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I have implemented this theme with much success – it’s beautiful, thank you!

I have noticed that the “All Posts” link is broken. It redirects to the correct URL, but instead of displaying all of my posts…the user gets search results.


Hi, thanks for purchasing!

Can you send us your website URL (you can email us if you want)? Also send us a screenshot of your Settings -> Reading page.


Hello – thanks for your response! My website is www.missmarinepants.com. What email can I send the screenshot to?

Weird, your reply never appear in our Unread comments, so I’m sorry for not replying faster.

The problem is probably that you didn’t post an empty Blog page, or you haven’t set the correct Blog URL in Settings -> Reading.

You can either send us the screenshot we requested to kontakt@pixeldizajn.com or create a temporary admin account and email us login details and we can do this for you.

Cheers and sorry for the lack of reply again.

This is a gorgeous theme and the documentation is superb. I was trying to decide between this and another theme for my resume/personal website, but when I saw the excellent customer service you are providing I decided to go with this one and I am so glad that I did.

One question, is there anyway to make the “About Me” section wrap around the contact buttons and info?


1) In hometpl.php delete line 60, or the line that starts like this: ”<div class=”progressbar…”

2) In the same file, there’s a div with class “galleryItem”, inside it there’s an a element. Delete everything that is between <a and >.

Let me know if that helps. Cheers!

The portfolio change worked perfectly! However, removing the skills bar pushed all of the skill words to the top of the “my expertise” section. Is there a way that I can either make the words bigger, place a solid bar between them, or just put extra space between them?

Hi, I see.

In styles.css locate this ’.skill_level h4’. Remove margin-top from there, and add margin-bottom: 20px; That should do it.


Good Morning, is it possible to remove the portfolio part, i just want to use it for my resume.!

Hi, yes it is, it’s explained in the documentation. It’s very easy, you just have to navigate to ‘Section display options’ in the Customizer.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


I saw in some of the earlier comments that there isn’t currently an easy way to add new sections, but that it is possible via CSS editing. Would you be able to provide some more guidance on this, and where/what I need to edit or change?

I’m looking to add 4 new sections for a client: 1. Certifications 2. Publications 3. Appointments 4. Organizations/Links

Thanks in advance, this theme is great! :)

So everything is up and running, but I am finding that there’s no gap in the vertical line between that separates the section headers from content in regards to the new sections that I’ve added… can you please take a look? I’m sure it’s something simple I’ve overlooked. http://www.warrengoetzel.com/

Thank you!


For each new section, its class actually, at the end of styles.css add margin-top: 60px;. So for example for certifications add: .certifications { margin-top: 60px; }

Let us know if that helps.

You are amazingly helpful! Thank you so much! :)

My photo,contact details and the things i typed in about me section are not showing. plz help

oops….i forgot to read the documentation :D sorry

Thanks for purchasing and glad you resolved it! :)


i’ve installed your theme on my wordpress platform but apparently i’m unable to get sections like “my skills” and “about me” shown in the home page. I just see a list of my recent posts and the contact form, no matter what sections i enable through the theme’s option page.

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

It’s really easy to setup and it’s all explained in the documentation. You need to follow the steps to install from there like any other theme.

The documentation is included in the main zip folder. :)

Let us know if you get stuck and we’ll gladly assist.


Last question (I promise!) Is there a way to get more than 10 posts to show up in a particular section? Client has 19 items listed for Publications/Presentations and only 10 appear on site: www.warrengoetzel.com/#publications

Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can ask as many questions as you want.

Go to Settings -> Reading in your Wordpress admin panel and increase the ‘Blog pages show at most’ number. That should do the trick.

Cheers, and don’t forget to rate the theme. :)

DUH! I was over complicating it and digging through the source files… thanks again! Gonna go rate it right now. :)


I’m about to purchase this template, and want to clarify 3 doubts.

1-) It is possible to create a button to download the resume in pdf extension ? Dont need to be the same format of the webpage, an external pdf file would solve this.

2-) It is possible to maximize or expand your profile picture when click on it ?

3-) It is possible to leave a field to people recommend you (or say something about you) under of each experience entry ? (with admin approval flow)

Thank you in advance.

Final question. It is possible to add an external video (youtube or vimeo) into the portfolio section ?

Another question. It is possible to the text of Expertise move to the right under the bars when the text is larger than amount of bars ?

You’re welcome.

As of now no, if Lightbox introduces that feature, we will too.

Not sure what you mean with your last question, but our responsive design works fine, the text goes below the skill bars when the space becomes too narrow. We determined this was the best way to do it.

Great job! You have restored my faith in both talent AND excellent customer service.

Thank you! :)

Hi, i purchased this theme and its great! Its easy to use. Im just wondering about the content text color of Experience, Education Section. Its very hard to read, unlike the About Me Content Text Color. How do i change the color of the text?

And in case you’re planning to upgrade, it is possible to include the widget? That we can add widget in a blog section?


Hi, thanks for purchasing.

In styles.css inside the css folder, delete the following line:

.experience p, .education p, .blogsection p { color: #C0C0C0; }

That should fix the color.

As for the widgets, there’s nothing planned for now, but we wrote down your suggestion.

thanks, it works

Love this theme, but the ‘about me’ font is really small – how do I change the size of the font? I can’t see anything to change in the style.css sheet with hopeful thanks

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

You need to add <p> in front of your about me text and </p> at the end. That will fix the font size.


thanks ever so much again!


Beautiful Theme!

How do you add new sections? I saw some comments indicating it is possible.

Thanks, Dave M

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Well as we said in those comments, you need to have php and html knowledge. You need to copy the section code in hometpl.php, then change the class of the DIVs, then in functions.php you would need to choose one of the sections, and wherever it is mentioned you need to copy it and rename that copy to your new section.

Another easier way, if it’s static content would be just to copy the HTML code and fill it out directly into hometpl.php.

Let us know what exactly you’re trying to do, there’s a chance we might be able to assist.


Hello, I really like your theme, it’s neat, and simple !

Small questions for you :

- how do i change the main “blue” color on items (send button, menu section…) - can i swap twitter and rss buttons to vimeo and deviantart for exemple ? - how do i change the progress bar color for skills ? - can i add a portfolio entry with multiple photos on it like a gallery, and may be a vimeo movie ?


Hi, thanks for purchasing!

1) Currently there’s no color options, but it’s very easy to replace the blue. Just open styles.css that inside the css folder and find #0099E8 and replace it all with whatever color you want.

2) Yes, but there’s no option to do this from the customizer. You would have to dive into the code a bit, it’s all located in hometpl.php inside the div with the class of ‘soc’.

3) To change the progress bar color, locate line 773 in css/styles.css file. Change background-color property of progressbar-inner class.

4) Lightbox doesn’t have that functionality at the moment. If they ever insert that we will too. We have a modification some people requested and that is to replace the Lightbox with a post page where you can insert whatever you want (to clarify, with the modification the thumbnails from the portfolio link to post pages, not full sized image on the same page). Let us know if you need this or anything else.


Is there a way to add a field to put in instagram contact details in the contact area? I’d rather take away the Google+ contact option and add Instagram.


Currently only with direct editing of hometpl.php, we can assist you with that. However, there’s an update of the theme coming that will enable you to easily add any of the popular social media buttons from the theme customizer. It will be uploaded before the end of the month surely.


Hi, I’d like to move the skills bars to under the “My Expertise” text, is that possible ? – Not sure if I already asked that…



It is possible but not from Wordpress panel or something like that, you would have to do it by editing hometpl.php. It’s not hard because the sections are ‘commented’ and marked…

Could you assist me on that ?

We don’t do special modifications, but we can send you pointers of what you need to move if you want?

hi. can i change the language of this theme for example change it to Chinese? do you have mo po files? and will the fonts still be conform to the theme if i change the language to Chinese.

Hi, today or tomorrow (I’m not 100% sure), we’ll be updating the theme and including the localization support. As for the fonts, we’ll have to check this, but we use the ones from Google Fonts. However even if they don’t work, it would be pretty easy to change the font and we could assist with that.


Hi, I have purchased the theme and installed it on a windows machine. All is working well except the fonts. I imagine it is a permissions error but cannot find the issue and hoped you may have had experience of the problem. The files are in the directories the browser says it is looking in. Any assistance would be great.

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

Fonts on your website seem to be working fine on our end, did you fix it or it’s still not showing up correctly for you? Is our demo working fine for you?

I have a type kit account and switched the fonts over to that because I couldn’t get the working after trying a number of things. Your demo looks fine it seems that it’s my installation that’s the problem. Only other issue I can see is a bigger indent by the phone number on iOS devices. Not had chance to look into the CSS on that yet though.

Could you send us a screenshot of that indent issue please?


I purchased your theme and am in the process of customizing it—domain is currently pointed to http://kritisenblogs.kreativlabs.com/.

I am working on a few things—would be glad if you can provide some pointers:

1. The images in the portfolio section have a clickable link, but nothing shows up there when the lightbox opens up. How can I fix this? How can I add a text beside the tooltip like “Click link below for more details.”

2. I am working to include a Publications section like ‘SR20DETg20girl’ above, and am digging into hometpl.php—However I have not yet figured out how to add a Menu entry. For now, how can I add a link to my ‘Publications’ page (http://kritisenblogs.kreativlabs.com/publications) between ‘My Blog’ and ‘Contact Me’? I tried editing in “Appearance > Menus” but somehow I could not get it to work. 2.

The updated theme is really great! It fixed the Sections problem in a jiffy.

BTW the portfolio section now works, but that was only after I figured out a few things: 1. I had put the media in the Featured Image and not in the content, and that way, the image did not show up in Slideshow. Maybe you can put a note on this in Documentation, or just remove the Featured image option. 2. I had put a hyperlink in the ‘Description – below the title’ and that messed up the Slideshow. 3. I put an image thumbnail in the post content, and the Video URL in the space provided, and that works just fine. Maybe you can put in some more documentation about these.

The updated site is at http://kritisen.com


Hi, glad it’s working. We’ll look into your suggestions today and let you know what we think… Greetings


the thumbnail image is generated automatically, resized and optimized from the first image posted in the Visual Editor. Sometimes this option is not quite suitable, for example when someone wants to have a different thumbnail then what is displayed as a full size image in the popup. If this is the case, WordPress Post Thumbnails comes in place. From WordPress Codex: “Post Thumbnail, now Featured Image, is an image that is chosen as the representative image for Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types”. So that’s why the featured image option is used and needed for.

In newer versions of this theme, if image/video/embed is not posted properly, this default image fill be shown [ http://i.imgur.com/rLLDCGu.png ] so that rules out all possibilities that someone might get confused. We’ll look into improving the documentation too.


Hello - I have updated my Wordpress to 3.8 and now in the customize section I get “Cheatin’ uh?” with a brown background box. In the live site it’s just a blank white page. Help!

Hi, what we’re know for sure is that PerfectCV works on v3.8 of Wordpress, so this is most probably a different issue.

If you try googling for the error you got, you will see A LOT of people have got the same one. Do you have any plugins installed? Have you tried deactivating one by one and seeing if that fixes the issue? Also try activating one of the default themes (TwentyTwelve) and then activate PerfectCV again…

Let us know how it goes.

I have TwentyFourteen working in place of PerfectCV, will try deactivating all plug-ins, thanks.

Okay, let us know how it goes.

Hey, congrats for the latest update of the theme. It is AWESOME. Very intuitive and easy to change things.

The only thing is, you have changed the whole structure of hometpl.php file, so I still want to maximize my photo when click on it. Where I can insert the code that you send me in the past ?

Thanks. and congrats again.

Thank you!

In your theme folder, open footer.php and at the end, just before ” </body></html> ” enter this script:

<script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('.circle').magnificPopup({ items: { src: 'http://www.sergiopenteado.com.br/imagens/photo_baixa.jpg' }, type: 'image' }); jQuery('.circle').css( 'cursor', 'pointer' ); }); </script>

P-E-R-F-E-C-T ! Thanks !