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What files do I have to edit to make the contact page form send an email to me when completed? By the way, thank you for all of your prompt responses.

Hi, please edit: sendcontact.php

Please find the line 19: $your_email = ‘’;

Change to your email. Thats it.


Hi guys, the most wanted PERSONA WordPress version is now available at themeforest, link here

Buyers, Please dont miss any updates!

Dear buyers, we release timely updates on themeforest. Once you have purchased a theme, please come back and download these updates manually from themeforest, we are unable to notify each of you via email (it is not practical). Before you open a support request, please make it sure that you have downloaded all the updates for the particular theme. Thanks for being with us :) Follow us on Twitter @ designovastudio to get all notifications easily.

Hello, I am loving this Paralax site! The only thing is Fancybox-media isnt loading anything. There is only the spinny loading wheel. I thought it was something I did but I get the same problem when trying to load your version that I downloaded. However the live preview version you have on here works. Ive tried all sorts of things to get it working and nothing seems to be right. Any ideas what it could be?

Here is my code below.

<li class="item" data-id="id-12" data-type="video"> <a data-fancybox-group="gallery" class="fancybox-media" href="" title="Use your mouse wheel to scroll between images. This text can be used as a title or description"><div class="overlay-block"><h4 class="work-item-name">Project Name</h4></div><img src="images/bg/dr.jpg" title="persona by designova" alt="persona" /></a> </li>

Hi there. Please upload the site to any server and it will work smoothly. Thanks for your message.


I am getting following error after sending the Contact Us form.

Warning: require_once() [function.require-once]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 1665 is not allowed to access /usr/lib/php/PEAR.php owned by uid 0 in /home2/colorspl/public_html/ on line 21

Warning: require_once(/usr/lib/php/PEAR.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home2/colorspl/public_html/ on line 21

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘PEAR.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home2/colorspl/public_html/ on line 21

Can you please in resolution of this???

Thanks in advance

Please download latest updated release on themeforest. We hope this is already fixed there. If else, please send email to:, we will surely help you on this :)

Hi Guys,

I have my site nearly configured, and even added a CSS trick to have the contact page contain a hidden field and then using PHP to check to make sure it’s null when a user submits so that its not a robot. Just in case other users are having spam problems on the contact form.

I am however having issue with out of the box contact form on certain domains. For example sometimes I submit using an or address and it doesn’t go through. Gmail, MSN and other random ones do however. I checked with my webhost, there is no issue in this and no domains being blocked. Any ideas?

Hi, Thanks for your message. We guess it depends on the PHP version. This kind of issues had existed on some of the domains and it was depending on the hosting server. We will get back to you after examining in detail.

forgot to add, the contact form gets mailed to be via an email id from my domain. i simply use the submitters email in the “reply-to” field.

Hi- first of all great theme!

I am having a lot of issues with the mobile/device version of the website. Some backgrounds aren’t showing up, and the re-sizing of the articles are not proportional. Can you take a look at it for me please?

Also, how would I be able to add a static navigation across the top of the website (or the bottom) that no matter as you scroll will always remain an overlay?
Thank You!

Hi thanks for message.

1) Please consider this one from FAQ section on theme info:

Q: I guess the parallax is having some issues on some mobile devices, how come this be tackled?

A: It is generally accepted fact that complex stuffs like parallax may have some issues when multiple devices and platforms are considered. Older iOS devices which is not updated on browsers may posess some issues when parallax is considered , may not be capable of rendering some CSS such as POSITION :FIXED on prallax. We will work on this as soon as any trusted solution arises on web.

2) This is not difficult if you are familiar with HTML and CSS3 .

Just add a DIV as:
<div class="topbar">
[Nav links here]
and style as:
width: 100%;
position: fixed;

this DIV will make such a top navigation bar where you can place Navigation links (clone them from the present one).

If you find it as complex, just contact us.

Hello, could you please let me know how I can make the navigation menu static? I don’t want it to disappear as It will confuse my customers. I was playing around with the java code between lines 70 and 87 in app.js but not making much progress.

Hi, thanks for message. We have already got same request from users and we have solved it for them. We will send you the updated code, so please send a message via TF contact form here:

If anyone wants to get the Navigation Menu to be visible always, please do the following:

Open APP .JS comment or remove following lines of code, original code line numbers are given: 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92

This will solve it :)

Holiday Notification:

We are setting up our new office and our developers will not be available for next 3 days. We will surely process your support requests on next working day, that is 8th November. Thanks for understanding. Please be in our circle. See you soon.
PERSONA WordPress Theme support will be available as usual on Support Fourm during these days.

:) We are back on track after holidays

Love the theme!

I’m going to be using this in a rails app. Usually I just copy over the CSS /JS to my file structure and let the asset pipeline handle it, but since this is zurb foundation-based would it be better to use the foundation gem? If so, which css/js files are part of Foundation and which are your own?

Any other suggestions for using this in Rails?

Hi there. We have no experience on Rails. Anyway if you find it helpful please note:

All JS files contained in JAVASCRIPTS folder are part of Foundation if they have “foundation” written on their names, for example:, foundation.min,

All other files are third party plugins and our own codes.

foundation.min.css (or) foundation.css is the css file with Foundation pack. All other files are third party as well as custom.

Hello! great theme. I’m tryin g to change the twitter. I assumes it was replacing “string” on line 244 in jquery.tweet.js with the username i have. It’s not loading. Is there something I’m missing, a line im supposed to change that cant find? Thanks! Sam

glad that you have sorted it out easily :)

Having problems with the contact form. I found the twitter solution, it just wasnt where I would usually look :)

I am getting this:

Warning: require_once(PEAR.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /datasan/www/vhosts/ on line 46

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘PEAR.php’ (include_path=’.:’) in /datasan/www/vhosts/ on line 46

I downloaded today so I assume it must be the latest version.

Hi. thanks for your message. We will check and let you know soon.

Thank you that would be helpful.

Hi, we guess you have missed some files. Please download this patch:

Unzip this, copy all files and paste by replacing your previous files. After copying these new files please set and check the contact form if it is working properly. It should be. Please let us know via email:

Hi, I purchased this template and had a few questions. I sent a contact form via ThemeForest; I just want to make sure that this was the best way to reach you guys. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Hi Kevin Park, we got your mail :) Checking it and we will let you know response from our developers.

Thanks so much, and thank you for the prompt response, even in this ungodly hour.

Hi Kevin, we have checked it and replied you via email. We are on UTC +5.30 :) Pleasure

Amazing layout! I just bought your very nice template. 5 stars! :-))

Thank You So Much :)

200 Purchases!

Thank You dear buyers and supporters! We will keep PERSONA HTML5 updated, major release v2.0 is on the way. Please stay in our circle.

Cheers! Team Designova

Congratulations! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year…. :-))

Thank You :) We wish you Merry Xmas & Cheerful New Year.

can anyone tell me the name of the twitter widget which is used in this theme, I want to embed in in the REASON template

Hi, thanks for your message. The plugin is jquery.tweet.js – Please See or for more info