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One of the BEST back ends and well built themes I’ve used in a very long time. I will always purchase themes from you.

One challenge. Please advise: The site is not showing or showing properly in Firefox or IE. Please help because I love it! I am waiting for my forum support account to activate but I’d like to get working on this issue.

Hello! Thanks for your kind words. What issues do you have? You can send an email to support at gt3.zendesk dot com

I posted this message in the GT3 discussion forum, but have not received a response. I have a background image (not set on the entire page, but within the page module as a paralax or stretch image – Background Start > Background Image). The background image is a design with pictures along the right and left margins. Each time I enter content on the page, the background image readjusts (gets larger) to make up for the page content. How can I center the background image so it does not adjust with content? I’ve tried “background-position: center;” in the CSS Class box, but it does not work. My site is currently not live (using MAMP desktop server to learn the options)

Hello! Please note that the support is limited on weekends. Please put the link to your thread and I will personally check it.

Thanks for the response here. Not sure what you mean by “put the link to your thread.” Do you mean include the link within this comment section? (

I do not see any link to your site to check it. Also, please make sure that you have to use bg start and bg end module.

Wonderful theme and nice options. Question: Is it possible to have only the title text without the breadcrumbs navigation below it?

Hello! That’s the breadcrumd block. It can be done by making the changes in the code.

Thanks, but what changes need to be made? I’d like the heading to show, but not the breadcrumb page links. When selecting “Hide” from the View Options, it removes the heading as well.

Yes, that’s correct, please post this request to my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Hi, i have one last question…

With the multi-photo look on the home page, can you achieve the same look with just a gallery on a wide page? Also do you know if there is a way you could keep the same multi-photo grid look and then each photo randomly changes (fades in and out for a new photo), or is there a plugin you know of which could do this and would work on your theme?


yep, i want to have the same look on the home page but without doing it with the portfolio items as you have on the demo page. It could just be static photos and when you click on them they appear in a light box.

ah, if i had read your link properly that would of answered my question above, durrrrrrrr

hi nice theme!

i uploaded your theme on my website

please check my website.. !!

i wanna make my website same as your fist page.. what i have to do…?

Please let me know your email and I will send the updated file.

I would like to have a multiple image gallery on my portfolio pages.

In the demo you have a slider on one of the portfolio pages, When I add the upload the content into the theme on my site this page does not have the slider.

How do I create the slider gallery at the top of this page?

If you choose the image, the slider option will appear below the wordpress content editor, and in case if you choose the video, you will get an option to put the link to the video file, youtube or vimeo.

Is it possible to get the other GT3 Page Builder Options into the posts section? As the posts have limited options compared to the pages/portfolio etc

Please note that it is a page builder not a post one that’s why you can use the main page builder functionality only thing the pages and custom post types like portfolio. Though you can use the available shortcodes within the posts.

Dear mad_dog!

first I wanna say thanks for your great support! I’m more than happy with your fabulous theme!

I’ve found an issues on the blog: all publishing dates are set to 5. Nov 2013 even if the dates are right in the backend. The second is: those social media links on the bottom of a page are not visible when opening the website on iphone but for ipad it works well.

Another question is: could you tell me where to find the information about the height of the picture slider in the masonry blog view – I would love to change the height a bit as all of my pictures are squares and don’t look that well in lower measurements. Would be great!

Hello! Thanks for your kind words. Can you please send me an email to help at gt3themes dot com and I will assist you? I’m on the phone at the moment, will get back to you shortly.

oh, I already did a few days ago – but will send my email again.

Hmm, really strange. I always answer the emails in a timely manner.

Hi there, great looking theme! Can i ask, is it possible to ‘switch off’ or remove the smooth scroll effect? Thanks

What OS do you test it on, browser, its version…

Using Chrome on mac. I’m out of the country until end of the week so will get back to you on what version. Is it better to carry on convo by email or on here? Thanks again!

You can send all your requests to help at gt3themes dot com

Hi mad_dog Any news on the Woocommerce integration?

Arrrgh mad_dog – You MUST do this soon. Your theme is the only I want. Having looked all around, Performer is MY theme. But I need to know if the Woo really is coming soon or if you just consider;-) HEEEEELP MEE :-D

No, i’m working on it but dont have eta

Ok. When it arrives, will it work with a simple update or do I have to reinstall the entire theme?

Hello, can you please tell us which widgets you have used for the twitter and mailchimp as it is in your website. They currently don’t come in the theme and there is nothing in the documentation about them.


Hello! We use the standard mailchimp plugin, you can download it from The twitter widget is available in the widgets area.

My GT3 Page Builder Plug in does not give me a background module option. Is there a fix to this? Thanks.

I logged in today and low and behold…the background module options appear.

:) strange things happen

:) strange things happen

hi, great theme thank you, how can I create the wall portfolio. With names roll over. I can not do Thanks

Hello! You have to use masonry portfolio module.

Hey there. Loving the theme. I have one quick question. I would like to display FULL blog posts on the blog page rather than part of it (requiring to click to the full). How would I go about doing this?

Thanks! Nick

Hello! Please post this tech related request to my support forum and you will be assisted.

Posted in the support forum. Thanks!

You will be assisted asap. Please note that all the questions/requests are answered in the order they were submitted. We respect all our customers. Thanks for understanding.

Just to be sure. Is it possible this: Thank you so much!

You can do that using text area module. Add 4 modules per line and add the content you wish.

thanks for using your theme!

Please check my website. Not reduce the image to fit the screen in mobile The image is cut into only

i needs your help

Please send your request to support [at] gt3.zendesk dot com and we will check it.

Hi, new question Where could I replace the names “related works” and “read more” “back” “button” etc … I don’t find the files. thanks

Hello! You can do that via .po file. Please read the documentation, translation section.

ok thanks

Having more questions please visit our help desk at

WooCommerce I’ll need a shop and love your theme, so I’ve been waiting. Are we any closer to ETA? Best regards Rene

Hello Rene! I do not have ETA :(


This theme works great. I have only one problem. The custom_button shortcode doesnt work on the homepage. Can you please help?

Thanks in advance

Hello! Sure, please send your site credentials via contact form and we will assist you


The tinymce in your pagebuilder doesnt work anymore after updating to wordpress 3.9. I got all kinds of problems now.

Uncaught ReferenceError: reactivate_ajax_image_upload is not defined

404 not found on …/wp-includes/js/tinymce/skins/wp_theme/skin.min.css The HTML editor is not working. When I add a custom skin in the wp_theme there is no button to switch HTML and TEXT

Are you working on an update?

Thanks in advance

Hello! There was no official release for the 3.9 wordpress. I need some time to update all my themes. Please follow me on facebook and twitter to stay tuned.


Nice wordpress theme!!!! I would like how I can remove the social button that I don’t need?

Thanks in advance

I sent everything by mp.

Thank you very much!