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Amazing! Considering for my client!

Great work. Good luck:)

wow! Nice slide! :P

ya thanks you.

Good luck with sales :)

thanks, ya thats important,

Massively great!

Ya did work around the clock and now looking for massive sales :-)

How’s your support?

When I choose the magazine layout in the demo, the nav bar isn’t sticky?

hello can i install this theme on persian wp?can i make it RTL?

Yes Its fully compatible with WPML plugin and yes its RTL ready

Once Again Beautiful Theme :) Good Luck dude!

Thanks Dude ;)

Hi Guys, Really like your theme and it could be what I’m after..

I want to build a video review site ..

1. could you make all post video based? 2. would it be possible to add an visitor video url content upload 3. have you tested this with woo commerce?

Thank you..

yes, it can be video based as you can embed video anywhere, but dispalying thumbs will be images..
2.yes you can user server uploded audio and video.
3.theme compatible with all major plugins but you will need to write Styles for this.
Let me know if there will be any more question

nice work.. good luck!

thanks @EngineThemes

Truly saying, in your portfolio i think this is the first item which is superb and i appreciate your work, i hope this product will take you to the power elite author with 1 million in your pocket. Good Luck bro

Ohh.. Buddy, why don’t you search the Themeforest first, before you choose the name for your themes? A theme with this name already exists on TF.

Great work! Does it have a child theme?

And second: how many pixels is the boxed version ?

I like all the features but on a Chrome Browser the stick menu if you scroll back to the top after scrolling down overlaps the original menu. Lot’s of features built into this and it must have taken a long time to make.

Its impressive!


Its work fine at my End but will review and test site again in older chrome versions.. Thanks for your kind words

It’s called All in one WordPress Theme. 101 Features List. Pretty Impressive :)

Hi, I have bought this theme because it was perfect for what I am looking for. However, now having installed it, I can’t get the header to change from the default or my logo to show, even though I have uploaded it. Is there a permission missing somewhere?

@Astopps i just test header11 which you are using, Its works fine at my end and demo site , can you please open a ticket at and send me your site admin login detail, will test your site by myself

Hello, I am STILL not able to change the header or logo. I have created a support ticket, but no reply as yet. I cannot login to check my support status because you need a ticket ID which I don’t have. I follow the instructions to get my ticket ID, but I can’t because I already have a ticket open! What the??!

I am on a deadline with this website, I am unable to go any further with this theme because of this rather serious bug of not being able to update the header.

Can you please let me know if this has been fixed and how I can access my support ticket?

astops sorry for late reply as we was off on sat and sunday ,, can you please give me your ticket number , i will check it personally and fix your bug if found in next 24 hours.. Please do send me ticket number here ,

Awesome work! :)

Thanks dude!

hi,do you have html version?

I am having the same problem where changing the default header to another option, say from Header 1 to Header 9, does not do anything after saving the settings, it just keeps the same default header. Any fix for this?

@manny1020, I found header logic issue , package will be updated today for sure with this Fix.

Awesome looking theme. I wished you could support Woocommerce… Maybe, within the next update? :nerdy:

Woo commerce Coming soon :-)

Hello, I bought the theme. Looks good but its responsiveness is not perfect. Not working at all on my Nokia Lumia 920. The site is just resized. You have to zoom and scroll horizontally. Not what I expected. Any help? Thank you.

@tantration It should work fine, may be a possibility as lumia 920 have 1280×768 resolution if you can Create Ticket at so we can organize issues easily, and update you with solution as quick we solve.

Hello, my ticket number on your corporate website is #1195