip into the portfolio section along with images?

Hi, thank you! Sorry for late reply we were away, but no, it’s currently images only. If Lightbox 2 implements that future, we will too.

First off, let me say I LOVE this theme. It’s clean, well put together, and exactly what I needed.

Now I’m wondering how I might go about adding sections. I have a few categories of additional information to include, and it would be wonderful to be able to add another section like the Experience or Education sections.

Hey, thanks for the kind words!

As for the adding section, there’s currently no option to do that from Wordpress admin panel. We’re thinking about introducing that feature in the future, not sure when though.

However, it’s fairly easy to do by editing the code. I don’t know how skillful you’re in that, but it’s a matter of copy/pasting and renaming the category names. Hometpl.php would have to be changed, as well as functions.php to add one more post type.


Help! I am having a problem overriding your default image. I went to Customize -> about me and loaded my image, but yours still appears and I can turn off the image, but would like to put in mine. I am on Chrome browser with my MacBook Pro.

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

What version of the theme do you have? We have fixed this issue recently… Please update it if you don’t have the latest version.

If you do, please send us your website URL so we can check it out. Cheers!

I have 1.0.3 In the interim I went into the wordpress file structure wp-content -> themes -> PerfectCV -> img and replaced your photos mypic.jpg and mypic@2x.jpg with my images

Hi, latest version is 1.1.2, please update your theme, this issue was fixed in 1.1.0.

I just found that Portfolio image viewer works in Firefox but not in Chrome Version 28.0.1500.95 on my Macbook Pro running MAC OSX 10.6.8

This issue was fixed as well, again please update your theme. :) If you have any difficulties in updating please let us know…

I should mention that you need to backup your theme folder in case you did any customization.

Hi there, Really sorry not sure if I’m missing something but nothing is showing up on my site http://www.mssarakelly.com When I try to edit using the Customise section it shows a blank page.


Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Have you followed the first steps in the documentation? You need to setup the reading settings and publish two empty pages. It’s explained nicely in the documentation.

If it’s not that, please let us know and we’ll see what else could be the issue. Cheers!

Hello, I am a webdeveloper (basicly wordpress pages) and i would like to use your theme on my cv page. After installed the theme I can’t see the example page. I see only the header where JOHN DOE appears and contact me form. Between these sections there is nothing. Please help me, how i can see my about me, portfolio and so on sections. Thank you!

P.S.: the same like mssarakelly.

Okay, same goes here, have you followed the first steps in the documentation? You need to setup the reading settings and publish two empty pages. It’s explained nicely in the documentation.

If sections 2 and 3 to be exact. If it’s not that, please let us know and we’ll see what else could be the issue. Cheers!

Sorry, you’re right. I just downloaded wordpress main theme (990KB), adn there was no documentation. Now it’s perfect. Thank you!

Awesome, glad you resolved it!

I see the option to put description into html core. But keywords line is empty and I can not see any option to insert keywords into the html core code. Is there any chance to do it? Thank you!

Glad you resolved it… most people use Yoast SEO Plugin, if I understood what you were trying to do.

I know it. I am using all in one seo pack, and tried with it. It inserted keywords, but it was duplicated. One was your core code in header.php without the keywords: <meta name=”keywords” content=”” />. And onether one with keywords. It was generated by all in one seo pack. I don’t think so that it is good to duplicate this line. Thank your support!

Never got that issue, but I’ll replicate what you did and see if it happens for me too. Again, glad it’s working for you now.

Hello again, when I run the w3c validator, I got 3 error. Two of them is very easy to solve (I am using hide my wp plugin): 1. Line 15, Column 158: Bad value for attribute media on element link: Media query ended prematurely. …et/template/js/jquery.bxslider/jquery.bxslider.css’ type=’text/css’ media=’’ /> 2. Line 16, Column 125: Bad value for attribute media on element link: Media query ended prematurely. …f=’http://www.web-fejlesztes.net/template/main.css' type=’text/css’ media=’’ /> How to solve: in functions.php lines #37 and #38 insert all into the second ’’ after array() (jquery.bxslider.css, style.css).

The last error is harder to solve because it needs your work. 3. Line 75, Column 53: Duplicate ID about_me. <section class=”row-fluid about_me” id=”about_me”> and Line 41, Column 44: The first occurrence of ID about_me was here.

So use class please instead of id. Thank you!

now it’s working. I don’t now how, but i see the blu line over contact me section. I inserted a new pic into portfolio, maybe it could help me. Thank you!

On my resolution it works fine, so I’m 99% sure you just need to make some more blank space at the bottom. Either add a few <br /> where the .wrapper closes in footer.php or in styles.css find .container and add around 100-200px to margin-bottom until it starts working.

Let me know how it goes…

Okay, good things it’s working now! :)

Hey there pixeldizajn,

Is it possible to hide the Portfolio Section? I don’t need a portfolio for my resume :-/

Thanks, -Bill


Of course! Go to WP Admin -> Appearance -> Customizer and locate and click ‘Sections Display Options’ on the left and uncheck ‘Portfolio’ and save.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Hi! Good job guys! I’ve got two questions for you: a) i want to rearrange the Experiences by date, there’s a simpler way than cancel and rewrite all of them? b) it’s possibile to remove the skills bars and set the skills text body larger (like the about me body)? Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

a) There’s not a one click way to do that, but a simpler thing to do is to go to Experiences in WP admin panel, and click quick edit next to each experience post, and change the date and time and save.

b) This would require some CSS editing. Can you send us your website URL and we’ll send you a few lines of CSS that you’ll need to insert.

Bonjour, je viens d’acheter le template wordpress. Bravo c’est splendide.

J’ai un petit problème au niveau du bloc “Expérience”. Il doit exister une limite sur le nombre d’expériences autorisés. Comment faire pour sauter cette limite ? Merci d’avance.

I speak english like a spanish cow:

Hello, I just bought the wordpress template. Congratulations this is splendid. I have a small problem with the block “Experience”. There must be a limit on the number of experiments allowed. How to bypass this limit? Thank you in advance.

I don’t see a ‘purchased’ badge

If I understood correctly, when you post a new Experience post, it appears at the top but the one at the bottom disappears, correct?

In your Wordpress admin, navigate to Settings -> Reading. Please increase the number next to ‘Blog pages show at most’ and save. Let me know if that helps.

Thank you very much for your reply, it works. And congrats for this template.

Glad it works, thank you too.

Hi, Thank you for this beautiful theme. I wonder if we can change the font police on it. I really want to put an another one.



Ah, sorry, we updated the font sourcing per new TF guidelines. The fonts are in the ‘fonts’ folder of your theme, and the links to the fonts are defined at the top of the styles.css file in your ‘css’ folder. Let me know if you can find it that way.

Not sure what you mean for the phone number (are you talking about the skype plugin?), but for the email just add infront of your email, and after it.


Thanks, but when i put the html code behind my email adress, that shift my email adresse. Moreover i’ve just adding the new fond in .woff but how can i put it by default for all the website.

Cheers, and again your theme is really good!!

Hi, could you send us your website URL so we can solve this? You can send it via email…

Hi, I have purchased this theme and am getting an error message with the thumbnail of my portfolio images. The error is

”<img src=”WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [image_no_editor] => Array ( [0] => No editor could be selected. )

[error_data] => Array

) ” title=”blab” alt=”blab” />

but when you click on the broken image it shows the image. If you want i can send you a link to the site

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Please do send your website URL via email. But I’m pretty sure the reason the error appears is because the contents of your portfolio posts are probably wrong, they should be only the full sized image and optional plain text below. What is the current contents of the post that error appears for?



I really like you template and I am interested in buying it. However, instead of having all section on one page I would like to split them into the separate pages so when an user clicks on links the new page opens.

Is your template allowing to split the section into the separate pages? If not, would it be a possible to do through amending the source code. I am experienced in HTML, CSS, PHP. However, I am new to Wordpress.

Thanks in advance for any information.




The template doesn’t have that functionality. For an experienced WP developer, it would take a few hours to do this, I’m not sure if a beginner would be able to do that.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Now after I purchased the theme, I realized that I need to use WPML. Is this at all possible with this theme?.. I mean, lots of info is put into the customizer and afaik, that’s not exactly ideal when it comes to WPML…

Hi, we didn’t have WPML in mind when designing PerfectCV, because to be honest we didn’t see the need for a CV theme to be compatible with WPML. I’m not sure will it be useable for that, because as you rightly say a good amount of content is inserted via the Customizer. Let us know if you try and if you happen to need any help.


A suggestion: I’d like the ability to split experience into Types. For example the companies I’m currently involved with, compared to previous work. Furthermore, the site I’m currently creating is for someone who has hundreds of various positions on various boards etc, and listing all in one big list is a bit nuts. AJAX pagination would be good here I think. I simply can’t imagine this page working properly on a mobile device when there’s 100 positions to scroll through…

Food for thought :-)

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Usually people post just highlights of their job positions, but we’ll keep your idea in mind when working on future versions.