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thanks for you answer. do you have any example online with a large timeline like 40 years ? thanks

In previous post you mentioned that you’re working on a WP version. Is it gonna be available and when?

You also mentioned that you’d update the contact form and make it work on iOS. Does the version available include these?

By the way, it looks great but to be honest I want a theme which is quick to use and modify but from what I see in the previous comments this one is not… Yet. When is it gonna be fully funtional?

We no longer working on the WordPress version so therefore there not will be a WP version. All the issues listed above are solved, so the contact form is working and there is no more iOS issues.


ayn Purchased

For some reason when I delete the columns with black span from the fourth section the underline doesn’t work in the fifth. It underlines when is scrolled down to the text and while on the headline for the fifth it stays on the fourth in the menu. Any ideas what to do about it?

And one more thing. The menu does not work on Android smart phones. Or at least mine. I can scroll manually but the menu does not seem to respond on any level…

Thanks for the purchase! Can you send us the link where is the template uploaded ? Or can you send us a screenshot to ?

I sent you the email some time ago and with no reply so far…

We’re sorry, we have problem with e-mails. Problems still persist? please write us to Thanks for understanding.

Great theme ! I just find that the code is not very clean.

Thanks for the love!

need to confirm something before i buy this template. do i have to buy a timeline plug in to build my portfolio or it is included in the template?

You don’t need to buy the timeline plugin separately it’s included in the template for free.

Anyone help me with my above question please?

Sorry for the delay we were on Christmas break. We answered on your question.

Do we have to buy the timeline plugin separately? or The cost include all the files?

You don’t need to buy the timeline plugin separately it’s included in the template for free.

Hi, I just bought the template, is really great! Im not a web developer, so I have a silly question: I need to use texts in spanish, but when I save the index.php file in utf-8 code, the page shows big blank spaces as you can see in this capture:

What should I do?


Thanks for the purchase! Can you send me the link to the webpage to ?

Hey there. I’m using the template and got it to work perfectly well. I am, however, experiencing A LOT of spam to the contact form. Is there a way to avoid this (enable a captcha of sorts)? Cheers

We can implement captcha at our contact form, or you can use different contact form with this feature. We include captcha in contact form to our improvements list, now.

Hello, I bought the theme, but the js file is still minified. Can I get it unminified?

please send us an e-mail, but we don’t minified our scripts….

hi i saw that the contact form doesn’t work…can you tell me a way to change this? and i want in parallax option to smooth when i change section in menu is it possible? thanks

Hey, I just bought the theme in hope its works with wordpress! So I notice its doesnt work with wp, is it right? Thanks.

you can include this into wordpress theme via include command.

I sent a message to your site as well, but on the main page for this theme, you mention making the cubist style portraits shown here (and in Vor). What do you charge to create those, and who should I contact to learn more?


yesterday I bought the theme but the timeline does not work on IE10 and chrome. Please help me.

thank you

wow, fantastic work;

Hello, I love your theme. As for the Gallery, I want to make the thumbnails and the images separate for speeding up my website though. Is that something you can help? Thank you!

Hi before I bought the theme, can you tell me if i can have a time lime with 20 dates? And can i have 3 languages?

Theme can not be installed style.css is missing. What can I do?