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hi, I purchased this template a few monts ago, and for at least three months, it seems that the templates is downloading hacked files and puting them into pictures on the site. I have checked all files, and all sources from my part, but it looks like the hack is coming from the template’s links. how can I resolve this issue? every time I reload , or re-upload my site, it’s “hacked”?


Hi, thanks for your message. Even though this is first time we get such a report, we will surely double check it and re-upload all files if needed.

Kindly contact us via email so that we can send you a fresh pack of ZIP. We guess this will help you to figure out if anything is wrong there within the server. We will surely double check here also. Our email: info(at)designova(dot)net

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I will send you a mail shortly. :)

Hi, we got the email. We will check it asap and let you know. Thanks for contacting us.

Dear Friend

On line 46 of mail.php he calls a nonexistent file called pear.php

This aqruivo not exist …

Attempts to contact the developer of the theme and asks for a solution.



Hi, thanks for your message. If you have purchased this theme at the initial month of release please re-download from TF since we have updated it a couple of times. In case if you are on recent updated version please send your ZIP pack by contacting us via themeforest contact form, we will check your pack and fix it as needed.


Fiz o re download como voce me disse. O problema permanece. Ele não encontra o tal de pear.php Ele diz no começo do código que precisa ter instalado. como faço? Ajude me

I bought this item: Persona – HTML5 Responsive Creative Parallax I am using Orange

Friend, good day

I tried to redownload the TF, but the contact form at the end of the site, when I click send it appears this text

PHP Warning: require_once (PEAR.php) [ function.require-once ]: failed to open stream: Arquivo ou diretório E: \ home \ protejame \ Web \ creche3 \ mail.php na linha 46 PHP Fatal error: require_once () [function.require ]: Falha abertura necessária “PEAR.php ‘(’.; C: \ php5 \ pear ‘include_path =) em E: \ home \ protejame \ Web \ creche3 \ mail.php na linha 46

How do I solve this problem?

hi, where can i change the border-bottom-color in the NAV when it is selected?

hi, our team is on a training and we will be back in full spirit by eod tomorrow. sorry for the delayed response.

Hi, Love this theme! Great job! I was just wondering if there was a way to make sure all the backgrounds transition the same way. (I’m using gradient backgrounds and want the colors to change seamlessly between each section.) However, for some reason the transition between my third background image and fourth background image (the portfolio section) is different. How would I correct this? Thanks

Hi, it needs some advanced custom coding. Not an easy one.

Hi Guys,

Any update on when this theme will be supported on iOS browsers and other mobile ones? I bought this a few months ago also.


Hi there.

We are already working on a major updated version and we are not yet reached the final lap since the parallax script is heavy for developers sake. In this case if it is taking too long, we will release an intermediate version with some improvements.

Hi any ideas when the navigation is going work properly in iphone and other phones?


I would like to apply this template to several html files in a website.

I was wondering if was possible to have a main menu for changing html files, and then a secondary menu to navigate in the same page.

Is possible to add to this template a secondary menu?

Thank you!!!

Hi, this needs some custom coding to add a drop down menu by replacing current side navigation module. But it is a little bit complex to build, it needs custom coding.

Can I add additional pages to the menu?

Is the a limit how many pages there are?

Hi there, there is no practical limits for pages. You can manually edit the code and create new pages.

Thank you.

Is it possible to create multilingual pages? Which plugin would you recommend for it?

Is it possible to create subpages which have a link on the main parallax pages?

Hi, being an HTML5 template the above queries can be implemented via custom coding.

PERSONA v3.0 – Reworked Edition with Mobile optimization – released on June 25 2013

This is a Reworked Edition (RE), means we have made huge improvements on the framework and responsive nature of this parallax theme. As we have 275+ buyers for HTML5 version and a massive 400+ for WordPress version, providing a lot of suggestions and support requests, everything caused us to build a better, smoother Persona. We thank you and here is the new Persona for you.
What’s new in v3.0?
  • entirely re-built with Bootstrap framework 2.3
  • Isotope Premium Masonry Portfolio plugin
  • ColorBox lightbox integration.
  • 100% responsive and perfectly stable on mobile devices
  • Sticky Desktop Navigation – always visible
  • Responsive dropdown mobile navigation menu
  • compatible with Twitter’s new API
  • Flat design with metro color schemes
  • Tested on iOS mobile, android & Windows Phone

hi, can this theme create more than 3 layers parallax effort this is website?

thanks :)

Hi, we recently updated to v3 of PERSONA HTML5 and it is responsive built with Bootstrap. Kindly check after closing the Themeforest Preview’s sticky Top Bar

Hi, it looks great now at iPhone4 but only HTML5 version how about WP? Does this PERSONA support more than 3 layers parallax for horizontal as well as vertical?

Hi, the equivalent WordPress version update is on progress. PERSONA is having vertical parallax layout.

I have a problem in Chrome browser. Portfollio images won’t load and a console gives me “Uncaught NotFoundError: An attempt was made to reference a Node in a context where it does not exist. ” error.

Hi, please upload the site to a web server and check it on live. If still issue persists please contact us via support system


Hi I have added my twitter details as per install, however it is still showing your tweets ? how can I fix this?

I figured out how to add mew sections they have to be before the contact page or the footer ends up in the wrong place, great work I just need to sort out the twitter feed.

Hi, there is no issues about window resizing in IE because the template is having mediaquery for mobile devices and also mobile detection scripts. Everything will work perfectly on actual device.

Pleasure that you are doing it well :)

I can see my own screen and in ie on my windows desktop the images get messed up when I resize (I am not resizing to mobile view 1920 – 1080) , after testing on my android phone 4.1 the menu does not work I can create a send screen shots so you can see what I am seeing.

I tried to access the Persona Wordpress theme, but the link you posted is broken. Can you please take a look. Thanks.

As we had already informed via Twitter, PERSONA WP has been unavailable on themeforest due to compatibility issues with WordPress v3.6. The theme needs to be reworked entirely and it will be available if development completes ontime.

Thanks for the quick reply. I m looking forward to purchase the WP version, once it becomes available. Please email me then at Cheers.

Any news on the WP version? Very interested. Great work!

The WP edition needs in-depth rebuild. We are thinking about the possibilities, the development will take some more time.

Hi, I want to buy this template ASAP. One of my requirment is to upload videos but i didnt find any video uploaded in demo template or any video player.

Does it support video uploads?

I want to upload videos in PORTFOLIO section, and it should get sorted as per my categories (as all/branding/web/.......etc is shown your demo template)

Reply ASAP. (

Thanks and regards, Pankaj Bawdane

Hi, this template needs custom coding in order to add video player features. You can add video via portfolio lightbox, but again this need some editing of the lightbox plugin scripts which will be customization.

So I purchased this theme in its old version, it seems with the new version you are keeping the promises made in the old version. Is there anyway people whom bought the old version can get this update for free or cheaper?


We have updated this HTML5 template but it is the same item for sale here (same product with updated code). Buyers can download it as usual. Please check if you have bought it from your same profile, you can download it from that profile.

Hi designova,

I was wondering if you still have this theme available for wordpress… This theme is perfect for a project that I am working on, however the client insists that it’s done in Wordpress. Is the WP version still for sale?


Ben Grove

We have discontinued the worpress version and there is no plans to return it.


I’ve been using this theme and I love it! Are you coming back with the wordpress version of it?


We have no plans to re-introduce the wordpress version