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I am interested in buying the theme, but I have noticed that when I search for team members i.e. “John Doe” in the live preview, they do not appear in the search results? is there anyway to get that all content types to appear in the search results.

Thank you for showing interested in our theme. Currently team players are working via shortcode. You can only search from database posts & pages etc

No links displaying in search results – It seems like the theme’s archive-portfolio.php is stripping them out. I need to go live with the site today and it is critical that they display. Please could you assist?

On my side, there are links on search results and are working fine. Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

I have contacted support and the response was ‘Link display only detail page not searching blog category. Because its custom working.’ If you are seeing the links and support says there are no links – what is it? I really need the links to display. It is important text which needs to be visible. Please, I need someone to help resolve this.

As far as I can see, you are in communication with support team and they are helping you. I do not see any dead lock there.

hi, first time use tema. I see on your site homeV1, homeV2 etc. Dowloded tema used on local. But can’t see homepage versions.. may be I can’t see.. pls help me

These are actually the pages. These are made by different page builder elements

Can you create a child theme in Perspective?

the option of child theme is not there in the theme, however, if you need a child theme, contact support at Chimp Support and they will create one for you.

I bought Perspective theme But I can’t install my wordpress is error all the time i don’t know why

Ps. I like your Theme and I hope use

Thank you,

Installing wordpress has nothing to do with theme, once you complete wordpress set and activate our theme, I will be able to help you afterwards.

Shortcodes don’t work in Wordpress 4.0.1 update

theme has not been updated to work on Wordpress 4.0.1.

I have the same problem with shortcodes. How can we fix this?

@xandrap:we appreciate your interest in one of our theme.Theme updated version will be accessible when quality test department will be clear it as flawlessness.

I received an email saying that there was an update available, but I don’t see any file modified. Did you release an update or the email I received is wrong? Thanks

Please ignore update notification.Update is done just for “prettyPhoto XSS fix”.Thank you

Great support! The team stayed at it and stayed at it until the desired solution was resolved. Prompt attention and responses too. Thanks! .

Hello @ gregorioquique. Thank you for your kind acknowledgement. We are glade to see you happy with us. Please find a moment to rate us on themeforest by going to your account > Downloads section > Perspective – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

hey how can i set a header style as default or how can i delete the other styles? in whcih file? if i save it on administration it won’t save it for all pages

Hello @ amiRo11.Please follow the path where you can manage your header styles according to your requirement: perspective\wp-content\themes\perspective-theme\include\theme_option.php\line#264

hey, i mean how can i delete the other header styles permanently? i just want to use the header style 11 and want delete others. because when i create a new article or site it shows another header style as i choosed before… so i want only 1 header style for all sites :) how can i change this… in the theme options it won’t save it

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

hey mate, I wrote a ticket but forget the Ticket ID. Can you send me an Email with the details. Thank you very much!

Please write your email address that you used to create the ticket, I will find your ticket against it.

the theme slider isn’t working with wordpress 4.2 i think it should be updated

I am afraid there is no other way to keep the changes and update the theme. Update will remove your changes.

you can’t just post the modified files which are updatet? this is working?

I am afraid I do not have list of files that we modified. :(

Hi the page is not loading or I would have asked the following question there.

My issue: Everytime I make a new post on the blog, it defaults a header that is not the one that I have chosen for the other Pages. Please advise.

There was issue with server, it has been restored. Please contact support team to get your issue resolved.

Hello. On individual event pages, I would like to delete the “listed in: ” category reference in the header, as well as the next/last event at the bottom of the page. Would you be so kind to tell me which file(s) and exactly which code to remove/edit to make this possible? Many thanks.

Hi@gregorioquique: Please create a ticket to our support system, write in detail about your issue with screen shot. Along your WP-admin site and FTP credentials. Your issue will be diagnosed and resolved. Thank you

I have been trying to contact you through the support system. I am a valid purchaser and I have a ticket number but for some reason I’m unable to post my issues. Please let me know. My ticket number is: 904777

You may contact me via my profile page on themeforest. Use the contact from given there and you will reach to my inbox. Thank you

I have sent you an e-mail through your online form. Additionally, are you able to reset my account so that I can create a new ticket; it appears that the older system is not working correctly. I am using yasnil4 as my user name and the e-mail address I purchased this with is (however that or the current e-mail I am using associated with my Envato account are not working. Thank you.

Thank you. Your email with login details and issues have been received. It will replied shortly.

The last 1 February 16 update is compatible with Wordpress 4.4.2.?

Thank you!

I am writing because I have been using this theme for nearly 2 years, and because of a change that one of your Support Representatives made, my plugin Calendarizeit! is no longer working. I am outraged, especially since this is a plugin that we rely heavily on to operate our business. Your Events plugin does not provide a full calendar which displays events. In previous version of your them, the plugin worked perfectly fine. I have logged tickets, and the person who is attending to the tickets, doesn’t appear to understand that a change she made broke my calendar functions. Can someone please let me know when this will be fixed. I am very frustrated.

HI @yasnil4, Your concern had already been understood, Could you please provide full login credential to support top resolve your issues. Thank you!


I’m not sure what kind of game you all are running, but I hope everyone who reads this understands that this latest theme is not compatible at all with any version of Wordpress. For weeks now, someone who claims to be “Anna” from the technical support team has been tricking me into believing that there is something wrong on my end. Giving me so many instructions, purposely not responding until the very next day. I spent countless hours testing the most recent version of the theme on about 10 different version of Wordpress (including the most recent version)...NONE OF THEM WORK… they send me version 4.4 to install, I install their version, as well as the version directly from Wordpress—-the theme doesn’t work. Unknowing that I am in the UK, I quickly responded today, after installing the version of Wordpress 4.4 on a fresh and new server with the current theme, demonstrating that the theme doesn’t work. The tech then logs in and installs Wordpress 4.4.2 (deletes my message where I responded) and I have the changelog to prove it!!! This is a shame that you would use such tactics to make it appear that your theme is working, when it does not. I am so frustrated…gave you ftp access and admin access to my site, and you do damage, and try to make it appear that I’m doing something wrong, just to delay my support and not provide a solution You all should really be ashamed of yourselves. For weeks I have done everything you ask, you purposely not respond, because you obviously have no solution, your current theme doesn’t work with any version of Wordpress.

Hi @yasnil4, I respect your feedback but apologize your issues can’t be fixed with out having access to your site as you were thoroughly asked for them to resolve your issues. All tickets and clients are handled on priority. Thank you!


karineb Purchased

We have a 1.5 perspective theme version installed a on WP4.1. 2 questions: What is the current Perspective theme version? Should we be confident that WP4.4.2 works well on your current version of the theme? Thanks for your answer. Last time we updated WP it was a real nightmare we had to do some crazy tricks to get it to work… and create a dedicated environnement to carry our developements.

Hi @karineb, You can use wordpress 4.4 with latest version of theme it will work for you. Thank you!


xandrap Purchased

Hi, I have seen that, since the last update, lightbox is not working well with some images. For example when I use the “image frame” shortcode ( or the “client” element ( Is it possible to solve this? If you can solve it, I probably will renew the support, but I need to be sure, because the last problem I had (with testimonials shortcode) could not be solved. Thanks!

Hi @ xandrap. Thank you for your purchase and feedback. Yes, once you renew your support license, I will be better able to help you.

theme options doesn’t work. when i want to click to some “point” in the theme options, nothing will happen..

can you help me please?

The problem is that you can click on anything in the Theme Options. If you want to click on something nothing happens…

If I click to an Option for example on “Home Page Settings” nnothing will happens… Just an ”#” comes after the URL…

Hi @ amiRo11. Please renew your support and then write me over support portal I will need to have a look at your site .


double post sorry