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Ditto to what everyone has said thus far – awesome theme! Thank you.

My only issue seems to be when I try to use any of the built in formatting tools in the wysiwg editor, like bullets or blockquote. The text comes out very small…http://iangardiner.net/dev/#experience

I tried putting

around things, but that still didn’t fix it. Is there some CSS I have to insert?

Thanks in advance.

Cool, thanks. Any idea how long it might take? Not trying to rush, just curious. Best.

No longer than 48h I hope, should be up tomorrow if reviewers approve it fast enough.

Ok thanks!

Also, when I scroll down to a section, the navigation covers up the title of the section, like this: http://iangardiner.net/images/Screen%20Shot%202014-01-09%20at%2012.07.13%20AM.png

Any thoughts?

thanks. ian

Sorry, nevermind…this doesn’t seem to be an issue for me anymore

Are the fonts supported on IE8? My site looks like this on IE8 right now: http://iangardiner.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/screenshot_ie81.png

Otherwise, looks great on everything else.


In some situation it does happen that it doesn’t work it seems, it doesn’t read local fonts. The planned update will be delayed a bit until we fix this even though IE8 support is now optional on TF.

Hi – sorry for all the questions, lately. But, any chance you can include an option to use different colors for the site title and the titles for each section in the next update? Either that, or is there a way to override the customized options all together and I can hand code each.

Thanks in advance. Best, Ian

Hi, to customize the colors you asked about, locate lines 12 and 13 in js/custom.js. The selector is [ .site_header h1 ]. Cheers!

ok, thanks!!

The v1.2.2 of the theme is now available to download. Greetings!


I really like the theme, but I was curious about a couple enhancements that would make all the difference in the world.

First, it would be lovely if we could have the option of only providing one-date for Education items. We can do it now, but the theme still prepends (or appends) and hyphen, which visually screams “SOMETHING IS MISSING HERE.” This would be a nice option to set “per-event.” For example, I’m present enrolled in a Masters program, and for “presently enrolled” it might be useful to show when I starteD (i.e. “start date – Present”) but for my undergrad it would make more sense to just list the graduation date, rather than encompass the start dates.

Second, I have a number of professional certifications that come with authorized logos and when I tried to insert the graphics next to each other on one-line, the CSS appears to always bump each subsequent one down to the next line. I’ve worked around it by making a single JPEG containing the three logos on one line together, but that’s a little labor intensive and doesn’t allow me to easily edit the order the certifications’ logos appear in.

Thanks again for the great theme,


Hi, thanks for purchasing and for the suggestions. We’ll certainly include them in the next update, not sure when we’ll that be but hopefully soon enough.

I have an issue with the theme, when the page loads, many of the home page images disappear from view. Can you please help?

Hi, can you please send us your website URL so we can check it out. You can email us if you want.

Hello, I have a problem, the content of expertise portfolio etc. don’t show on the site. It’s in the menu but there’s no content. Am I doing something wrong here? site is www.jorisdufils.com


Hi, thanks for purchasing. We also replied to your email.

Please read the documentation, it’s all explained in the first few steps. It’s very easy to setup, you just need to publish a few pages and setup reading settings. If you get stuck, let us know and we’ll assist.


Nice job! Is there a chance to add xing.de as a social network? Thank!

Thank you. Can you please email us and we’ll send you a modified theme with xing icon integrated?

Awesome! Thanks for the brilliant help!

Is it possible for some of the thumbnails to link to a new tab/page for a website as opposed to the popup box? Meaning I want the thumbnail image to link to an outside website.

Okay, we figured this out for you, can you email us and we’ll reply with a zip file of the modified theme? I think you emailed us before, but we want to make sure we’re sending it to the right address so please do that again.

Thanks you so much! I sent you an email.

Replied yesterday and just sent you a new email again. Greetings.

I’m having some difficulty. I want to have the order go About Me, New Section, Experience, Education.

How can I do that? If I change the order of the sections in the Customizer, I see Experiences twice!

Site is here.

I have managed to solve it, so don’t worry.

Also, how can I get rid of the footer?

1) It would be the best to dive into the footer.php code and just remove the HTML elements of the contact section and not the important PHP. If you can’t do this let us know and we’ll do this for you tomorrow morning (we’ll need you to email us so we can reply with the file).

2) It seems there’s an error with this, thanks for reporting it. We already did the fix and we’ll submit an update very soon (so it will be available to download in less than 24h).

As for the refund – sellers don’t have an option to do that, you’ll have to contact TF support but I don’t think they usually do that. However in our other themes we normally include the HTML with the WP, so if you email us we’ll send you the HTML-only version.

1) would be great if that was an option (to remove the contact me section)

2) Great!

3) That is reasonable, what email address should I use?

Amazing support! Thanks for the great theme too!

Contact us at kontakt@pixeldizajn.com and we’ll reply asap. :)

And how do I get rid of the RSS icon?

I figured out how to do this, don’t worry.

There is no way to customize the font in a description list (see http://erin.thedalzells.org/#experience).

Right now I have to go manually into the CSS. Would be great if there was a field in the Customizer for it.

Thanks for the heads up, we’ll add it to our list of improvements.

Hi there,

I can’t seem to get my contact me form to work. I”ve tried with multiple emails. I don’t have any plugins, except the one that was suggested when I downloaded the theme.


website is mirandafurtado.com


No plugins are needed for the contact form to work. Have you checked your hotmail spam folder and see if it’s getting there maybe? Might be an issue with your IP being blacklisted, but it’s an easy fix.

No, I read another comment about the same thing on here and it mentioned to disable any plugins added.

It’s not my email - the actual contact form keeps saying the email was not sent. I use that account everyday - I know it works, and I even tried putting different email addresses in.

Do you know what could be causing this?

No, I read another comment about the same thing on here and it mentioned to disable any plugins added.

It’s not my email, the actual contact form keeps saying the email was not sent. I use that account everyday. I know it works, and I even tried putting different email addresses in.

Do you know what could be causing this?

Hi, can you email us with the address you want to use so it’s not public here? After that we’ll look into it more. Few hours ago when that hotmail address was there it was working fine for us, we got a ‘message sent’ alert. Our email is kontakt@pixeldizajn.com

Is there a way to order some of the posts? For example, under awards I forgot an award and I’ve tried to find settings where I could reorder, but was unsuccessful.

Hi, thanks for the order.

The plugin for this is already integrated with PerfectCV. It’s called ‘Post Types Order’. Also this would be easy to do if you just changed the publish date of that post to be between the two you want it displayed in between.

I just installed this and the child template and am having problems seeing the pictures. When I point to the parent everything looks good. When I point to the child I cannot see any of the the social media icons except the RSS one, that looks OK, All the other just show the generic picture icons. The phone, email, etc. icons below them look OK.

Also I added my picture to the about me and that doesn’t show up, just the generic picture icon.

This may be related: when I installed the child theme it complained about the parent “perfectcv” not being installed. I had to go to the server and rename PerfectCV to perfectcv to make that error go away.

What do I need to do?

Thanks for reporting.

We’re uploading a fix for this very soon. If you need it right away contact us using the form on our profile here and we’ll email it to you.


A Pre-Buy Question

I’m looking for a theme that can be used by more than one user. I’m an educational trainer and want to teach young people how they could create a digital CV. After registering on my WordPress site, a user starts to fill out his resume, loads up one or more photos, save the page and see the result with its own url to promote to a firm maybe. Is that possible with your theme?

Thanks for your feedback.

Regards, Thorsten


Not really, through registering on your Wordpress installation – no. I don’t think any of the themes here work like that. However this wouldn’t be too hard to setup with some customization, I’m sure you could find someone on Microlancer to do it.

However licensing is another issue and you would have to check with TF support if their licenses cover this.

How do I get rid of the logo line? It goes straight through my name.

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

It’s in Appearance -> Customizer -> Header section, under “Horizontal line width”. You just decrease the number…