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Yashma, can you please tell me how to get the contact form linked to my email account? Thanks

Yashma How are you?

I completed my site. but I can not get mail from the site. olurmusun help me with this? contact form, send button does not work. What should I do.

please help me!!!

Nice code, nice and simple. However, I can’t seem to find information on removing the colorpicker from the left side. I see a comment earlier, but when I follow those notes, the code you say to remove isn’t in the main.js file. Any help would be great.


You can simply remove colorchange widget from the left side of the site by editing stylesheet. Please locate main.css file in yourthemeFolder/css/main.css. Open the file with Notepad and search for text ”.all_shemes”. Possibly it will be on line 586. Change current instruction ”.all_shemes {left:0;position:fixed;top:175px;}” to updated one ”.all_shemes {left:0;position:fixed;top:175px;display:none}” This change will hide theme color block.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, when I search the main.css, I don’t turn up any results for ”.all_schemas”. Any other options? I am at a loss here and can’t seem to find the right code to remove it from the side bar. Thanks!

Hi Again,

I have one more question. I have been trying to figure out how to make the “clients” collapsable link, link to a page rather than displaying hidden content. I removed the content, but can’t find the code that indicates that it is a collapsing link rather than one that opens to another page.

  • clients </class>
  • Please help! Thanks!

    Please contact us via email.

    Hello - I’d really like to get the blog working. How do I go about doing this without having to buy another theme? The blog works on the demo site. Why can’t it work on this theme? I’m a bit confused because your documentation clearly says, Personal Portfolio (PP) is ready to be integrated with wordpress cms and has markup that is ready for shortcode adoptation and color sheme tuning.

    Can you please help on how to get the blog working on this template?

    Thanks, Stephanie

    Hello! Wordpress theme contains both scripts for front-end (html) and back-end (server php scripts). Html template contains ONLY font-end coding (Some people use joomla or other cms, so they will integrate code into other cms manually). Wordpress has multiple requirements for html markup: menus, navigations, comments should be coded in specified way. If html is made in other way – developer will have headache with integration into WP. ” is ready to be integrated with wordpress” means that this html is friendly to wordpress and it is easier to develop theme with this html. On demo site you are seeing STATIC html. There is no server side for this demo.

    Yashma, can you please tell me how to get the Contact Form ‘send’ button to work?

  • Create server side php file that will accept data from contact form
  • Send form data with script to server
  • i’ve tried it, but since the ‘send’ button is not part of the ‘form’ then it doesn’t work. can you send me a step by step guide?

    can you make it responsive?

    Hello, at this time we are not planning to do this responsive.

    Fixed. Thank you!


    Could you please tell me where to change the colour/size of the black border on thumbnails in works section?


    1. These modifications were not tested, so you do it for your own risk. To change the color and size of the border on thumbnails in works section, add this code to Custom CSS in Admin -> Mustache: .flex-caption { background-color: rgba(85, 5, 112, 0.5); width: 90%; height: 10%; } 0.5 – is a transparency index. 2. There are two buttons on enlarged image in Works section – ‘Expand the image’ and ‘Close’.

    Please provide the link and access to your site and give more info concerning your problem with Tweet button.

    thank you for your reply. I have only main.css in this version. Please explain “Custom CSS in Admin -> Mustache”?

    Regarding Tweet button:

    There are 3 buttons on enlarged images: ‘Expand the image’ and ‘Close’ on the right side at the top and bottom corners respectively and “Tweet” on bottom left corner.

    hi Can you please also tell me where can I delete Tweet button from enlarged images in works section.