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Great work, glws ;)

Thank you thecrea :bashfulcute:

Is this responsive (or can you make it responsive)? Or do you have to have a mobile site and a desktop site?

Sorry, Unbounce platform is not support responsive yet. the item have both 2 desktop site and 2 mobile site separately. Unbrounce staff said there will be responsive soon. I will update ASAP the platform can responsive-able

Do you have a normal HTML version? I though unbounce was the name of the file. Turns out it’s another “website” platform. Like we need more of them…

If you have the same thing as a regular HTML site, I’d be willing to repurchase.

A regular html will be soon(it’s on the plan) but I can’t estimate a the time yet. You can try using this platform, it really easy to edit with no code knowledge just like a WYSIWYG system You can move object around like a Photoshop. They also got A/B test for your landing page. You might like it :)

awesome , very nice work :) Good luck with the sales !

Thank you EricProchnow :bashfulcute: good luck to you too!

Hrm.. upon upload I see:

There was something wrong with the .unbounce file that you recently uploaded and it could not be added to your account. If you did not create the page yourself, please check with the original author or contact our support team at support@unbounce.com.


I believe this issue cause by unbounce service itself. I also can’t upload any template too. The last time I contact unbounce staff about this same error they inform that they had some technical issues that caused problems with uploading .unbounce page files into Unbounce.

I alredy inform unbounce staff about this error. I think we have to wait.


I got the same upload Error, So Frustrated !!

Now it’s working!

Hello, how can I merge the desktop and mobile version on unbounce?

Sorry, the template was created before responsive feature available in Unbounce. That why I have provide a separate mobile and desktop version. I’ll try to update this if possible in the next update.