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First of all thanks that rollout this effectively theme, I’m used it in my current project. But I’m facing an issue and would like to seek for support, which is now the Parallax Scrolling effect is all the layers elements was moving up when scroll. It’s possible the elements can be move down when scroll?

Hope can hear from your as soon as possible.

Hi, thank you for your kind words. In this template, natural parallax elements are moving to top only. There is no such an effect that parallax elements move in opposite to the natural browser scrolling. This is something different, may need another parallax engine to be hooked on this template (we are not sure though) – anyway you have to customize it in heavy manner.

And beside that, the parallax elements only will float in the top, how i can adjust the element in the position that i want? For example, at the bottom…

The plugin documentation is already linked in our PDF userguide (page 19). Anyway we repeat the URL is: http://ianlunn.co.uk/articles/recreate-nikebetterworld-parallax/

The link i already knew and already finished reading. What i mean is it’s doesn’t help because the explanation is not the latest version but older version. The older version is no longer available for support. And the plugin that this template uses is the latest version which is have no explanation in the original page.

Hi, the plugin is same (version 1.1.3) as what we have used to power up the parallax in this template. It is not a simple plugin (parallax is advanced technique on web). Ian Lunn tutorial describes it better as possible. You have to manually adjust the CSS and modify markup if needed, so that you can position elements as you prefer to. This is our level best of information on this, as we are not authorized to provide assistance on third party plugins.


The bg/02a image doesn’t appear fine on 1980* resolution. How can I fix this? http://screencloud.net/v/x51h



We got your support ticket, please check your email response.

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Ciao. I read that there is a version for wordpress of Persona. when will be available?

We have discontinued Persona WordPress Version

Finally what happen to wp persona template? When are you going to launch it again?

We have removed Persona from market due to some reasons. We have no plans to launch it again.

I have issues for few months already :-( can you tell me what’s going on with this portfolio? http://sexypersona.com/

Hi, the site is not having all JS file loaded. Please check again.

then JS files disappear when I start editing portfolio. I’m trying to build this website for a few months already :( I don’t touch any of files, just editing index page

We do not get what’s wrong with the JS files – please check with your server settings.

Hi Guys, hope you are doing great. is there WordPress version available for this html version?

Thanks, will let you know.

last update compatible with which version of WordPress?

Persona has been withdrawn @ WP3.5. It was a limited sections theme which is not suitable for modern wp habits

Okay…thank you so much for letting me know…!!!

i need the wordpress version. can I get it please.

We have discontinued Persona WordPress version. We have no plans to return the same.

hello I have done updating the SendContact.php however still not receiving the email. already changed the email however nothing

Please test it after uploading to a PHP compatible web server.

my linux server and I have to do to send him email

Hi, please open a support ticket so that we can verify your purchase http://designova.net/support.html