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Hi. How do I get all the pictures of the same size in the Wall Portfolio. Example: My first image has 855×570 (same height as the photos of the demo), but as you can see, it is smaller than the other. I did a test putting my image with 570×570 and it was exactly like the others, but she’s landscape and when you open full-size becomes distorted.

Hello! Just checked your site, it looks ok when you click the project.

sorry, I guess I was not very clear. Look at the first picture. It has 570 px height, but it is smaller than the other pictures. The difference with the other it is this width is 855 while the other also has 570px. I wish all stay in the same pattern. Is there anything I can do, or in this case, all my photos should be 570×570 px?

You have to upload all the images with the same size then.

How I order photos of the wall portfolio?

You can change the order by the publish date.

Hi there,

Hope you can help with an issue I’m having with the gallery. I’ve uploaded some new pics to my gallery Ideally, like before I’d like them to be larger within the square preview so that you just see a small amount of the image, then, when you click on it you see the whole image. Hope that makes sense :-)

Thanks in advance.

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item.

Hi mad_dog, sorry that’s correct my client purchased the theme for the website. I can send you the purchase code number and her details via email to verify this?

Thanks in advance.

Its better to register on our help forum Thanks

Hi mad_dog,

My designer tried to contact you last night and then realised that I bought the theme, so to avoid confusion, I’m going to ask on his behalf. We’re having an issue with the gallery on my site.

He has uploaded some new pics to my gallery Ideally, like before I would like them to be larger within the square preview so that you just see a small amount of the image, then, when you click on it you see the whole image. Hope that makes sense :-)

Hope you can help us.

Maybe you uploaded using the different size, we did not make any changes in the cropping functionality.

Hi mad_dog we have kept the sizes exactly the same as before – but also tried many other sizes to see if there was a change (small and large), but all appear the same. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks :-)

Having no idea :(

Hi mad_dog

first of all, great theme, it’s really cool.

by the way I have a small issue here. I hope that’s just something that I can’t find.

I would like to use the wall portfolio in the home page as a stylish menu for some of the inner pages of my website. so for some of the images it works just fine the way it is. but for some other tiles I would like to set more easily the links.

I know that there is the option for a custom link in the editing of the single portfolio item, but it has a _blank target that really makes that way useless for me.

there isn’t a way to set the link of the “read more” button. is it? ‘cause that would be the perfect way to solve my issue.

congrats again on your work, that is a real beauty… besides my little big problem :)

ok found it aaaand done.

ok found it aaaand done.

Hi, I love the theme. I’m still tweaking though details and uploading content but I had a question about a feature of the theme. On the home and portfolio pages, when you hover over portfolio items you get options of the plus and the link icons. Can I get rid of one of those and only offer redirection to the project’s page upon click or no?

My page is

Thanks, Dragan

Hello! Yes, it is possible to hide that info, please post this request on our help forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Haven’t had any replies on the forum.

Please note that the support is limited on weekends, its mentioned on the forum and our TF profile page. What is the link to your forum thread?

Hello! Loving the theme! When clicking on the wall portfolio I get a preview text and when i click on “read more” i get the full portfolio post. My question is; how do I have a seperate preview text on the main page and something else as text content on the portfolio item page like in your demo? In the demo these seem to be different texts but on my site they are the same.

Hello! Thanks for the kind words. You have to use the excerpt in this case

Ah of course! Thank you for the fast response!

A small follow-up question; Is it possible to disable the lightbox functionality of the theme? I’d like to use another lightbox plugin in order to have a different look to the lightboxes.

Please post this request on our help forum.

Hello, I have a very weird problem with this theme ( and everything else works just fine so I hope it’s just me not getting something…), I’ve created portfolios and the 3 columns and 1 column displays just fine, but when I click on my portfolio Items I arrive on the 404 error page everytime, is there something special to do to display the portfolio single page other then just creating the portfolio items themselves? I’ve never seen that but all themes being different in their functioning I must miss something. Thanks in advance, Nina.

Hello Nina! Please make sure that you have the right permalinks set. If you provide your wp-admin details we will take a look

Ok that was it, so silly, not used to the default setting on date/title :/ Thanks a lot for the quick answer, glad I purchased this theme, great design and great options !

Thanks for choosing our product. p.s. if you have a minute, please rate our theme

Hi! I like this theme very much!! Only a question…. about wall portfolio, can I insert it only in the home page (like in demo) or can i use it in pages? And can i have only 14 featured image, only two rows? Thanks in advance, Francesca

Hello Francesca, please send the website credentials to support[at] The support specialist will check your installation.

Hi! I tried to reinstall template and plugin GT3 Page Builder, but i’ve the same problem: do not work! Have I register on your supporter? On this page: ? Thanks. Francesca

Francesca! Please send your wp-admin details via a contact form on my TF profile page

Hi, We have purchased your theme and love it. Having a hard time keeping the header box consistent in between pages. On some it is boxed on the page and other bleed to a cover. Can you instruct how to fix?

For Example: (Brown covers) (Brown Boxed, how we would like it)

THanks! Libby

Hello Libby! Can you please be more specific? I see the same breadcrumbs on the both pages 1 – 2 –