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PERSONA really needs some rating..dear buyers please support if you love the work

Is it possible to make one of the background screens a youtube video? I would like the first screen to play a video background, but use images for the rest of the sections.

i tried to use the jquery.tubular script, but there seems to be a jquery conflict.

can you provide any guidance?

Hi thanks for message. Adding bg video is tricky. But we think it can be solved with some custom coding. We will check and let you know.


I can’t get the email sender to work. I’ve modified the SENDCONTACT .PHP file to my email address but nothing comes through – is there anything else I need to do like installing the pear library?

Many thanks


Hi thanks a lot. Please get the files in this ZIP package: step 1: extract this pack step2: rename SENDEMAIL .PHP to SENDCONTACT .PHP Step 3: replace all the older files (in the template root) with these new files.

This is the PEAR fix as you guessed. We will release it as an update on Theme info Page on Themeforest today, meanwhile If you need help please contact us

NEW FILES UPDATE – Sep 24, 2012

Please download this ZIP pack: . Extract the pack, copy and paste all new files by replacing the previous files. This will fix all PHP mail sender issues. (Please discard previous comment here)

NEW FILES UPDATE – Sep 24, 2012

Please download this ZIP pack: . Extract the pack, copy and paste all new files by replacing the previous files. This will fix all PHP mail sender issues.

Can someone please help me with installation of this theme. I use the wordpress installer and it keeps on displaying no stylesheet found… Tried uploading manually still doesn’t work… Please help.

Hi, thanks for your message, but please note – this is HTML5 template, not a wordpress theme :( sad to see that you have mistaken it on themeforest. We had mentioned it clearly on the graphics and theme FAQ details – wordpress version is not yet released.

Please stay in touch with us, we are planning to release WordPress version within a couple of days or so. We are working on this.

WordPress version is now available on themeforest!

That makes a lot of sense…. Thanks

Sorry for double posting

Hello, just wanted to know if the menu can be made static, I hate the mystery meat and the auto hiding, it’s very annoying and confusing to non internet savvy people… Thanks for answering

Hi, thanks for message. The menu can be made static without animations. Just a few lines are to be changed – we will be glad to help you by sending the modified files as needed. please throw your email via contact form on themeforest.

I will thanks I have to purchase the item first :)

You’re always welcome :) pleasure

:) WordPress version is Coming Quickly. Coding has finished, we are finalizing and preparing a nice documentation now. Let’s hope it will pass TF review with ease. Stay tuned!

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks a lot :) Nice to meet you here

PERSONA WordPress version to be pushed on Themeforest’s Review Queue tomorrow. Guys, please stay in touch – we hope it will pass the reviews at it’s best. Please wait for a couple of days (we hope for the best).

For some reason the fonts aren’t loading, any suggestions?

Fonts are not included in the download pack. Please see the theme info page or documentation for downloading the fonts from original author’s sites – these fonts are free, but not permitted to redistribute. Fonts will work properly if you have downloaded and linked all font files properly via CSS3 font-face (we have given a precise user guide mentioning these procedures). Please check documentation guides

I just bought the template, looks pretty nice so far. Except on my 27’’ imac when the browser is on full width. BGs are changed to more width, but some other layoutparts don’t fit that well.

Is it possible to force a max-width for the whole site, like 1900 px, and running over it to allign the content centered in the window?

Yes, if you like to keep a max-width for very large width monitors you can easily set it via ZURB Foundation framework. Please see HTTP :// for more info about this customizatio..

Great that worked out, simply change the row width and all aligns well and even centered :)


:) thanks for your message. pleasure to see that you got it nicely. Credit goes to ZURB for such an amazing framework.

Wow! PERSONA is now having 71 great clients within 17 days :) Guys if you have built an awesome website powered by PERSONA , please send us the project URL , we love to feature your work on TF info page for PERSONA . Thanks in advance.

Is there any way to let the menu stay while on mousefocus even after clicking?

How do I extend the area where a mousefocus triggers the menu the appear?

Thanks for your email. We will add this feature and send you the updated pack.

Thank you guys, a simple hint where to change what would be enough enough, because I already modified a lot of files ;-)


Please do the following:

Open APP .JS comment or remove following lines of code, original code line numbers are given: 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92

this will fix it. Please let us know if it works for you

Any update with wp?

Hi, thanks for message. We are updating it on review process. Adding more functionalities as required. We guys are spending some time for the same. We will let you know.

WordPress Released!

Thanks guys, the hint perfectly worked! I only needed to comment line 88-92 in the click event area. Thats was what I wanted: after clicking on the menu point while staying on it, it should stay. Line 73-77 makes the menu stay all the time, which is a little messy on lower resolutions where the menu lays over the content.

Glad to know it works for you :) PERSONA already has a mobile optimized menu for small sceen devices, this is triggered via media query. Menu on big screen devices is sticky on right, via position fixed. Means i will be layered over the fluid width web page, which is a common web scenario.