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Yeah I noticed that but on my small Macbook Pro the Menu in its Desktop position is already disturbing when I scale the window down.

Is there a possibility to disable the mobile template by setting a minimum overall width of the website? Just in case I don’t get the mobile layout to a satisfying look.

This is possible but needs some custom coding on the current setup.

Ok, no need to hurry for that. My main goal is it to let the mobile layout look good :D


Since themeforest now permits fonts to be supplied with theme, we are giving it away :) Please download this ZIP pack: . Extract the pack, copy and paste inside FONTS folder. So, there is no more headache with fonts :)

Hi there,

Fab site and love the mobile optimisation. Checked it out on iphone and the background images seem to not size down properly on phone and so, you can scroll to the right even though theres no image or text.

Is this an easy fix?

Hi, thanks for the kind words. We will check it even thought it seems strange :) we will do our level best.


If you need assistance on setting up FILTERABLE PORTFOLIO , please download this guide:

Love this design but wish it would work on my iPad.

Hi, thanks for message. We have tried our level best to make it responsive on all scenarios, powered by ZURB Foundation framework

Any idea on the difference between Safari and Mobile Safari that causes the second background to not show completely?

I’m going to try to fix this and would appreciate any tips on where to start. Maybe I can send you some updated code if I get it working.

Common scenario is that some hand-held iOS devices may have issues rendering parallax layout. This is due to the inability of such browsers to render parallax layouts + CSS properties such as POSITION : FIXED and it depends on the platform browser. We guess latest updates on iOS will be fixing this issue. Thanks lot for spending your time, we are also into this.

100 awesome purchases :) Heartfelt thanks to all buyers, You guys are rocking!

Hi Just wondering when the Persona wordpress version will be ready as it says you submitted this over 20 days ago to the Theme Forest Review queue.

Keep us updated as i’m sure i’m one of many :)

Hi, thanks for your interest. It is still on progress, the matter is that we have to include some more features on the WP version and since our guys are extremely busy on pre-committed client projects PERSONA WP development is somewhat slow on the move. You know, the quality we have promised on themeforest should be maximum and we guys are taking some time to bring it up :) We will surely notify you asap it is available.

Would you guys be able to potentially let us beta test the template you have until the commercial version is available, we do a lot of wordpress sites and would be happy to run with what you have already. We can then upgrade once you have finalised…

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We have to think about this. We will let you know if this can be promoted.

Hi buyers, please consider sending your support requests for bugs, issues, small modifications (we really mean “small”) and errors on our themes – we would love to solve it within 48 hours.

But if you send any complex Customization Requests that requires some coding time we may hold it and you may request a quote for the same. This is to ensure that buyers who need urgent help on bugs/errors to be served better. Thanks for understanding :)

Interested in the theme I have a question before making a purchase decision is the can the menu be stickied so it doesnt disappear after each click? In other words for it to be always visible? Thanks

Yes of course. We had previous requests for the same and we have updated code for this. Once you make purchase please contact us via themeforest contact form at our profile page. We will send you the modified pack featuring the sticky menu nav. Thanks for your message.

Hi, Love this theme….on Firefox. Not sure if I am the only one having this issue, but in Google Chrome the images don’t load after the first page. I checked out the original version in Adobe Browser checker and it is like that on the original as well. As I am using dark backgrounds with white text, nothing shows up if those images don’t. Plus it looks bad without the photos. Thanks!

Hi thanks for message. We guess the following: 1) Please try with a new version of Chrome that supports CSS3 and HTML5 better. This has solved the issues in past support requests here. 2) Since you have white text with dark bg, we recommend you setup the body background color to be dark, so the white text will be visible. The default is not dark, becasue default bg images are not fully dark. 3) Please let us know if the problem persists even after you have updated browser, send your pack of project to us: We will make it up and get back to you :)

Hey guys, awesome template. I was just wondering how to set up multiple modals with different content in each.

Hi thanks for message. This can be done with the help of Reveal plugin from Foundation, please refer docs for:


I was wondering if this would be a good template for a first-time website.

Also, if the navigation can be changed to be shown at all times, then can the arrow that allows the menu to appear be changed to a graphic?


Hi, thanks for message. Yes, it can be done very easily. We can send this modified code to you since we have already done the same for previous user requests. Kindly let us know

Hi Guys,

Great theme. I have a question that I would message you but hope that others can also benefit by seeing this question in case they encounter it. In the portfolio section, my youtube/vimeo links aren’t appearing in the lightbox popup. Even when I just download the theme directly from the site, before making any changes, I click the place holder images. The images come up fine and show a placeholder grey picture. But the videos (and youtube links you provided in the theme) don’t appear as they do in the demo.

They simply just show a circle refresh bar that continues to progress but nothing happens. In chrome when I open this it says something like file://youtubelink…not found, but would appreciate a hint if possible.

Hi thanks for your nice message. We understand your issue. Please consider the following: 1) If you develop on local machine this problem happens with Youtube / vimeo items in lightbox. Please try to upload to a server and check the same, it should work properly. 2) If you are already working on a server and still the problem persists, please send us the pack of your project as a ZIP , email to We will fix the issue and send back to you.

You guys are awesome. I’m also in India and happy to see such a quick response at 12am. I had a feeling it was this but didn’t upload to a server before I posted this question. Hopefully it helps someone else. Will rate your theme as well soon once I get the fonts sorted out.

Thanks guys.

Thank You for your great words. Nice to see that you are from India :) Kindly download all update addons we have (on theme’s info page here) so that you can set it up easily. Please let us know if you need any more assistance on this theme. We are a team of developers and somebody will be here most of the time :)


“I need to keep the Navigation Menu to be always visible, how can I do this?”

ANS : This can be done with just altering just a few lines of code. We have already done this for some of our clients. So buyers please let us know (contact us via themeforest contact form) – We will send you the modified pack :)

Downloading and replacing the fonts

Hi there, just a quick one. Once I have downloaded the free fonts how to I install these back into the template so that the stylesheets find them? Can’t find that in the documentation.



Hi thanks for your message. We are glad to announce, we are releasing an updated version of PERSONA with all fonts inside :) Please be in touch, we will inform you when themeforest releases this update, it is on Review Queue.

I have got half the way, after copying the @font-face kits into the fonts directory some of the fonts updated. For some reason the ostrich_sans fonts don’t seem to take. Will wait for the update – but I would like to know why the fonts aren’t loading!

Thank you anyway – look forward to the update :)


Update released :) Please download again!

where is the sendcontact.php form? Do I have to make it myself? If so, how do I do it.

There you have it :) Also dont forget to re-download the updated version released today!

Major Update as Version 1.2, released on 27 OCT 2012

Now the pack includes all fonts :) no more worries about the fonts setup. Themeforest now permits including fonts in the pack, so we have repacked it and released as update version 1.2. Buyers please download it again.