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I love the theme but I am having an issue with Lightbox Evolution. I have a hidden div that contains some information and a Google Map. When the lightbox goes to load it never loads on screen (sometimes I can scroll up and see the lightbox) but the content never loads, at best I see a spinner. I am lost on what I can do to solve the issue. Thoughts? (I will send you the site via your ThemeForest Contact Page).


I am planning to buy this template and would like to know if it will fully respond and work in mobiles and tablets, or some functions may not be available.


It looks and works very well in mobile browsers. I have tested it on Android devices(mobile and tablet) and I had no problems. Of course some functions are not available but most of them works. For example the slider “One by One” has touch support and you easy slide forward or back. only touching the screen without any controllers.

I think the best for you would be to test with a device of your choice and decide if this template is good for you or not.

Best regards, Andrei.

Hi, This is an excellent template. The photos i’ve been given don’t resize well to 980×320 for the flex slider. Can I resize the slider to something smaller?


The slider should resize based on your images size. For example if your images are 800×300 the slider will have the same dimensions.

All this except for Homepage slider. This one has 100% width and a transparent background. Use grid system to wrap it in a smaller block.

For ex:
<div class="grid_9">
   ... Your slider markup here ...

Love the theme. Great work.

I have one problem. I can’t get the Lightbox function to work. I thought it was just me, but I can’t get it to work when I simply test the theme directly after the download. All lightbox images open in a new window just like a _blank command. I see it’s working on your demo site here but when I download and then test, it’s not working – all browsers. Am I missing something obvious?

Just tested it now and I see the problem. It is fixed now and submited on Themeforest. I don’t know how much time it will take to be approved by a reviewer, but if you can’t wait too much, contact me and I will send you the files via email.

Best regards and thank you, very much, for reporting this bug.


Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes please send the files when you can. That would be great. I’ll send a request through your private message as well. Thanks!

Check your inbox. ;)

Great customer service! Addressed my concern, found a solution. My site is now rockin.

Great experience. Thanks!!!

I just bought this template but I can’t found the PSD file with the full design just only there are the PSD for the background, logo and caption. Where is the full design? in the description I see: Layered PSD? I need the full design PSD

Sorry, but full PSD is not available, it is mostly based on CSS3 and this make no sense to create a psd. Also on themeforest only “Layered PSD” option is available. So I can’t specify that there is not full. But I’ve done this in features list -> “PSD, AI Elements”.



I bought your five stars template and I am completely satisfied. I have just one question : Is it possible to have the main menu in one ligne on Ipad for example ? Everthing works fine except the menu and I have only 6 items. It should be responsive, shouldn’t it ?

Ahh, just noticed that there was a problem with my mail server. Now I see your messages.

And, yes, both addresses work, they forward the messages in the same inbox.

I will look into your problem and let you know what you can do to fix this issue.

Well, Mr, I’m still waiting for your answer. Thanks in advance for your reply

The answer is there. :)

why dont have PSD souce files for this template ?just logo PSD

Sorry, but full PSD is not available, it is mostly based on CSS3 and this make no sense to create a psd. Also on themeforest only the “Layered PSD” option is available. So I can’t specify that there is not full. But I’ve done this in features list -> “PSD, AI Elements”. As you can see, I have noted that are only the elements, everything else is customizable by CSS.

I can’t get the Lightbox function to work. I don’t see the option to change the color, but i see in demo page. what m i missing?

Hello. Can you explain what or how exactly is not working? Please extend your question.


In demo i saw on the left hand side box pop out where you can change the color of the theme. But when downloaded and i open with my browser i do not see the left hand side box to change the color of the theme. Now why i do not see that box on the left hand side.

This is just for demo purpose and is not a part of this template. You can generate how many styles you want without HTML/CSS knowledge just using SMK Skinr –

In “Documentation” I’ve explained how to use it.


Hi there,

I have just purchsed your theme “perspective” – html, how do I start editing the theme to suit my taste? Is it through dreamweaver or what package?

I was actually thinking there would be an admin panel where you can make all the changes.

Can please help me out with information.

Thank you.

Hello, davelinne. This is HTML template and it does not have an admin panel inluded. You can edit the content using any HTML editor(Notepad, Sublime Text, Dreaweaver, etc.).

BTW, if you want a fully functional theme that can be installed and if you know how to use WordPress you can find it here:

Best regards, Andrei.

Is there any admin Cpanel I can download and use for the template “perspective” html.

HI I bought theme a few days ago,where can i change colour?i saw demo hv sidebar but theme couldnt find sidebar to change colour,please help!

Hello. The color switcher from the demo is not a part of this product. It is used just to give you an idea of how your site could be.

Please check documentation file, there are instructions of how you can change the color scheme, or even more how to create your custom.

Have a good day. Andrei

Thank you very much for the theme! It’s great.

I have a problem, how do I edit the footer widget or widgetized footer. I have been having issues on this but I don’t seem to know how to edit it.

Kind regards.

I would appreciate if you can descripbe what problem do you have exactly. If your problem is similar to @soetix(see it down) then it is fixed and the update should be available very soon.

thank you very much, in fact the problem has been solved

Another question is about the search engine.

The search engine doesn’t work. How do I make it function? There’s no instruction in the documentation that mention anything about this.

Help me out. Kind regards.

To make this search to work is almost imposible with this code. You must create the search engine yourself, hire a freelancer to do it for you or (the best IMO) use Google Custom Search

Hello, forgive my English. Let me know how it works SMK Skinr tool? Included in the package is? that generates a css file? This tool is installed on your server or we can install? I would like a little more information because what interests me is the tool Skinr SMK thanks

It is not included, you can use it online(only) to generate the css for a custom style.

All the patterns ,images and headers are included?

Yes. Everything you see in the demo is included(except SMK Skinr itself). Here is a screenshot:

hi there

Really a great job on this template. I have the same issue on the lightbox as some others. Mine is that it does not present the lightbox effect. Called image displays on its own without the floating frame. Redownloaded and published as is, same issue. The effects seen on your demo also do not come into play.

So locally and online same error. Applies to both html and php sites. I do see that online the frame opens, but no image in the frame.

PS: Your demo site is not loading from the themeforest page. Only way to access it is through SMK SKNR from the local template. :)

Thanks in advance

Do you have the latest version? Can you create an online version so I will be able to inspect the code and help you to solve this problem. I tried to mimic it on my local computer but doesn’t seem to have this problem. Please send the link using the contact form from my profile. I will do my best to fix it.

Demo is fixed :)

I’m adding the pin button when hover the images but it is overlapping with the right and left arrows of the lightbox pop up.

Do you know what part of the CSS that needs to be changed so can I move these arrows to the middle of the image instead?

I’m not really sure that I understand what’s the issue here. Please use the Developer tools from Chrome or Firebug from Firefox to check the code and detect the CSS that needs to be changed. That’s the only way.