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Hi there, my SEARCH BAR is no longer working. I can’t type anything into it. Please help! Thanks.

Hello Can you send us your problem in our email with the url of your blog to help you

Slider bar is not showing recent posts. Literally says the word “recent” on my blog instead of the slider. Side bar recent posts section does not work as well.

Hello First thank you for purchasing our Theme can you please send us your blog to find the problem i think that you made a mistake when you was making your blogs because if you want to have a good result with your blog you need to respect the rules of Blogger Posting that mean that you need to create a good post that much with SEO Blogging (create Title, description, Tags …) if you miss something the most of the blogger components want work perfectly i hope that help if not you have to contact our support Team by email to look for solution

Alice Dain
Support Team

Load time is really lagging, super slow times. Can you advise? www.adinamayo.com

Hello by the way you have an amazing Blog, this is the fist time that i see i blog that is so slowly (it takes 4s wish is not normal the average is 1s), the problem here is that you used i height quality images in your blog so it’s normal that it appears slowly because Blogger servers are not used of this type of volume and in our theme we created a lot of features and options, now what is the solution as a quality Team we advise you to compress your images before using them on your blog there are a tone of online websites that will help you to compress your images like this one http://compressjpeg.com we hope that this tipes are useful for you
if you like our theme it’s will be a good idea if you give us a good Rating on this theme to help other choosing our products

Alice Dain
Support Team

I’m requesting a refund. This hasn’t been updated since 2016. Themeforest should take this down. Pls advise how to submit a refund request.

Hello, We need to know if you have some problems with the theme to help you solve it before you can request a refund. All the resents buyers like the theme and upload it to there blogs.
We work here as a family so you have to ask us politely. Our team is working for over 2 years to create a new generation of blogger themes and to provide a competitive features to improve this domain.
We don’t mind to get you a refund.
We are here to serve you

FancyTheme support Team

Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the star at the top of the blog. Thanks!

Hello. i send you an invitation again. please check it

Hello, This time we have solved all your problems and removed the star posts for you. unfortunately we will not be able to help you next time because your support period has been expired. You will still have access to our free theme updates, video tutorials, and documentation.

Happy blogging

You’re great. thank you so much. Best regards

HI ! i have opened a blog at wordpress how i can to use these theme ? i need an option for this when im dowland it please help me

hi please ekp me i want to use this theme at wordpress how can i do that?


Hello we are so sorry
this is not a wordpress theme it’s a Blogger . com template, you can follow the documentation to upload it in blogger, rather than this i don’t know how you can ask themeforest for refund, PersoMag will be soon on wordpress with knew features and functions, so stay tune.
Fancytheme Support team


Hello we are so sorry
this is not a wordpress theme it’s a Blogger . com template, you can follow the documentation to upload it in blogger, rather than this i don’t know how you can ask themeforest for refund, PersoMag will be soon on wordpress with knew features and functions, so stay tune.
Fancytheme Support team

I love this theme, I’m working hard on it. the only little thing that is bothering me is the Star in the header. Can you tell me how to remove it pls? is it through HTML? or something? because touching code is always a bad idea :). thank you very much! Sonia

also I wanted to know if it’s possible to have _blank link for the menu. thanks

Hello, i am very sorry for responding too late, can you please contact me in our page facebook to get quick respond and to be an admin on your blog to help you remove this star posts.
I am sorry again for this misunderstanding because we was working of the wordpress version and we were trying to solve all this problems
Soufiane From FancyTheme Support Team

Buenas noches. Hace unos días compré su plantilla para blogger “PersoMag – Clean & Personal Blogger Theme” y estoy trasladando mi blog. Necesito, si es posible, que me envíe la documentación en Español. En posible tener el archivo “Index.html” en Español?

Muchas Gracias. Un saludo.

Can you please contact us on our page to provide help
What do you mean with “Link list” ?

Good afternoon. Is about:

Main Menu/DropDown/Multi DropDown

Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on Main Menu widget. Normal Link : Features Sub Link: Sub Link 1.0 (before the link add ““) 1 underscore Sub Link 2: Sub Link 1.1 (before the link add ““) 2 underscore

It does not work. You can not add different levels. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

Hello Abuelohara unfortunately we don’t support the sub menu in this version. Soon we will lunch the version with sub menu we also would like to give you this feature as our first client who will get this fonctions
Thank you Regards

How do I upload this template? I can’t find any instructions?

Hello, first thank you for purchasing PersoMag
for all the instruction to upload the theme you will find in the documentation/index.html Also you can watch the online tutos in https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsrlNyrBfSrI9yR4UWQVHNw5m24mWDw7Y. If you still having probelems feel free to contact un om support@irystudio.com.

Thoma Regrads

Buenas tardes. Como usted sabe, Google plus ha desaparecido y ya no da servicio. Esto trae como consecuencia que en algunos lugares de la plantilla marque un error de configuración. En la plantilla html , marca un error con un símbolo de admiración al ver el blog.

Hello Abuelohara, can you please send us your message with English or french we don’t support Spanish language. Can you please contact us on support@irystudio.com with purchase code to help you.

Best Regrads


I am seeing a some sort of error behind the share buttons. There are exclamation points behind the buttons (facebook, google, linkedin, etc). Can you help me fix this please?

Here is a screenshot of the error: https://imgur.com/a/CtEykjQ?

First Thank you for purchasing our theme. Yes of course, can you please join us on our email support@irystudio.com to solve your problem. You can also send us a message on our facebook page to get a quick support (include your purchase code and your website link).


I just bought the PersoMag theme for Blogger. When I try to install it, I get this error message:

Error parsing XML, line 1, column 1: Content is not allowed in prolog.

Can you help me please?

Kind regards

Hello, We solved your problems, 1. we remove the star section. 2. the background error was solved. 3. for the random and recent slider you need to respect the Blogger post form in order to have a normal slider display wish mean that for each post you need to include a title, tags, description, and thumbnail. 4. for all social medial you need to respect the documentation form, you need to add the name of social media without Capitalization (instagram not Instagram).

If you still have any problem don’t hesitate to contact us we will happy to help you. We introduce a new version of PersoMag for WordPress version, so don’t forget to check it in http://bit.ly/2lTahCG. We will be happy if you like our theme to give us 5 stars Rating.

irystudio Support Team, Best Regards.

Thank you! I don’t think Blogger has the option to add tags, descriptions, and thumbnails? But I added a second post and now the slider is working.

Your welcome, I meant with description the text that you put in your post, the tags is “Tester” that you add :) . Blogger limit our use functionalities like slider and custom posts it’s not like WordPress wish give us unlimited functionalities.

We hope you enjoy blogging, and we will be happy to help you at any time.

irystudio Support Team, Best Regards.

hallo, i can`t install because WP admin says Stylesheet style.css is missing?

Hello, This is not the WordPress Version, this is the Blogger version of the theme. You can buy the WordPress Version from this link : http://bit.ly/2lTahCG . With this new version there are a lot of features and functionalities that are not support by the Basic Blogger version. You can submit a refund on this version of the item and we will process the refund. We are available 7/7 to help you to install and customize the theme.

Best Regards
Thomas from irystudio Support Team

Hi there, my “Intro Posts Slidershow” (PersoMag) just disappeared, even though the settings are the way they should be. Can you help please? Thank you.

The “Title” is set on “Slider”, the “Content” is on “recent” but it is not visible anymore. It was working all the time before.

Can you please send us an email with your issue, purchase code, link of your website. We will be very glad to help. Email : support@irystudio.com


I purchased your Perso Mag theme, and I am having difficulty moving the nav bar (where the clickable links are) to be centered properly in alignment with the social media icons. Please help with this issue. I can also send you a picture of my issue if needed.

Yes of course, We will be very glad to help and we are so sorry for being late to respond to you. Can you please send us your issues by email on support@irystudio.com don’t forget to send us all the infos of your sites.

Looking forward to helping you