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Beautifully minimal theme. Quick question:

While I appreciate the custom button style, is it possible to create a button set that is completely flat (no shadow effect)?

Thanks for creating such a clean, yet unique, theme.

Best regards,


Ok great. Thanks. This is for a client, which is why I ask. Beautiful theme – and gain, thank you for your impressive work.

Oh yes, btw: what method have you used to generate such a smooth scroll effect? So smooth, like a brand new car…

It’s a little secret ;)

Hi there, nice looking theme. Can I check, are you able to put the socials at the top with minimal editing of the code?


Do you want something like this ?

That’s the one, thanks

Yes, it is possible to do.

Hi, i bought the theme today but i don’t see the demo file to upload the demo content… Where can i find it?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please read the documentation for obtaining information. There is an options to import the demo content.

How do I get a slider that uses the portfolio like you have on the default home page of your demo site?

Hello! Do you mean the wall portfolio?

yes, but i figured it out. thanks!


Hi, I just purchased this theme but I can’t seem to get the Wall Portfolio to work correctly. Could you help?

Hello! Could you please get back to me???

Come on man

Please check your email

When I import sample content, it just continues to load and doesn’t finish … What might the issue be?

Hello! Please make sure that you set the right permissions to the uploads folder. It is a standard wordpress requirement. I use the deafualt wordpress XML import/export tool.

Hello, on the wall portfolio homepage, is it possible to link to videos, not just images? Or do you have to click the read more icon to see the video?Thanks

Is there a way to make this easier? Maybe reword the ‘read more’ to say watch or something?

Only my portfolio is solely video and a quick link to a video would be a lot more effective for me. It’s not possible that when you click the image the video pops straight up?

No, this option is not available. I would recommend you to use the wall gallery instead of portfolio then

I have the theme installed but none of the Page Builder items show up on my main page. The only thing that shows up is the menu and header with a Background.

Hello! Please make sure that you followed all the instructions in the documentation. Theme and page builder installation, demo content import etc.

I’ve double checked everything and gallery displays fine but none of the porfolio or slider page builder shows up.

Please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check it.

first of all: wow! great theme and exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for that great piece of work!

I’ve got little trouble in getting the wall gallery at the home running – it seems the thumbnails will not be loaded – I can only see unformated text. the same for the blog posts – here are thumbs in the related posts section but the pictures are not shown in the post itself. What am I doing wrong? Beyond that the “purchase button” on the home (wall gallery demo version) is just code … I really hope you can help me figuring out the problem! Thank you so much!

Did you send your wp-admin details?

Yes i did yesterday and again a minute ago :)


1st great theme, only i am doing something wrong.

the button shows up in code

i have the home wall in the page only i can not click on the image (a image in the wall , the one you use on the home wall page.)

en the menu is strange, is not working . can you give me a solution please, thank you

Hello! Please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check. Also, do not forget to read the documentation.

yes i read the doc first , i have the wordpress 3.8.1. i run local. i have the demo. i will email you at the given adress.

OK, thanks

Hey great theme but just got one issue.

Between the Menu and the portfolio why is there such a big gap? How do i make that gap smaller?

Hello! Can you please send your wp-admin details and we will check it? The email is help at gt3themes dot com

Tried to send an email but bounced back. Could you send one via info at krazymedia co uk

You can use the contact form on my profile page.

On the wall portfolio on the front of the website is there a way to define the number of columns? currently on your site it is 6 but I want to have bigger images and set it to 3. Can it be done in theme options or is this a custom css job?


Hello Allan! Thanks for your interest in my product. There is no option in the theme options panel. It requires the changes in the script.

Hi! Beautiful theme! One question: Is it possible I put only 4 images that link to 4 differents services pages in the home? Or it’s only possible link to portfolio pages? Thanks

This option will be available next week. Regarding 4 images per line, it can be done only as a custom solution.

Do you make this custom solution (4 images per line)? How much it would cost?

Please send an email to help at gt3themes dot com and you will get a quote. Thanks

Would your theme be able to support two different portfolios with two different filter sets on the one index page. Happy to create a custom php page template, but just want to know if that will work with your portfolio?

Hello! Yes, it works. You can add 2 portfolio modules with different categories to display on one page.

Hello this is a beautiful theme! Great work! Will this work with woocommerce?


When I click on image in portfolio first load bigger image up and then after click read more we going to project site.

Can I do that to go direct to project site without load bigger image ?

This option will be available in the next update. Currently only the standard portfolio can work in the way you explained above.

When will be next update ?

Is Update will be available for olders templete ?

What you meen standard portfolio work in the way you explained above. Where is this standard portfolio ?

At the end of the next week. This option will be available in this theme only in a week. The standard means and other 1-2-4 columns. They have this functionality.

Hello, I’m planning to buy the theme! I have a question, does the theme works with multilanguage plugins? For instance WPML? And is it possible to add a background image, without getting the boxed theme layout? What code needed to be added? Thank you for your help!

It is possible to do that as a custom solution but some design element won’t be displaying good.

Okay thanks! What do you mean by “some design element won’t be displaying good”? If I add some custom code to create a background, will the theme then behave strange with problems? And in case what problems? Or do you mean more like design problems with the text that can be hard to read if there is a background image that steals focus?

It requires a changes in the plugins css styles to fit the theme design.

Hello I asked some weeks ago about woocommerce integration. You answered that it would be available within a week or two, but obviously it is not there yet. I’m just about to buy another theme for that reason, but before I do that, I would like to know if woocommerce is coming up and if yes, when it would take effect.

I do not have ETA, because there are a lot of work. But I’m working on woocommerce integration.

Why is the Background Start and Background end option not showing up in the page builder? I have triple checked the installation of the plugin and it is fine. I have also tested all of the other modules within the plugin and it works fine.

Your installation instructions for the theme also tell people to go to the plugin folder to view documentation on the gt3 plugin. The folder listed does not exist.

And before you ask, no I cannot provide my login details as this website is being created on a local machine. Any idea why this is happening?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. It sounds really strange that only this module missed. I’ve just double checked the main zip file, the documentation is right there. Please make sure that you downloaded the main zip file.

Hello, I just bought your WP Theme Performer and I’m having an issue on the HomePage. We wanted to create the portfolio view just like the theme but everytime I use the GT3 Page Builder Portfolio, the homepage stops working. I couldn’t find the documentation on how to put the Portfolio in the HomePage.

Can you help me please?

Here is the link with the issue:

It is not secure to post your site credentials to the public. Please change the details and send them via the contact form on my TF profile page.

Sorry … Can you say what PHP settings are required?

It requires the same settings that wordpress does.