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how to make the template fixed ? it does not work.

Template fixed? do you mean navbar fixed or template boxed? it is written on documentation, anyway you can add me to skype: angelo.mazzilli

im sorry. i mean navbar fixed.

ah ok :)
just remove id=”nav-follow” from div class=”navbar”
if you have problem please contact me on skype, thanks

Hey dude, there is no stickyHeaderTop function in your production function.js

And main menu behavior is super weird: After I’ve removed class=”dropdown” in

  • there is a still triangle pictogram in menu item.

    And can you add to css to prevent css flickering?
  • hi, no problem, it is a simple change, can u add me to skype? user: angelo.mazzilli (from: bisceglie), thanks!

    I am a beginner. In Dreamweaver I use the template so I can update page changes to all the pages at once. Is there any way to do this in Bootstrap? Also why does this template not have any .less files?

    Thanks really much :) anyway you should change logo in every page, or you can include the header once using php code. I repeat, if you have problem please contact me on skype, thanks again.

    Angelo I am a beginner and for me these frameworks are so useful. However I am now having to learn how to make php includes, so I can have a template like I do in Dreamweaver. What I can’t understand is why frameworks do not provide a php include ready made page for us? It seems to me that most people will keep the header and footer the same throughout all their pages and so would need one.

    sorry sw1jms, i don’t know what other people do… :)

    For some reason in the mobile phone view you cannot see the sub menus. There is the “Pages” and other menu items but no sub menus. Can this be fixed?

    hi, have u got skype? please add my contact: angelo.mazzilli (location: Bisceglie), or send me an email, thanks

    Angelo sorry, I don’t have skype. my email is

    ok, i ll send you an email

    Hi Angelo,

    I just purchased Perfetto – it’s beautiful, thank you! Question for you: I’ve only built websites with WordPress…can you recommend a tutorial for building sites with Bootstrap or do you offer tutorials? Thank you!

    - Schumetta

    Sorry Schumetta, i dont make tutorials, unfortunately I have little time to… thank you for purchasing!

    hi, i have one question what would be the size of thumbnails to load them fast and proper in each design, your demo using 940×520 pixel images which is automatically adjusting size any minimum width and height recommendation

    Hello, you can use any size you want, the important thing is not to overdo it, 940*520 is a good resoultion,increasing the size of images, it risks increasing the loading time of the page. Hope that useful, Thanks!

    thanks for quick reply, now one more thing what you suggest for footer its really simple, i have already put banner on top, and then latest work thumbnails now need some footer stuff

    the footer of the perfetto template has been designed in a very simple way, if you have some experience with html and css you could create your own unique custom footer with bootstrap html, thanks

    Hi Angelo, I’ve been trying to upload the Perfetto theme to wordpress-3.5.1 and this error is constantly appearing… “Unzipping … Installing the theme … Unable to unzip the package. The subject does not have the style sheet style.css. Theme Installation failure ” Could you please help me?

    Hi, I’m afraid you’ve done a bit of confusion… Perfetto is a Site Template, it is not for Wordpress, infact it is placed in category “Site Template”... You can use it only as a site template.

    Thanks for your quick answer. What a pity!

    im really sorry… if you want u can purchase for wordpress, it will available for next week i think, please follow me, thanks and sorry again!

    Hi Angelo, I just bought the template, very nice work.

    But I have a problem, I’m not a programmer, recently I’m learning and I have a drama with the contact form, my question is, how do I set up my email? above buy other templates and contained a. PHP, but now I am overwhelmed.

    I hope your help many thanks, ç Walter

    Hi waltmons, unfortunately, like written in description, this template doesn’t include any php file, to operate the contact form you should add php script on your own, Thanks, Angelo

    Angelo, I saw the post where he says he had no php file, any way that you can help me if I have to pay for the sevice, I will assume, please I’m no expert in programming, my knowledge is limited. Thank you,

    Please contact me via skype: angelo.mazzilli (location: Bisceglie) Thanks

    Beautiful theme! Thank you!

    Please rate it if you like, thanks :)

    Hi Angelo, as requested I’m commenting on this thread to ask about the drop down menus and the responsive design for mobIle screens. Just sent you an email an hour ago. Appreciate the help. thanks.

    Hi :) sure, contact me to skype: angelo.mazzilli (from: Bisceglie) thanks

    Hi Angelo apologies but I dont use Skype. Any chance you could reply to my email?

    ok, i wrote you an email asap :)

    Hi how to show dropdown menus on desktop in mobile versions

    Hi Angelo, I have the same question as umefarooq.

    I have looked through the CSS files and located the code in the bootstrap and style CSS files but all attempts only get me close.

    I too would like to know how to only have the DropDown menu navigation – for all device widths.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    hi, on perfetto there is no sub navbar, you should modify style.css or include the “unformatted” bootstrap navbar, thanks

    Angelo, I am not sure I was clear. When I said “DropDown” I was not referring to the sub-menu. What I was talking about was having the single-level select-style menu that is seen in the Mobile/Tablet view for the desktop menu also. Thanks

    How do I get the sub menus to work in tablet and mobile view?

    How can I add a video to the homepage slider?

    Help me with Perfetto wp theme demo content… Where can I find a it? Thanx.

    Really like this but wondering if you will update this to the latest bootstrap version anytime soon.

    I cant remove slide show in blog (I upload one feature image in post, but show two imagess at the same time on the same place in frontend)... how i can to write post with one feature image without slideshow?