Personal - Best Blog, CV and Video WordPress Theme

Personal - Best Blog, CV and Video WordPress Theme

Blog Wordpress Theme – You Would Love to Play With

The most innovative Personal blog Wordpress theme is suitable for all the blogging masters and it is equally good for Video websites with dozens of awesome functionalities you would have never seen in any other premium Wordpress blog templates. Each of the 9 innovative Homepage designs is perfect in itself, can caters to the all around needs of a specific blog niche. The supported post types include audios, videos, images, text, sliders and many more. The layout can be either single column or multi-column and with or without sidebar.

Countless Blog Layouts – Easier to Choose

“Personal” is a blog template which has so 40+ blog styles to choose from. From basic to advanced needs of online blogging, “Personal” meets all the standards and give you unparalleled performance. Have a look at its juicy blog layouts.

Video Blogs – A Ready-Made Solution

Not only the text blogging, Personal offers a convenient way for Picture or Video blogging. Not only this, if you are planning a media based blog with Sound Cloud Audio, you are choosing the right theme. “Personal” has got all what you need for a blog website.

“Personal” Features

  • 40+ Plus Ways to Make a Blog
  • Fashion Blog Styles
  • Personal Blog Styles
  • Business Blog Styles
  • Health Blog Styles
  • Grid Style Blog Homepage
  • List Style Blog Homepage
  • Pinterest Style Blog Homepage
  • 10 Ways to Make Category Page
  • Build in Page Templates for Easy Implementation
  • One Click Demo Installation
  • Embed Video, Audio or Gallery in Single Post Easily
  • Responsive Design
  • 6 Unique Header Styles
  • Easy Adsense Implementation Management
  • Choose any Color
  • Unlimited Customization Options
  • 30 Plus Widgets
  • Choose Right, Left or No Sidebar for Any Page

Updates and Improvements

Version 3.9.2 (11 May 2018)
  • Fixed – Language translation issue in WordPress 4.9.6 or greater
  • Fixed – Minor WooCommerce pages styling issues
  • Compatibility – Compatible with the 3.4.2 version of WooCommerce
  • Updated – WooCommerce files in theme are updated
  • Updated – Visual Composer plugin is updated
  • Updated – Language files are updated
  • Updated – Revolution Slider plugin is updated
Version 3.9.1 (14 April 2018)
  • Added – Blog List styles option added
  • Added – Row setting animation option added
  • Added – Column setting animation option added
  • Fixed – Visual Composer row settings design options working issue fixed
  • Fixed – Image logo settings options working issue fixed
  • Fixed – Visual Composer Responsive column settings options working issue fixed
  • Fixed – Header setting working issue fixed
  • Updated – Visual Composer plugin is updated
  • Updated – Layer Slider plugin is updated
  • Updated – WooCommerce files are updated according to new version
  • Updated – Now Compatible with WordPress 4.9.5
Version 3.9 (18 February 2018)
  • Compatibility – Compatibility issues with PHP version 7.0 are fixed
  • Compatibility – Compatibility issues with WooCommerce version 3.3.1 are fixed
  • Compatibility – Compatibility issues with WordPress version 4.9.4 are fixed
  • Updated – WooCommerce files are updated
  • Updated – Visual Composer plugin is updated
  • Updated – Revolution Slider plugin is updated
Version 3.8 (23 January 2018)
  • Fixed – Custom CSS issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Flicker widget issue fixed.
  • Fixed – WooCommerce files update issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Some styling issues are fixed.
  • Fixed – Some console errors are fixed.
  • Fixed – Shop page sidebar issue fixed.
  • Added – Added social icons on profile page.
  • Added – Added dynamic progress bar value on profile detail page.
  • Added – Added footer background color option.
  • Updated – Revolution Slider plugin update.
  • Updated – Visual Composer plugin updated.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with the latest version of WordPress 4.9.1.
  • Compatibility – Compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce.
Version 3.7 (14 July 2017)
  • Fixed – Widget styling issues fixed<./li>
  • New Options – Hide/Show Author name on the testimonial post.
  • New Options – Add Text Logo and Text Logo custom size in all header.
  • New Options – Add image Logo custom size in all header.
  • New Options – Add mail chimp subscription in (The Blog Footer About Box) Widget.
  • New Options – Add option to enable/disable likes on blog page.
  • New Options – Add option for blog page style.
  • Updated – Updated WooCommerce plugin file to 3.1+
  • Updated – Update Revolution Slider plugin.
  • Updated – Update Visual Composer plugin.
  • Updated – Make compatible with WordPress 4.8.
Version 3.6 (14 February 2017)
Fixed-    Google map issue fixed.
Fixed-    Header Settings in theme option.
Fixed-    Some styling issue fixed.
Updated- Update Woocommerce plugin
Updated- Update revolution slider plugin.
Updated- Update visual composer plugin.
Updated- Make compatible with wordpress 4.7.2
Version 3.5.4 (07-25-2016)
New Options - Top bar Custom Options
            - Change background color
            - Show/Hide Social
            - Show/Hide Search
New Options - Header Custom Setting
            - Header Background Color
            - Menu Background Color
            - Menu Item Text Color
            - Show/Hide Search Form in Header
New Options - Hide/Show Header Ad Banner
Updated - Plugins Updated
Bug Fixed - Instagram Shortcode/Widget Issue Fixed
Bug Fixed - Backend Category Error Fixed
Bug Fixed - Video Post Style Error
Bug Fixed - Footer Profile widget styling error Fixed.
Version 3.5.3 (05-08-2016)
New - Lots of Code and Customization Related Improvements Done in This Version
New - Two New Demos Added in this Version
Updated - Improved Demo Importer with 17 Demos Options to Import A Demo in Few Milliseconds 
Version 3.5.2 (04-20-2016)
Fixed - Compatibility Issues Fixed with Wordpress 4.5
Updated - Visual Composer Updated 
Updated - Layer Slider Updated
New - Brand New 2 Minute Demo Installation System Included
Fixed - Row and Column Settings Bug Fixed in All Shortcodes
Version 3.5.1 (03-02-2016)
Fixed -  Updated Plugins Compatibility.
    - Visual Composer
    - Woocommerce     
Fixed -  Add New Option for sidebar in post detail page. (You can globally select sidebar of all posts from themeoptions or you can select sidebar from post meta for each post individually).
Fixed -  Fix: All blog styles are applicable on category template from themeoption as well as from category meta option.
Fixed -  Add New Option to show/hide social media icon in post detail page.
Fixed -  Fix: Pagination working well in whole theme. 
Fixed -  Post Like Counter working well on post detail page.
Version 3.5 (01-30-2016)
Fixed - Pagination Issue
Updated - WooCommerce Compatablitiy Issues Solved
Version 3.4 (01-16-2016)
Fixed - Field Added To Add an Email on The Contact Page Through Contact Page Settings in Theme Options
Fixed - Category Page Settings Bug Fixed
Fixed - "Blog Single Post with Home Fancy Style" Template Bug Fixed
Fixed - Single Post Settings Bug in Theme Options Fixed
Fixed - Blog Styles on Category Pages Bug Fixed
Fixed - Blog Pagination Bug Fixed
Fixed - Parect Menu and Sub-Menu in Mega Menu Bug Fixed 
New - Single Page Image Permalink Issue Resolved
Updated - Visual Composer New Version Given
Updated - Layer Slider New Version Given
Version 3.3 (12-29-2015)
Updated - Wordpress 4.4 version compatibility issues fixed
Updated - Visual Composer 4.9 plugin updated
Version 3.2 (12-17-2015)
Updated - Wordpress 4.4 version compatibility issues fixed
Updated - Visual Composer 4.9 plugin updated
Updated - Woocommerce 2.4.12 latest version compatibility issues fixed
Fixed - Color scheme issues fixed
Fixed - Import Export Problem Fixed
Version 3.1 (10-30-15)
New - VC ShortCode Styling Improved
New - Option Added to Set The Text Length of Modern Carousel
Fixed - Title Mega Duplication Issue Fixed
Fixed - Instagram Shortcode Bug Fixed
Fixed - Profile Page Error Fixed 
Version 3.0 (10-27-15)
New - Option given to HyperLink Any Section to The Concerned Category Page
New - Option Given in All ShortCodes to Hide/Show All Meta Types like Author, Comments, Date, Social Icons
New - Same Options are Given in Page Templates 
New - Improved the Date Archived, Author, Author Archive, Category Archive, Tag Archive, Index Page, Search Found, Search Not Found Page Settings
New - Blog Post Image Carousel Improved
New - Blog Slider Shortcode Option Given to Hide / Show Meta
New - More Customization Options are Given in All Shortcodes to Filter the Date from Category and According to Date, Comments, Recent, Popular etc.
Fixed - Instagram Widget + Instagram Shortcode Bug Fixed and Made Compatible with the Latest API
Fixed - Blog Single Gallery Bug Fixed in All Gallery Shortcodes
Updated - WooCommerce Plugin
Updated - Visual Composer to 4.8
Updated - Revolution Slider

Version 2.0 (09-02-15)

Updated - Compatible with Wordpress 4.3
Updated - Compatible with Visual Composer
Added - WooCommerce 2.4+ Compatiblity Added
Fixed - Youtube Video Streaming Bug Fixed
Fixed - Instagram API Bug Fixed
New - New Layout Given 
Improved - Spacing of All Layout Improved
Version 1.4.3 (07-10-15)
Fixed - prettyPhoto XSS fix
Version 1.4.2 (06-18-15)
Fixed - Bug in update system
Updated - PrettyPhoto Script
Updated - Added some notices related to Update System
Version 1.4.1 (06-04-15)
Fixed - Auto Theme Update and Plugins Issue Fixed
Version 1.4 (05-19-15)
New - Auto Update System Given 
New - Update Notifier Class Given
New - Auto Backup System Given
New - Some Other Improvements Given
Updated - Revolution Slider
Updated - Visual Composer
Version 1.3.6 (12-23-14)
Updated - Revolution Slider Plugin
Updated - Visual Composer Plugin

Version 1.3.5 (12-08-14)

New - Created Login and Register Page Template
Updated - New XML File Given (With New Pages) 
Improved - Search Engine Settings Improved
Improved - New XML Given in The Theme 
Fixed - H2 and H3 Closing Tag Bug Fixed
Fixed - H1, H2 Issues Fixed in Single Post and Category Page
Fixed - Carousel Thumb Size Issue Fixed
Version 1.3 (11-25-2014)
New - Options Added in Theme Options to Turn ON or OFF -- Admin, Date, Category,       Comments, Featured image, Author and Single Gallery on the Page Bottom.
New - Active Facebook Comments From Theme Options
New - Fashion Blog Style Shortcode Added
New - Carousel with Attachments Shortcode Added
Fixed - Character Limiter Bug Fixed
Fixed - Mega Menu Bug Fixed (Showing Content in The Menu)
New - Languages Support Added
      Chinese (simplified), Danish, French, Georgian, German, Italian, Japanese,        Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian,       English
New - New Profile Style Added
Version 1.2.3 (11-13-2014)
New - Complete Compatibility with Disqus Plugin
New - Ten Built-in Languages Support - Make the Blog in Ten Languages with One Click
Built-in Supported Languages (Can be Activated from Theme Options with One Click)

Arabic   -   English   -   Persian  -   French   -   Russian   -   Chinese
Italian   -   Japanese   -   German   -   Portugal   -   Turkey

Fixed - Like System Styling Improved
Version 1.2.2 (11-12-2014)
New - Post Like Dislike System Given
New - Option to Show or Hide Author Info in Single Post
New - Option to Show or Hide Single Post Attachments
New - .po File Added in Theme Directory For String/Placehold Translation
New - Option Given in Theme Options to Select Default Sidebar on all Single Posts

Version 1.2 (11-02-2014)

New - 9 new shortcodes added
New - Featured Video Gallery
New - Blog Single Post
New - Blog Single Post 2
New - Blog Single Gallery
New - Boxed Video Gallery
New - Blog Gallery Style 1
New - Blog Gallery Style 2
New - Blog Gallery Style 3
New - Blog Gallery Style 4
New - Gallery With Images
New - Gallery with Audio
New - Gallery with Video
New - Vimeo Embedding Support for Gallery
New - Youtube Embedding Support for Gallery
New - DailyMotion Embedding Support for Gallery
New - SoundCloud Embedding Support for Gallery
Fixed - Header Style 1 and 2 Bug Fixed
Fixed - TGM Bug to Activate Plugins At Once
Version 1.1 (10-28-2014)
Fixed - Bug in Import Settings
Added - Body Background Option Given in Theme Options
Fixed - Bug in Header Fancy Style
Updated - Responsive Menu
Updated - Font Size Options Given in Theme Options
Updated - Option Added to Given Text Logo

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