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:) Good luck with sales.

Thanks a lot :)

Hi, For support requests, please contact us via Themeforest Contact Form. Comments here will not be get notified via email, please consider this note.

PLEASE NOTE : The Live preview images are only used for preview purposes, including the Jessica Alba snap is original photography by Mark Sebastian which is permitted to download from Mark Sebastian’s Flickr Stream under CC We are not distributing any images with downloadable pack.


nice theme:) will it be available for wordpress?

hi thanks :) WP version is under development. We will make it up soon

WordPress version is now available!

i checked your portfolio on your website. you have also a nice template “inspiria” – im sure it could have many sales, if it would be available for WP ..greets & nice work!

Hi thanks a lot for your nice message :) All of our HTML5 templates including INSPIRA will be available as WP themes very soon. We guys are working on it.


Great template. Quick question: the navigation menu doesn’t seem to work in full screen mode (in Firefox and Safari). Is this normal?


Hi thanks for message. The navigation menu and effects will not work in full screen mode due to the limitations of API . Once a trusted solution arises we will update it. As you know, full screen mode is still a new stuff :)

Nice one Designova , congrats :)

Thanks a lot Bedros :)

Look great. Like sliding and HQ images!

Thanks for loving our work :) .For the nice images the real credit goes to those amazing photographers mark Sebastian and hasloo and ofcourse dreamstime

Absolutely amazing. I require these kind of templates. You know, sliding to bottom type. A wordpress version would be absolutely incredible. Please make these kind of templates.

By the way, is it possible to avoid menu to disappear ?

Thanks a lot for your nice words. WP version is under development. Navigation can be made visible always, just a couple of lines code can do it. We are glad to help you on this.

Very nice theme but I notice that it doesn’t scale well on larger screens (1920×1040) they height is a little off…

In order to scale for larger resolutions than 1920px width we have to use bg images wider than 1920px. ZURB foundation will render everything smoothly :)

thanks a lot :)

Hi there love this theme so much – im v inexperienced – would it be possible to have portfolio items open inline as oppose to lightbox? also can i have full width pages and direct link to them in the menu?

Cheers, this is awesome!

Hi, thanks for your comments. These modifications are surely possible. Refer documentation with zurb foundation framework you can easily create a separate page and link it on navigation. Also you can disable lightbox and make it link to another page or section. If you need advanced stuffs, please contact us via TF contact form.

thank v much! will endeavour to make these mods – - i am just waiting for a wordpress version which i have seen is in development and when done will purchase with haste!

WP version will be up in a week. Please be in touch with us on Twitter @designovastudio, don’t miss any updates :) cheers!

WordPress version is now available!

wp version?? Please send me a link with it.

Sure :) thanks for your message

WordPress version is now available!

Love the theme…have a client that this would work perfect for but she needs cms…..your gonna here this alot -> When is the Wordpress version coming???? lol

Is the WP theme definitely coming in about a week? If so Ill buy this HTML version, set up my clients site and then switch her to the WP version in a week or so when it comes out. Are you pretty solid on the the on the week timeframe??

Hi, we understand your situation. We have already started coding it. We will try our level best to make it up on time. But kindly understand that review process and further concerns are there on themeforest, hence a fixed time frame cant be estimated. Please be in touch, we will notify the progress.

WordPress version is now available!

PHP FILE UPDATE – 19 Sep 2012:
We have updated some PHP files in this template, please download this important update from here. Unzip the pack and add those 2 php files in the template’s root folder. You can replace older file in this case. For all update notifications, please follow us on twitter@designovastudio

If I buy the HTML version now will I automatically get the WP version when it comes out next week?

Looking to get things set up now and transfer to Wordpress ASAP .

Hi, WordPress theme will be available as a separate item to be purchased on themeforest, we will notify you once it is ready. We are working on WP version in a great spirit, we see a lot of requests from TF users :)

WordPress version is now available!

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I have downloaded the fonts, where shell i upload it to ?

We got your mail. We will send you the details shortly. Thanks

Please check your email :)

awesome temp mate just struggln with navigating the code so i can change the main bg pics

hi thanks for purchasing. To change the bg images in advanced level just go to app.css, trace the lines for each outer sections (with ID ‘first’, ‘second’ etc.) and check the code inside these outer sections. You will see bg images set via CSS background rule. Please see documentation. If you need help just contact us, we are here for you :) please rate this template on TF

Please contact us via TF form