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Amazing work! Good luck with sales!! :)

Thank you! :)

Some icons look crumpled up on screen (COMPUTER SCREEN) though on Iphone (5S) Looks cool!

Hi, it depends on what computer screen you have and what resolution it uses.

If it’s a large screen with a smaller resolution then the images tend to look fuzzy, while on retina displays (e.g. iPhone 5/5s) the “HiDPI ready” feature takes care of that issue by loading larger icons.

Great work! Love the top menu :)

Thanks! :)

hi, really nice,

i have a question. I have a personal website in wordpress ” responsive ” But i dont like my wesite hows dos it look in mobile devices

i need something more clean and fast. So my question is, can i use your template only for mobiles ??? and my wordpress to ipad, lap, desk computers ???

best regards and really nice work :)

Master, can you provideme the Url of the correct plug in


Yes, that’s the one I offer on CodeCanyon.


Great site, please can you tell me how you add more pages if possible?

thanks again!

Hello, since this is a HTML/CSS template you need to duplicate one of the default page templates (e.g. typography.html) and add a link for in the main menu, on all pages.

The default/general page template is “typography.html”, but you can use any of them to create your new page.

Feel free to open a support ticket if you have any other questions or need help (click the support button on the item’s page).



the icons on the home page, twitter, mail, facebook logos how to get rid of them please.


Hello, thank you for your purchase!

You need to open “index.html” in a code/text editor, and remove the “div” tag with the class “homePageIconsWrapper” and all its contents.

Be careful not to break any other tags.

If you need more help or have other questions please open a support ticket (on the item’s page click the support button).


Hi and congrats for your work. I appreciate your clean style. I’d like to insert a like box_count to my fb page in the main page, but I’m experiencing some problems. Could you give me a hint?

Hello, thank you for your purchase!

Please open a support ticket (you can find a button on the item’s page) and give me more details about your problem.

A link to your website would be helpful too, if it’s online.


Thanks for your quick, reply. I solved the problem using a widget meant for dreamweaver, so no need for the ticket anymore. Anyway, which is the easiest wat to change the background color? Thanks again for your assistance.

You can change the background color for the “body” tag in “style.css”. I recommend you put all your changes in “custom.css” to be able to update the template later on if necessary.


Hey cosmincotor,

First i Love the template – nice clean look, modern and very professional! Well coded as well.

One comment/question. In the default android browser (as tried on Note 2, GS3, & GS3 /w CM10.2) – not chrome, the circle image on the home page shows the whole square over lapping the the circle. As if the mask was never applied. Do you know of anyway to get this to work?

Thanks. Mike

Hello, thank you for your purchase!

Some browsers have an issue with the “border-radius” applied to images, the template works fine on IE10 (mobile), Chrome (GS3, GS4…) and iOS, but the default browser may not offer complete support for that property.

If you want to make it work better I suggest you create a rounded image in Photoshop (as PNG with transparent corners) that will take care of the “issue”.

I have a question…. I am looking to make a free iPhone app and am looking for a css and html template to use. Again the iPhone app would be free. Would the single user agreement allow me to create this application by purchasing only the 10$ plan.

Hi, please read this (2): “License Details”

Very nice theme. :)
The colors and the unique menu area is specifically attractive.

Thank you.

Note: This is a HTML/CSS template.