Discussion on PerSempre - Responsive WordPress Theme For Your Business

Discussion on PerSempre - Responsive WordPress Theme For Your Business

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I want to know how to insert the slider on the home page on other pages? I would indeed have it on all pages of the site …

Thank you for your comeback.

PS: I am French and I apologize for my writing in English …

Best regards. Laurie

Hi, the slider is available only on the homepage layout – you’ll need to modify the theme’s page.php file (in a child theme) to add a slider section to each page on your site. I suggest you hire a web developer to help you with this task. Hope this helps and


I’ve found :)

The slider display is managed in the header.php page. At the end of this page, simply add .is_page () on line 66, as follows:   <? php if (is_home ().is_page ()) putRevSlider (“dsa”); ?>

Attention in my example, I replace get_template_part (‘slider’); by the code extension Revolution Slider.

Thank you anyway for your speedy reponse. Good night !

Alright, glad you found a solution to your concern. Best of luck!

On mobile, when clicking on the Menu button to open the menu, the menu opens. But when I try to scroll down to select the page I want to navigate to the menu closes again and I am stuck on the same page. This happens 9 out of 10 times. Tested on iPhone in Safari. Happens on my environment and on live preview environment as well. Different phones. Is there a fix?


Hi, I’ve received your private message with your situation – please use a single method of communication for a faster and better response. I’ll get back with you via email for details.

In the demo there’s a green bar that loads and runs underneath the logo and menu before slider image. I don’t have one and can’t seem to figure out how to turn it on.

Hi, the preview homepage uses the Slider Revolution plugin (not included in the theme – must be purchased if you like it) which has a loading progress bar that acts like a timer for auto-sliding.

Hello, Great theme and super easy to use. well done. I do have one small issue. I can’t seem to get the slider to be clickable. I add the images, give it a url in the specified theme options page, but it still is not clickable on the homepage where I have the slider working. Is this something you’ve come across before on this theme? If so, how do I fix?

Thanks, Craig

Hi, thank you for your kind words – I’ll do my best to help if you can send me a preview URL via the Support tab or my profile’s contact form. I’ll get back with you via email on this, thanks.

What is wrong with the form formatting using Gravity Forms? Everything looks great but the drop-downs. Please advise.

See here ? http://rowlett.nanbf.org/kc-classic-registration/

Hi, the theme was not tested with Gravity Forms and from what I can tell the plugin modifies the padding of each input (except for the custom select box with). You can use the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options to make some adjustments – here’s something that might help you:

.gform_body .customSelect { height: 2.15em; }
.gform_body .customSelect:after { top: 0.45em; right: 0.5em; }

Hi again, Is there a way to get a sub menu page to highlight the main navigation button when you are on that sub menu page?

For example – http://desertcaballerosride.com/gallery/ I would like the “about” tab to be highlighted here as it is when you land on the about page.

Can I do this in the CSS somehow so the main menu item is recognized?

Hi, this feature is not really theme related – WordPress marks the parent menu of a selected sub-menu with the current-menu-ancestor which you can style as you like with some Custom CSS (you’ll need basic CSS knowledge for this). Unfortunately, I can’t help you out with any customization tasks and I’m afraid you are on your own with this specific requirement.

If you have any other concerns or questions please contact me via the Support tab or my profile’s form. Thank you.

I’m trying to add a youtube video to a post but the height is very short. How do I get the video the same height a the rest of the images on the post page?

Here is a example (scroll down to video): http://desertcaballerosride.com/ride/about-dc-ride/

Please advise.

Hi, please remove the Custom CSS style related to your .video-container element (Theme Options > Custom CSS field). For any other concerns/questions please contact me via the Support tab or profile’s contact form.

That was easy! Thank you soooo much! Happy Holidays. :)

With pleasure, glad I could be of help.


Before buying, I would like to know if the PerSempre theme is WPML ready and appropriate with a tchat plugin (such as LiveChat or Zopim) ?


Hi, the theme was not tested with WPML, but I guess it should work properly since it’s coded with the latest WordPress standards (this also stands for any other plugin, like a chat one). Thanks for your interest.

How can I lengthen the excerpt for testimonials so I don’t get the “more” link?

Also – How can I adjust the speed of the slides that come with the theme?

Hi, you can edit the excerpt of any post by entering it in the special field available when you access the Screen Options > Excerpt checkbox – this way you have full control over it. To adjust any JS settings for the slider you need to edit the jquery.flexslider.min.js file, because there is no option for it in the admin panel. I can send you an example if you send me a message via my profile’s contact form – I’ll attach by email a new .js file with some helping tips.

Is there a way to link a portfolio page in the main navigation menu and have the menu button be highlighted when on that page?

I had to use the “links” menu option and linked it that way but I want the menu button to be highlighted in the navigation like it does with the pages.


Please advise how this can be done.

To be even more clear I want the menu link “history”to show as active when on the above referenced single portfolio page.

So… the menu button will be considered the “current menu item” when on that page I guess and the CSS will get pulled up.

Hi, please use the menu editor to add the custom posts type instead of adding a custom link. A custom link will never be highlighted as current menu item, but a post type (just like a page) will be. For any other concerns please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

my server reported a Cross site scripting vulnerability. Details as below:

URL: https://www.arcgroupny.com/wp-content/themes/persempre/style-custom.php?color_base&font_body=OpenSans&font_headers=Oswald&ver=3.9.1

Cross site scripting vulnerability found in args:color_base,font_body,font_headers,ver

Please suggest a solution.

Hi, what exactly is the vulnerability message? The params in the URL are properly escaped and checked for any security breach, there is no problem what so ever. Please provide more details via a private message and I’ll continue support via email.

Is there a way to add the testimonials to the sidebar? or to a section within a page? Wasn’t sure if there was a shortcode for this or not.

Hi, there is no shortcode or widgets to display the testimonials in the sidebar, but with some custom changes you could create such a feature.

Hi, I installed woocommerce with the theme and on the product listing and product detail pages, the sidebar comes below the content. Please see http://digital-wp.com/arc/shop/

Also, can i create a seperate sidebar with the theme which i can use with woocommerce? Please let me know

Hi, the theme was not tested with the WooCommerce plugin. To integrate it in this theme make sure you follow the plugin instructions, because I can’t offer support for it: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/

I am having issues with the site navigation on Windows 8.1 chrome and IE11. The URL is: http://digital-wp.com/arc

The main nav items is not opening the pages.

i installed BB Press and by default it is taking the default full width template. i have created bbpress.php file copying the code of right sidebar template but it is just taking the right sidebar content. I actually want to have a seperate sidebar for Forum. is that something you can help me with?

Support is offered only for theme issues, not customization requests. You should try this sidebar plugin, might work for your needs: http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-page-sidebars/

no worries. I resolved it. thanks for your time though

Amazing theme!

I’d just like to know how to disable the “mobile optimized” view.


Hi, this is a mobile first theme – it’s responsive from mobile up to bigger screens. You can’t disable the responsive behavior and I’m not really sure why you’d want that. Please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Hi, Hov I can make on this template Blog?

Hi, to create a blog page just set the template of any page to Journal Template and it will display your regular posts automatically.

Greetings! First off, thank you creating such a spectacular theme :)

We are having a couple issues: 1. Single-portfolio items disappear when published (preview goes to 404; URL goes to 404).

When portfolio items are set to “Status: Draft” the page works (in preview) but does not appear on the portfolio page (as expected).

2. I’ve added the php: <?php putRevSlider( “videowall” ); ?> to the template-videowall.php, so that template pages can have a slider image.

However, sliders on additional pages have issues when resizing (maximizing; drag and moving). There is a gray area that appears under the slider and disappears while moving the page content up.

How can we resolve the portfolio page error and the slider resizing? We will send temporary login information via email.

Thank you!

Hi, can you contact me through my profile’s contact form from the account you made the purchase? I’d like to validate your purchase and then I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Great theme, however,I don’t quite know where to edit the Home page area. Specifically, the items in the “Homepage Layout Manager”

e.g. “Introduction Text”, “General Text 1”, “Latest Journal Entries”, “General Text 2,” “General Text 3”, “Clients”, etc.

Where can I find those individual items?

Sincerely, Marc

Hey Marc, drop me a me a message with the text you are using in the footer widgets via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.


Alright thanks, I’ll get back to you asap.


I have generated a custom form using contact form 7. Is there a way I can match its look with the contact form?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. You need to follow the markup of the built in contact form – inspect the page with a tool like Firebug of Chrome inspector and you’ll be able to follow the markup in the Contact Form 7 builder. For any other concerns/questions I’ll be available for support via email – drop me a message via my profile’s contact form.

How do I get the slider effects which are one the demo page – http://themes.liviucerchez.com/persempre/

Hi, the preview uses the premium plugin available at CodeCanyon: http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380


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