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Very original nice work. Good luck

Thank you!

Neat touches , congrats :)

Thank you!

will you sell the timeline only on codecanyon or can i somehow rip the timeline to use it on my own site?

i like this so much, i really want to have this, im just not in search for a complete theme :)

Yes, we want to do “timeline plugin” for sale at codecanyon. But it can be easily extracted from the template. Template uses easy settings.php with timeline settings.

Thanks for your quick and outstanding reply :) Chilipear. I will buy the complete theme for now and keep my eyes open for the plugin aswell. Cheers!

Can the timeline circle display an image background instead of just color? This would be fantastic!

Yes you can, instead of “text” => “Photoshop” write this: “text” => “

Just bought the template and extremely impressed. But my biggest issue is that it is not responsive will you update it with that feature? Or can anyone please give me advice on how to make it responsive?

Thanks for purchasing our template. We will improve the template with more options and features in the future but we are not going to make it responsive.

hey! how could i do such a picture like yours? :)

Thanks for the purchase. You need to create it. The picture was made by our designer by hand. However we can make you the image from a photo for an additional fee. If you are interested please contact us at

how do i make the contact box work?

It’s not a functional contact form, you will need a basic PHP knowledge to make it work. Maybe in a future update we will make a fully functional contact from.

I can’t install it.

Please follow the steps in the documentation. For larger issue, please send us a mail to

Hi, thanks for the great cv template. It doesn’t work on iPads or iPhones though which is a big problem for me. I work in digital media and need my cv to work on the iPad. Is it possible to modify the template? Currently the edges of the template are missed on the left and right in both portrait and landscape modes.

Thanks for the purchase. A new update will be available soon within 2 – 3 weeks, the update will include an optimization for iOS devices.

great news! thanks so much :)

Sorry, another question! Is it possible to embed links into the “fulltext” field on the timeline?

Yes you can, just add a href tag to the “full text” field.

If I add supersavvyme to the full text field, I get a server error?

<a href="">supersavvyme</a>

Please use single quotes in the full text field. For example, supersavvyme

Some bugs or places where enhancements can be done.

1. In Timline all the years must have the same amount of cycles. To reproduce just create two years , first with 2 cycles second with 5. Playing with timeline a bit makes a cycles from the differnet years to mix. Bugs is reproducable on Firefox 15/Chrome 21 2. When you click on the image at the “Work” menu item the gallery opens with the big image and description. But after you close the image gallery with “X” button you’r browser scrolles back to the top of the window, so user forced to scroll down back to “Work” area which is not too user friendly. Bugs is reproducable on Firefox 15 only.

Thanks for the feedback, we know about these issues. These issues will be solved in the next update.

Hey Guys,

Any news as to when the new update will arrive?

Thank You in Advance.

We are continually working on improving our items but we didn’t had time to improve this item. Please be patient, Thank you

Hi, I want my own photo image in the ‘Something about me’ section ,how can I get it? Thanks!!

Sorry to bother you guys again but any update as to when we will see an update for the template to support iOS devices?

We are preparing a WordPress version of the theme so it takes longer to develop.

Can you add a video into the work section? in the demo I only see photos. thanks

I’m have to say no, this version only supports images. However maybe in the newer version we will add this option.

Hello. 1st congrats for the awesome template.

Did it comes with php contact form?


No, it’s not. But we are preparing a new version with a working contact form.

Oh! come ON! How can you sell this? This is not professional at all: - Contact form is dummy. - To change info one must change index.php. Is it that difficult to put it in some other php apart? When updating everything will be difficult to fit. - Screen not responsive and fixed to a size! It even doesn’t fit iPad screen and goes over bounds. - It is not responsive at all.

This is not 90’s you can’t sell it like that. There are standards you must follow.

There will be an update soon with some improvements (like working contact form). We didn’t said that the theme is responsive.

i really liked the design and the demo seems to be working seamless. but everytime i try to install your theme i’m receiving the error message that style.css or header.php is missing. i tried it with ftp too, not working. maybe it’s working for most of the people but the structure of theme files are not proper for my host. i’d be very pleased of a quick refund. thank you.

We sorry but we cannot refund. We have a very good support so we can help you with the implementation. Please contact us on with your issue.

Hello , I’ve just purchased your template . congratulation it’s very nice and well done . but i am a little bit disappointed because i realize that is tuff to edit it, a whole CV, in the php settings file . in my understanding i expected to get the timeline editor in the package . it’s my fault probably (my bad english) . Anyway now i see there is a timeline plugin that you sell separately . it’s an option to purchase it too for editing but is it possible to integrate the time line plugin in the CV page ? how ? another question how is the maximum “year” i can have in the time line ? 20 ?

thanks for your answer and your help fred

Thanks for the purchase, if you buy the timeline plugin you can easily implement it . Just paste this: <?php include ‘timeline.php’; ?> code into the #s-place > .inner div in the CV template. There is no maximum year in the timeline.